<em>Angel Vitamina</em> <em>Angel Vitamina</em>
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Angel Vitamina

This is an absolutely beautiful teaser trailer for a proposed feature by a group of Argentine animators. Diego De Rose and his grupo at Wujoco Animation sent us the trailer along with this introduction:

WUJOCO was formed by a team of professional animation artists who were determined to fuse their skill in the craft, as well as their experience in the trade, in order to produce original content of their own. So far, I would like to introduce you to an animated feature film project we are working on, whose title is Angel Vitamina.

Angel Vitamina is a low budget independent project that required a huge effort by the group, and most of our working time, just to reach to this level. We at Wujoco realize that this is just a beginning. But, nevertheless, we think this tale is something worth fighting for. Please, take a look: our Angel needs a lot of support to rise and fly!

The character designs and a short storyline can be found at angelvitamina.com. I’m certainly rooting for Wujoco to finish the film.

  • AaronSch

    Over the last few weeks Cartoon Brew has introduced some jaw-dropping animation produced by artists with very diverse styles—absolutely beautifully rendered images. Yet all of the animated fare being released theatrically looks as though it had been created by the same group of animators. What will it take for the studios to break free of the creative void that seems to be endemic in Hollywood?

  • greg m

    wow, they even have a little Michele Gagne flavor going on in there!

  • Brian

    Whoo, that looks gorgeous! I love the reveal shot at the end, very effective.

  • Cool stuff Jerry. This has real potential. Let’s hope they’re able to finish it out.

  • Ridgecity

    I loved it! very short but the animation chops are so there! looks like a mix between Gorillaz videos and Furi Kuri…

  • William Wallace

    I don’t like to be a spoil sport….but wasn’t this idea already done in “Iron Giant”? Maybe this is the ‘feminine” angle?

  • I’m digging the art but because the trailer doesn’t tell me anything about the story I find it hard to be hyped. I wish them the best of luck producing it into a feature it looks like it’d be very interesting.

  • It looks like the opposite of Iron Giant, really, where the story is about how the angel got there, as revealed to the girl, rather than what happens after. There’s a bunch about it on the website.

  • Keith

    @ William Wallace:

    I thought the same thing while watching. The animation and style looks great, tho.

  • dude, if something that big was falling from space it would have created a catastrophic crater a mile wide, just sayin. All aside, looks really good.

  • Nice, looks great, love the design. Has a little Gorillaz meets Iron Giant flavor to it.

  • Beautiful artwork and animation, great colour, really like the girl design. But the directing on the trailer is very sloppy.
    Could easily have told the same story, with the same shots in 30seconds to better effect. In a 2 minute trailer I want more scope. To focus on one scene like that is a bad decision, since you are neither seeing that one scene played out in full, nor seeing anything else. Fine for a SAW movie, but not for an unknown property.
    Makes one suspect their storytelling skills do not match their design skills?
    I hope otherwise.

  • In the interests of self editing:
    The range of stuff on the website is 10,000 times more interesting than the trailer makes out.
    Yeah, kind of blew it on the teaser there guys, but really looking forward to trailer 2.

  • Well, I’m hooked! :)

  • vzk

    This might be the best animation to come out of Argentina since, I dunno, Mercano the Martian?

  • Edward Scissorhands returns! I think it looks cool! Looking forward to seeing it. Which I guess will be via DVD whenever that happens cuz I’m guessing it won’t get theatrical distribution in North America.

  • Does anybody else think this would make a kick ass vid’ya game on XBLA? Oh, and willy, me dear Scottish lad:

    ‘I don’t like to be a spoil sport….but wasn’t this idea already done in “Iron Giant”? Maybe this is the ‘feminine” angle?’

    Gods and angels? The moons created as a home to planetary guardians? Other than the fiery entry into the atmosphere, NOTHING in the trailer or the website bears the slightest resemblance. S’cool, I’ve stuck my virtual foot in it plenny times meself, but, seriously, go to the site.

  • Iritscen

    I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was pleased with the style — I just wish I could have glimpsed some real animation so could I see their ideas about motion. But I hope they get to go on developing their idea.

  • Ves, si me hubieras llamado yo te lo dejaba mejor.
    Con cariño

  • G Melissa Graziano

    Wow, that looks amazing! I can’t wait to see more!

  • I was sold from the first frame. I almost don’t care what the story is. They’d have my money before the trailer was half-finished if I was a potential investor.