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Bird Idol

If you thought this week’s Speedy Gonzales news was bad… Warner Bros. has now teamed with Bollywood to create Bird Idol:

(Thanks, Aaron Simpson)

  • I’ve got a strange feeling its a hindu-indie film which used WB to look more “pro”.

  • doop

    It seems animated features from developing industries need to get all the poop jokes out of their system to catch up to our sophisticated humor here in the U.S. It’s all about the crotch kicks now (with poop jokes).

  • FP

    The SPEEDY movie will be a lot better than BIRD IDOL.

    Is this produced by the RATATOING guys?

  • jerry, sometimes i wonder if you secretly hate us.

  • Grant

    I didn’t know Robert Zemeckis was making movies in India.

  • @FP – I was just about to say, this looks exactly like the rip-off 3D movies that get put out to market right when the movie it’s imitating hits theatres.

    Even more of a shame because a large group of people are working on this. I know the budgets might be low, but that doesn’t mean it can’t look good and be good. A big shame if you ask me.

  • Sara H.

    @Grant LOL!

    I couldn’t make it through the whole video. What a shame no one in the production took time to look at what birds wings look like under the feathers. I mean.. if you were modeling and rigging a cast of birds wouldn’t you kinda start there? uhgg..

  • Maybe it will be better than Racist Gonzalez. I liked the iMovie title transitions in the beginning.

  • chipper

    I hope this ends with a bunch of cats finishing off every single bird.

  • Phil

    Please stop Jerry, it hurts! :C

  • Marc Baker

    It’s bad enough that Simon Cowell, and Ryan Seacrest are corrupting America’s youth with their notion of how to manufacture new ‘pop’ acts with little effort. But this movie makes Makes ‘Hoodwinked’ look like ‘The Incredibles’. Seriously, this looks like a cheaply done cut scene for a Playstation game.

  • uncle wayne

    Well, at least it’s not desicrating what was treasure & gold in the 50s-60s!

  • I always try to take a “wait and see” position when it comes to ‘iffy’ projects. But having said that, the Bird Idol trailer is unwatchable.

  • Chris B

    what’s up with all the really bad bird movies?

  • squirrel

    I thought the days of 2006-07 Cheap CG Features was over!

  • This looks like it was made in Blender.
    The only things that should be made in
    Blender should be frozen margaritas!

  • Paul N

    I couldn’t get past the shot of the birds crapping on the one below them.

  • captainmurphy

    As bad as this, and the most recent cgi bird movie posted here may be, I do like something that both of these films offer, and seems not to be used much in other cgi films.

    Bird chase scenes.

    I mean I’m sure it is avoided at places like Pixar and Dreamworks because it is too much like those launched missle point of view shots most directors think, perhaps wisely, should stay less than a second long unless it appear hokey. But it seems to have been actively avoided; I suppose it looks too much like a flying logo spot.

    But there is a dynamic of flying in such crowded spaces that does not get explored too often for extended scenes. Maybe its the equivalent of those 70s car smash em ups auto chase movies or something, not entirely unappealing, avoided because of its overuse?

  • Kel

    I kept waiting for one of them to sing “Pants on the Ground”.

  • Aaaaaah! I wanted to make it stop, but I was paralyzed by it awfulness and forgot how to press Pause.

  • Chelsea

    They really sealed the deal with that fart at the end.

  • rakesh

    wow!never heard so much cacophony my entire life

  • Mike Johnson

    Talk about giving audiences “the bird!”

    It looks to be a ninety minute “flock you” to everyone who forks over their hard-earned cash to see this thing.


  • victoria

    they should make art students watch this when they get bad grades LOL

  • I think I’ve run out of stuff to say about things like this. I, like many others, did not make it to the end.

  • As an Indian, an animator and a human being, I renounce this atrocity!

  • Joe

    This is absolutely putrid looking. The water effects in that birdbath scene were flat out laughable, definitely mid-90s cheap videogame CGI throughout. That Disco Earthworm film from Denmark posted last week looks Dreamworks quality in comparison. Needless to say, the timing of those gags were equally awful

  • JH Jordan

    Typically, I try to find something positive to say about films that aren’t up to par, but this…this is just – not good. Not at all.

  • Ian

    Considering that there are so few animated movies created in India, and that this production probably had a tiny budget compared to the likes of Hollywood, is it not a testament that emerging animation studio was able to get this feature all the way to cinema/DVD?

  • The folks a Pixar and Dreamworks have nothing to worry about !!

  • Realities

    The budget of the movie , I heard , is US$ 1 mn. compare it with Us $200 Mn of Pixar and others. reserv your comments guys , India is building up.

  • Joe

    That little owl looks like a 1970’s Paul Williams.

  • Was that poop joke really necessary son?

  • @Realities

    While the budget certainly affects the final product, you really don’t need a huge budget for great dialogue, designs and compositions – all of which this trailer lacks.

  • Bob

    This looks like something a mentally challenged 5th Grader would crank out on Blender.

  • IAN

    So is India going to produce a ton of movies like this from now on? I will bet $5 that they will.

    In honesty though, I’ve seen better but I’ve definately seen a lot worse than this.

  • CGI films like this will help the destruction of cg films. VIVA LA 2D

  • Rooniman

    That trailer was almost unwatchable. I always wonder why new studios have the urge to fill thier first films with piss and shit jokes.

  • Daev

    @Realities: “India is building up.”

    I’d like to see a day when India puts out stuff on par with the likes of Pixar; that studio wouldn’t be nicknamed “Pixar of India” but rather would have a name that needed no explanation. Then we’re all a-munchin’ pie of the crow variety.

    Perhaps someone could enlighten me: what was the reason for this trailer being in Indian English? I understand that English is a lingua franca in India, but is the purpose to reach a broader Indian audience, or an international one, or both?

  • Lisa Hack

    there must be alot of people working on this film …but it looks really poor in animation , direction, rendering, models….

    it looks like it was done years ago.

    I couldn’t get through the trailer either.

  • mick

    India has massive potential and a pedigree for art that pisses all over hollywood… they should reach to their own ends rather than ape the failing crap that comes from the west… Go India…

  • Brad

    Seagull….OUT. Sorry, I had to.

  • pappy d

    Looking at this trailer, the rumored $1 M budget seems plausible. I suppose that many of the staff haven’t worked in animation before.

    It makes you think, though. What could you do with proven artistic leadership & $1M?

  • Jim Meadows

    This is a remake of “I Love To Singa”, right? :-)

    Actually, I thought the timing was good, although credit might go to the trailer instead of the actual film.

  • Boo Magoo

    that Speedy Gonzalez movie will look like Citizen Kane compared to this Indian shit. Why would WB be interested in such awful animation?

  • The god awful sound quality is what bothers me. Cg with AM radio quality sound is kinda odd.

    And you know, low budgets don’t mean the product has to be lousy. Secret of Kells, and the new film from the Triplets of Belleville folks – those were both shockingly low budget, weren’t they?

  • I couldn’t watch the full two minutes of this….I just stopped at 1 min and 50 secs. it was that horrible, in both animation and storytelling….Why Warner Bros. put their name on this project, I will not know.

  • Realities

    Funny comments . A decade back Americans said the same about indian IT , and now…..
    even the president of America is shit scared of the American jobs being lost to India.

    Please guys , reserve your comments , or may be a decade later , u would be sending your resumes to bangalore !!!