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Alisa’s Birthday

I’ve kept my eye on an intriguing Russian animated film Alice’s Birthday, which I’d mentioned here several times last year. Looks like it’s finally coming to the US, on the festival circuit, under the title Alisa’s Birthday. A special English trailer has been created, dubbed by a British girl, but rest assured the film will be shown in Russian with English subtitles. The first US showings are at the Seattle International Film Festival next month: Sunday June 7th at 11am at the Kirkland Performance Center and two other showings at the Pacific Place Cinema. For more information go to the SIFF website.

(Thanks, Liam)

  • Alex F.

    Shouldn’t futuristic Moscow be America in the 90’s?
    OH! SNAP!

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Interesting. The art kind of looks like a mash-up of Kim Deitch for the humans and Sally Cruikshank for the aliens.

  • Archagon

    This looks like a remake/remix of an old Russian animation called “The Mystery of the Third Planet”:

    I could be wrong, but the name and character designs seem to match.

  • Archagon

    Ah: “Based on a series of hugely popular children’s science fiction books by Kir Belchev”

    So I guess it’s based on the same series.

  • Brad Constantine

    I was gonna say that pic reminds me of the guy from “animjam “(1980’s) anyone remember that one?

  • Anna

    I luv Kir Belchev stories in all shapes and forms … but this movie looks boring to me ;_;

  • Mystery of the Third Planet has some very good stuff in it. Super-airbrushy. I got an English-dubbed version on DVD at the dollar store. But it’s a weird length, like an hour.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    As the other Chris stated, there’s a really cheap, but somewhat bad dub out there of “Mystery of the Third Planet” you can buy at a number of places. The only good thing about the dub I would say is that it keeps the original Russian music score in, which I only wish there was an LP out there to buy of it!

    On the other hand, there is also the 1995 edition made by Films by Jove that replaces the track and further edits the film down from it’s original length, if only to make it “Hip” with the 90’s crowd, under their “Stories from my Childhood” series. It does however sport a good voice cast featuring Kirsten Dunst, James Belushi and Harvey Fierstein.