<em>Monsters Vs. Aliens</em> trailer <em>Monsters Vs. Aliens</em> trailer
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Monsters Vs. Aliens trailer

Looks like a lot of fun. I love it!

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  • The Animator

    Looks like it’ll be simple yet funny, it’s nice to see someone not doing the same human designs that has been over used lately.

  • DanO

    Yeah, I guess it looks alright…

    It looks like every aspect of the humor is taken directly from the dialogue of a script. After a dozen CGI movies with he same collection of slight flaws we all overlook because we’re so dazzled by the technology, I don’t think I’m the only one thats tired of seeing characters completely molded to the voice performances. At this point I’m not going to overlook it anymore, its abundantly clear that its a subpar performance. I’m tired of seeing a movie’s characters go though a whole film without any subtleties of in their performance. I’m also not the only one who can clearly see that the animation STILL isn’t on par with the best 2D. Its muted and weightless without any snap. Watch the acting of the soldiers in practically the same shots in “The Iron Giant” and then look at this trailer again. Another puppet show. CGI has a long way to go… still.

  • Richard

    How did the movie theater not notice this bootlegger.

  • Artisticulated

    Oh look, a derivative of a copy of an imitation of a rehash of an ode of a reference of a tribute to a popular cultural phenomenon.

  • I’ve seen it last night. Looks really exciting! Since I’m a giant monster fan (especially of Godzilla), they really got all the references downpat, and the jokes are pretty funny!


    This was shot at San Diego ComicCon. I never went, but that convention has EVERYTHING. (I go to DragonCon on Labor Day weekend.)

  • Artisticulated

    I heartily second what you said.

  • How did the movie theater not notice this bootlegger.

    If the trailer ran before The Love Guru, then the bootlegger would have been the only person in the theatre.

  • Dan

    I wonder how this movie would look if Monsters Inc. and the Iron Giant never came out. It looks entertaining enough to go and see, but I can’t help thinking of those other two films. Hopefully, it’s not me getting older, but for some reason animation has lost it’s luster somehow. I’ve always had a deep appreciation for the form, but when I see a trailer like this one, those emotional responses are dead. Why is that?

  • I think it’s a cool concept, plus, I’d go just for the military satire.

  • Agreed, wholeheartedly, with DanO. To me, all the dialogue in these movies sounds like an episode of FRIENDS. The voices, the delivery, the tone, the humor, all wreak of FRIENDS and every sitcom since.

    This is my second negative criticism of a trailer posted here, and I hate to come off lie a jerk. I know a lot of talented people worked very hard on these movies and they dont want to hear people (like myself, an armchair critic) just bash something they put so much effort into, but it’s just hard to get excited over performances that are so lackluster.

    Also, the choice of monsters sucks.

  • Aaron Schneiderman

    Lame songs or jokes take your pick: Disney or Dreamworks.

  • Jim

    I liked it.

  • Altred Ego

    I didn’t laugh once.

    I think this is supposed to be a comedy…or something. It’s not an action movie, no that isn’t quite right either. I imagine that kids will like it, though it sounds like a sitcom (CC is right about that). I have no idea what audience this is for really. The whole thing seems like two ideas that sounded cool on paper and then they wrote the script afterwards. The aliens don’t seem very interesting. The monsters also don’t seem very interesting or even cartoon scary. The “susan” character is a little generic. It just feels very beige. Like a warm afternoon, I can’t complain about it but I also wouldn’t pay to see it.

    I’m sure someone will pay to see this. Not me…but someone.

    Dreamworks…doing…vaguely directed movies…for some reason

    I’m a bit surprised I thought Bee Movie was a trainwreck from the trailer (couldn’t force myself to watch it), but at least visually there was a lot to recommend it. The design was cute, the Hive was imaginative, etc… Kung Fu Panda had a lot to recommend it, firstly that it was visually stunning and it proved to actually be a very funny movie. This just seems to be about nothing. Maybe there’s a curse on ‘Versus’ movies because it seems like people get so excited about the idea of a clash of titans that they forget they need to make the film about something that I care about.

    But there it is.

    I don’t care.

    Yup. That’s it. I just don’t care.

    On a side note, does anyone else notice that movies now look more like they did in the 50’s than they did in the 80’s?

  • Ryan

    Well I reckon it’ll be on par with Surf’s Up – a good laugh, nothing to write home about but fun all the same. Personally, I can’t wait to see if they do some kaiju-type merchandise.

    And that blue thing seems a lot like Bloo from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends. I know a blue blob is a standard monster type thingy, but he has the same “at-ee-tood” as Bloo. Too.

  • tgentry

    well I didn’t think it looked THAT bad. I even laughed a few times. Dreamworks clearly is getting away from it’s original visual ‘style’ and aping Pixar’s approach much more. Even if it’s not original, at least it still looks better. My major gripe though is with the voice acting. I couldn’t tell if it was just the bad bootleg audio, but the voice work has absolutely zero impact. Also the little ‘tink, tink’ eye movement sound effect eye felt really lame and forced. But the script seems snappy, so I hold out hope for it.

  • I think it looks good. It looks to be totally in line with cheesy B movies (not the Seinfeld one).

    For the record (and this has nothing to do with this film, but some of the comments so far), CGI can do anything and everything a pencil can do, and then some… it’s just a matter of implementation. The artists and technical folks involved chose to do something else with the piece. Computers have the power to emulate any given traditional animation style or technique. What they cannot do is provide acting choices to the animators, snappiness to timing, etc. To argue otherwise is foolish.

  • Tillie

    I can see this as being good for kids, but I don’t think it will reach many adults. I watch a lot of cartoons, etc., but there was just something so… I don’t know, simplistic about the whole thing. Dreamworks goes for the obvious jokes, most of the time. The humans for me were totally unappealing and I could have used more variation from the monsters. Insectasaurus and gelatinous Bob weren’t bad, but I may have to root for the aliens on this one.

    Did anyone else think giant Susan there looked like an older, whiter-haired version of that girl in Bolt? sigh.

  • Shmeckee Noodleman

    It seems like Dreamworks is trying to make Seth Rogen in to their John Ratzenberger.(Rogen was the bloo blob if I’m not mistaken)

  • FP

    Based on the trailer, the movie looks good enough to chop up and snort.

  • I’d have to disagree with The Animator’s above post, I thought the human designs were the worst part– all of them being neck-less water-balloon heads. That might work for the Lieutenant character, but for all of the them? Unsettling.
    Well I’m glad the Missing Link doesn’t have racial stereotype personality– that could have been a huge misstep.
    The blob is rendered quite nicely. Yup, it’s nice to look at. Gorgeous substance simulation that… though, not much else.
    As for the Susan character, it’s good to see the toned down the Incredibles’ character resemblance.
    The way I see it, since this rates higher than Antz, Shark Tale, and Bee Movie– so Dream Works isn’t regressing per se… there’s some improvements in every category. That said, I’ll still catch this on DVD, rented of course. I’m cynically rooting for the Aliens– although I disagree with nihilism, it would be intriguing to have it be the moral to a kid’s movie.

  • tom

    Sixteen seconds in and we get our first butt joke. That’s Dreamworks all over. It’s no Kung Fu Panda, but it’s no Shark Tale either. It’s got a good beat and I’d dance to it.

  • Joe

    Look, pop culture is what it is, but some character driven story would be appreciated. Why is Dreamworks always putting out these crappy one-line joke movies. Write a movie for the love of all who will pay good money only to see that it sucks.

    On a side note, someone should institute a way to poll moviegoers on the film they just saw as they leave the theater. It would help Dreamworks to stop taking great concepts and ruining them with terrible jokes and it would help Disney to take out the pop music no one likes and the sing-alongs that have ruined their craft. Then, at least, the movie makers would know that they suckered a whole lot of people into paying to see a movie that is horrible….and maybe, just maybe, they’ll stop and write a real story.

    My two cents….

  • EasyReader

    Another trailer from Dreamworks(or Disney or Pixar), another round of odd comments result here.

    “Odd” because they simultaneously affect a tired, “insider” knowledge of the studios in question but at the same time make crystal clear that the writer knows zip about the individual show, the particular studio, or in many cases the entire animation studio business.

    Everyone has an opinion. Everyone gets to have a reaction. So far so good. If only the reaction would stop at “gut-level/superficial” where it belongs from a 2 minute trailer and not continue into totally OFF, wrong expostualting about the state of feature animation. This cant is getting way worse and more tired than the stuff onscreen. It’s all interchangeable-and whatever you guys may comment, the films are not.

  • I’m not crazy about the gags, but I like the idea and the military satire. Most of the human designs are weak but the most important ones are great. I really love the Stephen Colbert caricature. He looks like a character drawn by Will Elder. I also like the Insectosaurus. The visuals are pretty good overall. The dialogue and gags are not exciting in the trailer but hopefully they will be better in the whole movie. The premise and visual aspect are interesting enough to take a look at it.

  • boy there sure was a lot of talking in that trailer. Not to say that NO talking definitely makes a good movie, but it really seems to be a signature for animated film trailers to have as much spoken gags as it possibly can. you know the way the human characters are drawn kind of remind me of how Will Vinton’s big head squat bodies characters look, of course it could just be more of an editorial illustration look.. I dunno. it’s certainly different. Whether it will work for an entire movie or not is yet to be determined.

  • Justin

    I agree completely with Roberto. I haven’t really watched any of the B-movie monster movies that this movie satires, so I didn’t understand a lot of the jokes. I could tell there were references, I just didn’t know what they were. I hope the movie can stand on its own without relying on that built in knowledge.

  • i think it looks fun and well done. enough said.

  • Pedro Nakama

    I saw 2 sequences a few months back at Show West along with part of Kung Fu Panda. This is going to be a big hit just like Kung Fu Panda. I think DreamWorks has hired some great writers.

  • Pete

    Wow. So many haters. It looks like a lot of fun!

  • I really like the way it looks (and sounds) so far, although the lip syncing didn’t really look all that great. Lip syncing–truly a lost art these days.

  • fishmorgjp

    Hooray, more boring computer puppetry with characters that never shut up, and dopey designs. Dreamworks does it again.

  • Frank


    its a cute, slap stick film with cheap laughs…judge it for what it is..it looks like itll be very entertaining…purpos accomplished…you want deep thought provoking medetative performance?…dont watch cartoons lol

  • DanO

    Frank, I want a character’s performance to not be tied ONLY to the voice track. I’d like some contrast within the character. A varied approach between their movements and their dialogue. Even some humor that isn’t based on dialogue. Things will be much more funny that way, and less predictable. A performance is not the voice track alone.

    Didn’t Tex Avery and Chuck Jones teach us all this decades ago?

  • slowtiger

    First I thought this was a student’s film, some parody of recent CG films, and not a genuine Dreamworks production. Then I watched in disbelief: they really do this?

    OK, it was funny enough to watch. Maybe there are even some new gags in the whole movie. From this trailer I just can say:
    – It’s another “spot the reference” movie, only in CG.
    – CG now parodies CG.

    (And just for the record: I have a nice treatment for a full-length funny Aliens Invade Earth movie in my pocket for years now, only lacking the millions to produce it in Live action + CG. Original stuff. Any takers?)

  • Dave (Odd)

    Didn’t Tex Avery and Chuck Jones teach us all this decades ago?

    Indeed. There are moments of physical humor. The robot-stomping of blob-guy for instance. But the sound booth is palpable in the voice acting there. It sounds like the actor, relieved of his duty, could not wait to have his next well-deserved sip of lemonade or mint julep tea between takes. Who was breathing down his collar that he needed the beverage so very badly? Who was demanding him to be more energetic, more smug, and to show no hint of violence? Whoever it was, I hope has a puppy to go home to.

  • I agree with the Will Elder comparison regarding the human designs. That’s what’s got ME really interested. In fact, I like the humans more than the “monsters” themselves.

  • Yes! I’ve had high hopes for this. Conrad Vernon and Renee Zellweger, I know Dreamworks use Renee Zellweger for everything this is actually a role i can imagine her being good in.
    I like the character designs too, they’re ugly in a good way.

  • Hmm… Bloo or Gloop/Gleep? At least they didn’t rehash the usual Frankenstein/Dracula/Wolfman lineup, but in this case I might actually have liked to see tributes to more of the B Movie monsters: a Godzilla type contrasted with the English Gorgo type, some of “normal creatures shot in extreme close-up” like Tarantula and the cheap monster costumes like the talking carpet in “It Conquered the World” given life and actual backgrounds (“I’m a 30-ton tarantuala! Of course I have trouble walking!”). But Jer was right about “Kung Fu Panda,” so we’ll see.

  • joecab

    Looks funny. But I’m bothered by the way they used the Monsters Inc. “M”…

  • Jimbo2K7

    I find it amusing that on an animation blog such as this one, that so many of you just do not seem to like animation – at all!

    I guess it is natural to complain about designs and stories being somewhat derivative, but jeez, many of these films are just meant to be silly and lighthearted and fun.

    Do you all expect every film that comes out will be a masterpiece? Granted there are some real stinkers out there, but this does not appear to be one of them. I am looking forward to seeing it.

  • Matt Sullivan


    First DW hits a home run with KFP, now we can look forward to this :D I am so happy! More monster movies! :}

  • i agree…. this looks like a lot of fun – and there is nothing wrong with that!

  • Nonimus

    Looks like great fun. Don’t forget to bring a change of underwear when you see it in theaters — in glorious stereoscopic 3D!

  • Frank

    i agree with you DanO

    but Tex and Chuck were artists…animation, for the most part isnt treated as art anymore…its about entertaining the masses…a general audience who doesnt know squat about animatio as art..and when theyre short changed, they accept it cuse they dontknwo any better
    thats the sad truth…too many people in the animation world now are so jaded, all they do is complain, complain, complain…and then of course pull out the great old cliche “remember chuck jones and tex avery..it should be like that” haha…im a realist man…obviously artists like us want to draw like that, want to make art liek that…but thats not what people wanna produce anymore

    having said that…so many of you complain about it…how come no ones changing teh trends..how come there isnt a revolution in animation to bring back the golden age?

    its one thing to complain, and then act on it….it another to complain, then sit around and complain some more…i think thats called ignorance lol

    accept it…or do something about it

    its not the worst film ive ever seen. it looks like its full of entertainment value..which is what the general audience wants to see.
    as muc has wed like to think animation is MADE for animation enthusiasts…its not

  • Chris J.

    @ Jimbo2k7

    I don’t think the problem is that the people here don’t love animation – it’s that we love it a little too much.

    There’s nothing wrong with animation being “silly, lighthearted, and fun.” But how many derivative, uninspired movies do we have to sit through? At a certain point, I just can’t endure yet another pop-culture fart-joke gag fest, which is all this trailer leads me to believe this movie’s all about.

    But hey, I could be wrong. With Dreamworks’ track-record, however, I’ll wait for some reviewers whose opinions I trust before shelling out my cash.

  • “But how many derivative, uninspired movies do we have to sit through?”

    Uhm…..none. I can’t remember the last time anyone was forced to watch a movie at gun point…..Although I briefly remember a story about Seinfeld holding a whole theater hostage somewhere in Ohio…but he did that with a banana in his coat pocket…so it doesn’t count :)

  • This trailer doesn’t have any fart jokes and the pop culture references are from 1930-50. Yeah, some guy showed his ass, but that’s all. The gags in the trailer are not brilliant but at least they seem to be in good taste and more or less related to the story.

  • Jimbo2K7

    @Chris J.

    I’m sure that at heart we are all big fans of animation, but I see so many here who seem so critical it is hard to see where their appreciation of animation really is. Animation is a broad creative endeavor.

    As with all such there are going to be hits and misses. But for some here if it isn’t all original then it sucks. For others if it isn’t in the vein of Avery or Clampett, it sucks. If it isn’t an artistic piece expanding the horizons of film animation, well that sucks too. I guess that comes with the territory. Everyone has their opinions and preferences.

    I like animation and all its possibilities. I like how it has evolved from pen and ink on paper to all the variety of techniques available now, including CGI. In another 50 years we will be looking back nostalgically at the early days of CGI, with all the quaint conventions of design and style.

    Regarding the film, it is hard for me to gather from a brief trailer that this is going to be a “pop-culture fart-joke gag fest”, but then I could be wrong too. I like the premise, and I am content to wait till it comes out to decide whether it stinks or not.+

  • Chris J.


    True, no one is forcing us to go see this stuff, but speaking for myself, I fear that if I stop supporting animation all together, the studios might just stop making them all together. So basically I’m suffering through Shrek sequels in order to make sure I get to see an eventual Wall-E. I guess the Shrek movies don’t really need me – despite the fact that I think 2 & 3 were really awful, the gen pop seems to be enjoying them – so maybe I should just go see what I really think I’ll like, eh?



  • I have to agree with those that are saying this looks like fun. It looks like it has a workable cast and I can’t help it, the film concept just seems entertaining. Incidentally, the trailer is still available at http://www.realpoliticalfacetalk.com . I suppose it will be a matter of weather or not the full film follows through on the concept.

  • Jess

    it’s reese witherspoon not rene….

  • It looks like it could be fun.

    My own personal thoughts aside, I do find it highly amusing that the mind-think behind this blog have gone out of their way to find the absolute WORST image from the ‘Bolt’ trailer to express their bias when it comes to uninspired human models in CG-flicks. Yet, anytime Dreamworks pumps out a new mediocre flick there’s little to no criticism on their part as to how terribly bland and uninteresting the studio’s own human representation is.

    Guess it’s all visual preference. The humans in this trailer don’t seem right to me at all.