Alternate “Yogi Bear” Ending: Boo Boo Kills Yogi Alternate “Yogi Bear” Ending: Boo Boo Kills Yogi
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Alternate “Yogi Bear” Ending: Boo Boo Kills Yogi

This parody is the brainchild of RISD grad/animator Edmund Earle. Almost makes me want to see the real Yogi Bear movie. Almost.

(Thank you Paul Dini, Joseph Game and all the others who sent this to us)

  • MJ

    If anyone didn’t know, this is a scene from Assassination of Jesse James

    • Katella Gate

      Do I get extra credit points for knowing it was the James murder without having seen that movie?

  • Boo-Boo should have done that to end ALL Live-Action adaptions of cartoons. People then like Butch Hartman could see the potential in reviving animation, and not end stuff like “Fairly OddParents” with “Grow Up Timmy Turner”.

    I can see the headlines now…..

    “Parents No Longer Trust Cartoons Being Made Into Live-Action Movies”
    “Yogi’s Suicide Kills Off The Live Action/CGI Cartoon adaptions”
    “Warner Bros. Finished With Live-Action/CGI Adaptions”
    “No Market For live-action cartoons”
    “All of the studios are spending production funding on DVD/Blu-ray and Digital releases of Classic Properties”
    “The Blue Fairy No Longer Trusts Studios to Grant Sucker’s Wishes”.

  • davidbfain

    dang, thought I’d be the first to post this.

  • I just watched this on my Facebook wall, and figured it’d be on Cartoon Brew. Sure enough.
    The acting, in terms of characters’ facial expressions and body language, is really good. Now I want to see the movie, just so I can find out if their character animation is on par.

  • Sherrie

    Gotta admit, I was between laughter and horror in my reaction at this. Really well done!

  • purin

    Well, when you have potentially disturbing-looking hyperreal characters, might as well have them do disturbing things.

    That was impressive! It was played almost completely straight, and I actually started to feel a little sad. And then Yogi became a rug.

  • Damon

    Why did the animation here look better than what they’re going to unleash on families this Friday?

  • Krayon

    Well….This sums up the movie quite nicely, don’t you think.

  • The thing that really makes it for me is the goofy sound effect after Booboo fires. It’s almost TOO PERFECT.You get emotionally invested and then BAM. He makes the trailer face.

    I hope this thing goes so viral it has more viewers in one day then the actual film has in its entire theater run.

  • Bron

    If you look, the eyes on the Yogi rug are moving before the credits roll. Creepy.

    • Jen

      Oh good, it wasn’t just me!

  • Why are the production values here the same as the multi million dollar Warner Brothers blockbuster?

    • I guess this is the Maya complete package on the characters. Now are the backgrounds live-action or CG?

      • Peter J Casey

        Edmund Used 3ds max and after effects to make this piece. All the environments are CG generated. Realistic rendering is this guys thing. Hes REALLY good at it.

        He’s kind of the person with so much skill, you really wish the basket ball from Space Jam was real. So you could give it to him for a bit and level the field a little.

        Oh and to top it all off. The kid is 25.

  • Scarabim


  • Ryoku9somethin

    It was okay, CGI smoke yet again looks more cloud like though.

  • Rachel

    That….was disturbing, well done..but disturbing.

  • Toonio

    I’d like to see a a shot of Boo-Boo hanged by the neck and a wad of cash laying on the ground below him (a la Judas).

    Hey Boo-Boo! Enjoy your damnation in hell you ungrateful b***h!

  • Corey

    The animation on Boo-boo is top notch!

  • GSW

    I think this would work better as an alternate OPENING.

  • DogmanSP

    It’s all in the eyes.

  • JD

    You can almost see the ol’ HB logo reflecting off Boo Boo’s eyes around the 2 minute mark.

  • Steven M.

    This ending is CGI adaptions in a nutshell.

    Though really, that was probably the most gripping moment in CG I’ve ever seen. So I say, well done.

  • I’m thinking that this was done by people who actually animated on the upcoming Yogi Bear movie. This could have been made in the animator’s spare time as their way of 1) blowing off steam and 2) expressing their opinion about this movie.

    In any event, it was very well done I thought.

  • Amazing production values. I especially like that they used the classic Yogi for the wanted poster.

  • That was perfect. I salute you, Mr Earle!

  • this was really good. very emotional. my opinion, it needed some blood splatter on the wall..and not to have a stupid pop song at the end credits. shoulda been more sad piano music. liked it still.

  • The problem here is that Nicholas Walstrom/NAveryW was working on a very similar short film, which will now probably be canceled. It’s a shame, because his would’ve been much funnier.

    “Yogi Bear Alternate Ending: I came up with an idea I loved for the sake of practicing 3D modeling and animation involving a Yogi Bear parody in the form of a depressing alternate ending in which it becomes necessary for Yogi to eat Boo Boo. I work on the CG Yogi model for a while, decide to focus more on Enthalpy and spend my creative time the next while animating for McDarnold’s and drawing the next page of Empire of the Ants. Today someone else released a (very well made) fake alternate ending for Yogi Bear in which it becomes necessary for Boo Boo to kill Yogi. This one made me feel sort of ill since I was so enthusiastic about my Yogi project and now it would be redundant. It’s not even worth bothering to finish now, though I’ll still finish the 3D Yogi model since it’s almost complete. My alternate ending parody wouldn’t have looked as professional, but it would have actually been an original thing and not just a pastiche of the ending of another movie, and it would have actually fit in with the personalities of the characters of Yogi and Boo Boo.”

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Still, nice to know more than one person have had this idea too.

    • Steve Gattuso

      That’s unfortunate. I’s still like to see this fellow’s version.

  • Alissa

    Bravo! Now go get the chipmunks!

  • Jim


    For those curious, this sequence is a direct parody of a scene in “The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford.”


    If you’ve never seen “Jesse James”, you should check it out; it’s a great movie.

    And yes, this “alternate ending” is absolutely hilarious. My hat’s off to whoever put it together. The animation on Boo Boo in particular is quite good.

  • Glowworm

    This is hysterical. Everything is very well done–which surprised me. I think the ending credits need that infamous Yogi Bear rugby song though.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Great! Pity this isn’t in the actual movie.

  • TJR

    I am blown away by how unbelievably good the acting is. Bravo to the animator or animators.

  • Could this be… viral marketing?

  • Warhead

    I honestly teared up at this. It’s played so perfectly straight I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

  • please the piano music, can you tell me who is the name of the artist and the song?

  • That freaks me… but I don’t get why you complain about the pop song at the end. That’s actually the best part of it in a black comedy way, because it fool people into wonder how they could be demented enough to air such freaky resolution (Yogi as a rug, that’s it) in a kids movie AND as if it was an upbeat thing.

  • This is freaking awesome! Love the parody! The real movie will suck which kinda disappoints me how big companies always give in to suckers who want happy endings.

  • Jesus

    That makes Boo Boo shooting his old buddy Yogi Bear who is nothing more smart than your average bear, this adapation could’ve have worked better with this better alternative ending to ended the Hanna Barbera live action versions once for all, because I love this ending better than the awful happy ending it would’ve have been a proper farewell to the Yogi Bear adventures, because it’s time for Boo Boo to say goodbye to his buddy Yogi who is gone for good.