<em>Alice’s Birthday</em> released in Russia <em>Alice’s Birthday</em> released in Russia
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Alice’s Birthday released in Russia

This cute looking 2D animated feature, which I posted about last October, opened theatrically this week in Russia. An interview with director Sergei Seryogin and producer Alexander Gerasimov is posted here. Apparently it isn’t doing too well on it’s home turf. I hope we get a chance to see it on our shores.

  • Ryan

    Well it looks beautiful, like the kind of thing I’d watch when I was 8, all curled up on the couch and stuff. Let’s hope it at least gets a subtitled-DVD release. I tell thee, the amount of Russian animation films I’ve sat through whilst having to guess what’s going on most of the time, eeeh…

  • Sara

    That was more like a music video than a trailer. Though the cyclops cat…bear thing and the sad astrologist intrigue me.

  • Bugsmer

    I like the song. It could be a very good movie. Maybe one day it will arrive in North America.

  • Not doing well in its own country, huh? I’m not exactly surprised- that trailer nearly put me to sleep. And what was with the weird traditional/Flash hybrid animation (at least, that what it looked like, given the strange way that it was moving) at the very beginning? Weird.

  • In the interview he talks of Russia needing protectionist laws to keep audiences from seeing “low-quality” films. I wonder what those would be.

  • TimElliot

    I support the idea of what they are doing, but I found it really boring.

    I fast-forwarded through all those extended space shots. The animation looked fairly limited and wasn’t interesting. Maybe if I had the volume on it wouldn’t have been so dull.

  • niffiwan has now also posted some of the film’s early concept art: http://niffiwan.livejournal.com/18046.html