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Animated Features for Grown-Ups

Persepolis has a series of articles entitled “Adult Animation: A Look at How Cartoons Grew Up.” I wrote a piece for them about the upsurge of adult animated features in the US and abroad. The article covers a lot of ground but one of my goals was to show how animated features are on the verge of entering a renaissance period. From the indie features being made in the US by the likes of Nina Paley, Paul Fierlinger and Bill Plympton, to the mature and intelligent features being produced in all corners of the globe, the animated feature scene today is more vibrant than it’s ever been.

There’s also a piece by Sundance Film Festival programmer Mike Plante about how to create animation on a tight budget and Nick Dawson’s essay on the history of X-rated cartoons. It’s worth pointing out that FilmInFocus is run by Focus Features, the specialty film arm of Universal, that will be releasing two animated features of its own shortly: Coraline by Henry Selick and 9 by Shane Acker.

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    Cool to read these articles. I’ve been telling folks the same thing for years. It’s very do-able, fun, and rewarding to shoot your own animated film. I havn’t animated a features worth, but everything in between. The longest being 40 minutes. It’s not that expensive either.
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    It’s a link to one of my shorts on youtube. That film cost a couple hundred and took a summer to shoot.

  • Awesome!! Great article, Amid!

    I love this kind of animation. I’ve been following Nina’s film a bit and can’t wait to see it in full :)

  • Great article. I’m really excited about being an animated feature writer/director who will make films for an older audience. I even feel the teenage audience has been really catered for in the world of TV animation but not really features. I would love to make and also to see an emergence of accessible, intelligent and entertaining animated features for teens, 20s and 30s audiences. Kudos to Focus Features who are clearly doing something different.

  • Man, the story behind Buried Treasure gets more convoluted every time I hear.