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“An Oversimplification of Her Beauty” Trailer

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty is the feature directorial debut of Terence Nance. The film mixes live-action with a wide array of animation styles to explore “the fantasies, emotions, and memories that race through Terence’s mind as he examines and re-examines a singular moment in time.” After a healthy festival run, Oversimplification was recently picked up for distribution by Variance Films, which will open the film in New York on April 26, and expand to other cities on May 17.

  • Tim

    Holy crap this looks amazing! I love the tone and rhythm of the VO!

  • Spence

    I believe it’s also screening at Moma soon…

  • thesnazziness

    This looks very interesting.

    It’s so rare that you see ANY personal theatrical films supported by major celebrities. The fact that this comes from a black filmmaker with an appreciation for animation and support from Jay-Z is nothing short of a miracle. It looks like a real visual treat!

    I want this so much to open near me.

  • I’m one of the animators and very glad that Terence’s film finally hits theaters.

  • Cassidy Curtis

    I so want to see this. Is there a release schedule online anywhere? Terence Nance’s website doesn’t seem to have the info (it just links to Apple’s semi-broken trailer page…)

  • George Comerci

    seems interesting!