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“Black Sunrise” trailer by Nick Cross

Nick Cross is one of the most exciting independent talents working today. He’s currently hard at work on his most ambitious project yet – a feature length film called Black Sunrise. Nick’s just completed a trailer for it (below) and is writing a companion book documenting the film’s production. I’m particularly excited about this film, and the footage looks incredible. For more information on this epic project-in-progress, I refer you to the Nick Cross Animation blog. Go Nick!

  • J.m

    Nick is a superstar and he is raising money to fund it i think ,we should all help.

  • cbat628

    It never ceasess to amaze me how consistently well Nick Cross’ work is. I am very much intrigued about how the film is going to play out, and I will donate as much money as I can to make sure it’s completed. Nick Cross, if you’re reading this, know that you are awesome.

  • Wow, that looks great!

  • Rooniman

    Now theres a movie I’d pay to see!

    • Dave

      And the great thing is you can :

      (it’s just a little different than the usual arrangement where we pay $ at the box-office after a film is completed. In this arrangement if we like and support an artist’s work we pay before the work is completed, enabling the artist to make it for our viewing pleasure. I like this idea . Find someone who you can support based on their track record and throw $10, $20 , $50, whatever you can afford , their way and watch what happens. If everyone who likes this sort of animation contributed $25 he’d have the project funded . )

      Nick Cross is someone who’s actually DOING it , making the kind of film he wants to see, not just sitting around and complaining on a blog about the lack of good animation these days. Hat’s off to you sir !

  • At the moment he is also trying to raise money for the film. <<here. I don't know Nick, but I am floored at the idea of him doing a feature. Good luck Nick!

  • Nick is a miracle worker!

  • i was literally just watching those spike tv ren and stimpy episodes. I was thinking of the pig farmer the whole time.
    He’s going places.

  • Damn that looks great! I will have to throw a few bucks his way.

  • dr. truth

    Nick Cross is consistently amazing!! His films are a real treat! He makes the world of indie animation a better place! This trailer looks amazing! A very inspiring cartoonist, indeed!!

  • D

    Wonderful! The animation is super fluid and I love the colour choices, they really help establish great atmosphere.

  • Paul D

    I really admire this guy and the work he does! What an artist – and obviously not a guy who sits back and waits for things to happen! Keep it up!

  • Eric

    Definitely don’t like the title….
    But everything looks great…

  • Vnigho

    Any animated project not beholden to focus groups is worth supporting.

  • I am very much intrigued by this project. I hope he gets to finish the film. I just watched “Pig Farmer”, and I thought it was brilliant.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Does Nick do everything himself, or does he have a small crew? It’s pretty amazing work….but if this is a one-man-show, that’s even more impressive.

  • Super awesome. Go, Nick, go!

  • LOl love this blog post!

  • Michel Van

    Hell is that good
    I wana see the rest of it !

  • Nick “the machine” Cross. This looks awesome, man!!

  • Holy crap! This looks amazing!

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    This guy is awesome!!!! I can’t wait to see it!

  • Vzk

    I hope this gets a theatrical release and is eligible for an Oscar.

  • Alberto

    I donated… have you?

  • Mongo24601

    WOW…Just WOW! So, why is it Family Guy and South Park rip offs are so much the rage that the good ole WB has jumped on the wagon with both feet. Meanwhile, back at the ranch…there are wonderful, creative, thoughtful artist doing this. Is art dead or is the consumers of the art dead? We need more of this. How to get it is the question. Support Support Support!

  • Humbling amazing inspiring

  • Mister Twister

    What is this, I don’t even

  • edie

    A dystopian fantasy/sci fi animated movie? I’m sold!

    That cyclops chairman or something looks badass.

  • Matt Sullivan

    it’s great to see so many new and exciting young animators showcasing their work. Makes me wanna run home and fire up Toonboom.

    Great stuff.

  • Hal

    This is more like it.

  • tedzey

    It’s funny! I mentioned to my friends when making a kickstarter teaser for our video game, we should aim at making a trailer that should leave the audience saying “What the f— was that?” and “Whatever it was, I need to see more!” That’s the feeling I felt when watching this trailer. Nick Cross is predictably unpredictable (?), whereas I think I know what to expect; however by the end I get something that’s entierly different! basically… I need to see MORE!!!

  • Nick
    You still using Flash 5 to animate?…I seem to remember you saying that someplace on your blog. Top notch. We all have a steep hill to climb to catch up.

  • If anyone’s interested, we posted part I of a lengthy interview with Nick over here: