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Can Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Deliver A Funny CGI ‘Flintstones’?

Will Ferrell photo via Featureflash / Shutterstock

Will Ferrell and Anchorman director/writer Adam McKay are developing a CGI-animated Flintstones pic, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Chris Henchy (The Campaign) will write the script.

The Flintstones, which no longer have the cachet that they once did, are considered a cultural relic to anyone under the age of 20—if the characters are even recognized. They are in desperate need of a fresh take. Who knows if Ferrell and McKay are capable of delivering a good reboot, but I have more faith in them than Seth MacFarlane, who unsuccessfully attempted to reboot the property with his predictable sense of humor.

At this point it’s unknown if this film is of the two unannounced animated pics that Warner Bros. will release in 2017-’18, but it’s unlikely since this project is still in the early stages of development and not greenlit.

  • elliot Lobell

    just give it to screen novelties…


    • Roberto Severino

      Those guys at Screen Novelties are wickedly talented. I’d love to see a whole feature length film of The Flintstones designed and animated just like this! It would not only be a great homage to the original show but a nicely updated take on the characters too.

      I haven’t actually seen On The Rocks though and would love to find a copy of it somewhere.

  • Anon

    Amid, the original report doesn’t mention which animation medium will be used. Do you have any inside info for saying it’s going to be CG or is it merely guesswork on your part?

    • AmidAmidi

      Studio pipelines are only set up to make CG films nowadays.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Sad really.

  • alexkirwan

    Well, if it’s up to the standards of their “Land of the Lost”, what could possibly go wrong?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Well there’s that I suppose, thank goodness they managed to keep that alive as long as they did.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    There’s always some overseas market that eats it up good Mike.

  • DangerMaus

    Misogyny? How do you get that from a series where the women basically had their husbands running scared more than half the time? I’ve never seen anything in that series that shows Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble having a hate on for women.

    • jonhanson

      Misogyny was too strong a word and I regretted using it about as soon as I wrote it. A better word would be sexist because both sexes behave stereotypically. And the battle-axe, domineering wife stereotype is just as annoying as the docile, passive wife type.

      That said I really do like the show because underneath it all you really do get a sense that the characters really do love and care for each other, as soon as I finished that comment I went and watched the run-up to Pebbles being born and while the stereotypes were there that doesn’t mean that there wasn’t depth.

      Still, the simple sweetness of a loving husband and father rarely makes for good or easy jokes so when the time comes to shoot for laughs they tended to fall back on gender stereotypes, men are loud and dumb and women are domineering, nagging spendthrifts.

      • Cartoonnetwork

        I think Fred is actually kind of sexist. I’m not staying he doesn’t love his wife but he acts like the old-fashioned kind of man -yeah, he’s a caveman, but still-that would yell a this wife if she doesnt have the dinner ready when he arrives from work. I don’t think he would ever resort to hurt her physically but he’s not the nicest husband. However I don’t think the series are too sexist as a whole cause it’s made clear by all the other characters , including Barney, that Fred is supossed to be kind of a jerk. But he’s a lovable one and good at heart, still a bit more jerk-ish and loud than Homer Simpson (depends of the episode really).

  • DangerMaus

    Has Will Ferrell ever made a funny movie?

  • BlueBoomPony

    Betteridge’s law of headlines in full force here.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Actually the Flintstones themselves weren’t funny. All of the little creatures and dinosaur contraptions or appliances they interacted with were.

    • Jonathan Wilson

      Well, in the early seasons they were….sorta.

      • DangerMaus

        I still think the show is funny, regardless of the stereotypes, but I guess I can put it into context with the reigning type of humour during its run. I don’t try to compare it to what is acceptable humour now. For all of its stereotypes and bad puns, I still think the show has a more adult sensibility than the shit that passes for supposedly adult cartoons now. The situations involved ordinary people facing ordinary issues with daily life, cheap bosses, boring work and domestic strife. I can identify with that stuff whereas I cannot identify with anything that occurs on “Family Guy” or any of that ilk.

        The early seasons were the best. The show started to decline with the appearance of Pebbles and BamBam and rapidly declined once the Great Gazoo was introduced.

    • jonhanson

      As a guy who watches a lot of Hanna-Barbera shows I have to admit that I rarely find myself laughing. Still, I like the way they look and the general feel, it’s sort of a quaint appeal like mac and cheese or something.

    • LLJ

      That’s a matter of opinion. While generic, most of the episodes operate on a fairly sound level from a sitcom perspective. The Fred-Barney dynamic was always funny to me. The “let’s do our own secret thing and not tell the girls” theme usually created funny situations to me.

  • Jonathan Wilson

    What ever happened to that “Flintstones” film that was going to be done by WB & WWE?


  • elliot Lobell

    I was lucky enough to meet them and tour their studio, and while it was amazing overall, i totally geeked out hardest over the dinosaur puppets leftover in their workshop

  • StephaneDumas

    One thing is sure, we might not see Fred and Barney smoking a cigarette anymore and instead of having Will Ferrell, how about John Goodman? ;-)


  • johnnylaw

    I dunno, if you could say that no one under 20 would recognize them. I showed my 6-year-old the videos in the comments and he immediately knew it was The Flintstones. But he watches a lot of boomerang, and I’m ok with that.

  • James

    If Fred, Barney, Wilma and Betty aren’t voiced by the four Anchorman leads, this movie will be a bust.

    Also, can you get a copy of Flintstones on the Rocks anywhere?

  • HMMMM ?

    They will find someone that hates or know nothing about the Flintstones to do the picture .Real brown nose type of stuff …lol

  • yrrnn

    I don’t think The Flintstones are in desperate need of a fresh take at all. Why can’t we just let a beloved franchise from the past continue to be in the past, and create brand new beloved franchises to sit alongside them?

    Oh yeah, because money.

  • I think it’s really immature of you to shove Seth MacFarlane’s Flintstones project to the side because you assume it would be just like his other shows. I’m sure you’re well aware that MacFarlane is a Hanna-Barbera alum, and a fan as evidenced to the tons of Flintstones jokes sprinkled through out Family Guy. In the very article you link to all it says is that Fox passed because they asked him to change the script and he declined, maybe that’s because it was different from what his other productions were doing and they were expecting another MacFarlane template success?

    I was interested in MacFarlane’s Flintstones because he is a very funny guy, the problem is he’s too smart a business man to let anyone know he’s a funny guy. The first two seasons of Family Guy can stack up to the best of The Simpsons any day. A MacFarlane Flintstones series obviously wouldn’t be as racy/edgy as his other shows, but I think it would’ve been that classic Flintstones humor from when it was more aimed at adults, though this time with a little more edge. I’m honestly dissapointed he didn’t get to make it.