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The Ten Movie

Animation Magazine has a good article about the new art house movie The Ten and the Flash-animated sequence in it produced by Augenblick Studios. The film, directed by David Wain, is a series of ten short stories inspired by the ten commandments, one of which—”Thou shall not bear false witness—â€? is animated. Animation director Aaron Augenblick explains the piece has strong hints of Fleischer in it:

“They wanted a multitude of characters all sort of bouncing along and dancing and that kind of stuff. Fleischer cartoons have always been my favorites, so my approach was to try to do it in a style that was evocative of Betty Boop and Popeye, without trying to make it look old. I didn’t want to try and do some faux retro piece like in [our web series] Golden Age, as if it were an old cartoon. I wanted to do it in a style that was evocative of those cartoons, but still really vibrant with bright colors, dirty humor and disturbing, gross visuals. The approach was to imagine what Fleischer Studios would do if they were around today and they were animating an all-animal orgy.”

  • Just An Opinion

    “all animal orgy” you say…

    I’m totally seeing this movie now.

  • Josh

    Thanks! I was wondering who did that sequence. The film hops from some high points to low, low low points – but the animated sequence is a welcome aesthetic change. I guess it’s an “art house” film because it’s currently playing in art house theaters… but it’s more on par with over-written, “the writers are the stars” drek that you except from big budget hollywood… except a lot dirtier.

  • Just An Opinion

    For the love of all that is holy do not see this movie.

    I just saw it thinking since it had Paul R., a lot of other comedians and writers i dig, plus the cartoon brew insight that Augenblick Studios had a hand it in, i was sold. i mean sure, i should’ve known to be a bit weary since jessica alba was in it but i figured what the hell, these guys are talented, what’s wrong with some eye candy once in a while right?

    Well, sadly, this film blows. I left after the cartoon segment. I think that was 8 stories in. I don’t know. It was bad. Really really bad. At least the kid at the booth gave my wife and me the student discount… hmmmm…. maybe he knew something i didn’t… and i did get free popcorn which was wierd…

    Anyways, the funny thing is that Augenblick Studios said it was disappointed that it wasn’t featured in its advertising, honestly, even though any publicity is good publicity, you might want to thank the stars they didn’t associate your unique work (which i sincerely enjoy) with such overly self-aware and most importantly UNFUNNY shlock. If you have the cash, save it for something else. I heard something about the simpsons coming out with a movie soon…

  • Zach

    I was very impressed with that part of the movie. It really looked unique, and I appreciated the fact that they weren’t trying to do a generic 1930’s cartoon parody. I also like the stuff Augenblick did for Wonder Showzen… which probably makes me a sick person.

  • I really want to see this. I really dig the work that comes out of Augenblick. Their character designs are always on point…and their writing is interesting to say the least.

  • I caught this at the Philadelphia Film Fest last April and really enjoyed it, but I loved “The State” on MTV back in the 90s and this was written/directed/starred many of the folks from that show.

    When the animated segment came on I was immediately struck with the Fleischer feel it had and brought that up to the director during the Q & A afterwards, where he said that it was a very deliberate choice.

  • Inkan1969

    I heard about this movie. But I had no idea it was a sketch comedy version of the 10 Commandments until when I saw Roeper and guest review it. I really have to wonder if there were any religious conservatives who went to see this movie mistakenly thinking it was a reverent movie about the 10 Commandments. :-) And I had no idea that one of the 10 sketches was animated.

  • Chuck R.

    Well, like the rest of the civilized world, I love Fleischer-style animation…but in a summer when I’m handed a Brad Bird feature, a 2-hour Simpsons episode, and 4 disks of REAL Fleischer animation… I’ll obey the Tomatometer, and wait for this to appear at the local library.

    The poster’s kinda funny, though.

  • Zack

    The art house release should keep it under the religious conservatives’ radar. Like the botched theatrical release of “The Iron Giant” kept its anti-gun message well out of sight of the gun freaks.

  • Just An Opinion

    Chuck R. has the right idea.

    If you’re so hard up for ur Aug fix, you’ll have to sit through over an hour of crap, and honestly, i thought Augs stuff was technically “decent” but it just gives me the feeling that you can’t put lipstick on a pig and call it your wife… in most states anyway… all the borings one I’m sure.

    OK. I’m done venting now, go spend your money. Lates.

  • Tube Socks McGee

    This movie is a riot. It’s certainly not for you folks who only like mainstream comedies where Ben Stiller mugs and gets hit in the head with champagne corks, but an instant cult classic for people who like their humor on the absurd side. Great cast and a lot of laughs. I hope David Wain gets the chance to make a lot more movies. And if you like this, get STELLA on DVD. That was one of the funniest shows ever!