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Kung Fu Panda

Is this bus stop ad from Norway part of the official DreamWorks marketing campaign or did they receive some assistance from the public? Either way, it’s a terrific idea, and somewhat reminiscent of this recent WonderBra ad.

(via Comunicadores)

  • Andrew

    It is very intriguing. I don’t know if this is life imitating art, or if someone REALLY hates that panda!

  • P.C. Unfunny

    I think that could be vandalism.

  • Jim Engel

    I’m sure some kid/teen just recipricated PO’s “move”…

  • Susana

    that’s really cool! but did they just leave all that shattered stuff on the ground?

  • The Animator

    If it was vandalism why didn’t they mess up the poster is my only question. No graffiti on it or even the classic mustache, it looks kinda cool but isn’t it dangerous to leave all that broken glass around?

  • In this day and age, the line dividing vandalism and art has become blurrier and thinner.

  • It looks like vandalism..
    …But it’s Awesome vandalism! It is a pretty cool idea. =)

    ….But someone should really pick up that glass before someone pokes his…foot out.

  • “If it was vandalism why didn’t they mess up the poster is my only question.”

    I have friends that one might consider… immature, so let me explain:

    “Haha stupid faggy Jack Black panda.”
    “When’s he gonna do more Tenacious D?”
    “Hey watch this. YAH!”
    *glass breaks*
    “Oh SH**”
    “What did you do that for?!”
    “I didn’t mean to-”
    “Lets get out of here!”

  • Chuck R.

    “In this day and age, the line dividing vandalism and art has become blurrier and thinner.”

    Let me help:
    “art” is when the gallery pays for the installation.
    “vandalism” is when the taxpayer does.

    there IS a charge for awesomeness.

  • If it isn’t vandalism, I wouldn’t worry about the glass on the ground. Folks with theming or prop making experience can find ways to fool the eye, I’m sure.

  • So Chuck R, do you consider Banksy to be a mere vandal, or a legitimate artist?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    That’s it, I’ll have to go see this!

    (checks listings)

    Geez, only one theater playing it down south, oh well. :-)

  • Olve

    I live two minutes from this bus stop. :D
    It’s most probably vandalism (haven’t seen this done with the posters elsewhere in town). A lot of artists live in this area, so perhaps it’s a creative thought behind it. Hehe.

  • greg m.

    someone should glue a couple of shards of glass to the bottom of his foot to enhance the effect! Olve???

  • Chuck R.

    red pill: I guess it depends on whether the definition of vandalism includes “malicious intent”, and I’m not in the business of declaring any art “legitimate”.

    Like him or not, I think it’s safe to say Banksy is an artist who vandalizes.

    Oh, and greg m.: You’re thinking, but you’re thinking small. I think someone (Olve?) should glue a snow leopard to the ground to enhance the effect.

  • greg m.

    Haha! There you go Chuck!

  • It was probably my 5-year-old nephew. Within 15 minutes of getting home from seeing Kung Fu Panda, he’d managed to give his 7-year-old sister a gash on the head from trying out his newly acquired panda moves.

  • So I guess there are vandalizing artists, and artistic vandals ;)

  • leopold stotch

    This is one stop from where i live. Kinda surprised to see it on this blog :)

    Its vandalism for sure, as it happens all the time here.