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“Chipwrecked” trailer

While I’m off enjoying a week of the finest animation in the world at the Ottawa Festival, I leave you today with this prime example of CG/hybrid commercial moviemaking at its finest. This trailer was released a few months ago, I think while I was at Comic Con – but I thought it was worth posting here for the record. It’s the trailer for the 3rd sequel to Alvin and The Chipmunks, opening in the US on December 16th: Chipwrecked. Enjoy!

  • Artist-Fartist

    … Because that “I’m the king of the world!” Titanic joke hasn’t been overdone to death. *Sigh*

  • James Fox

    It’s safe to say that the CGI/Live-Action Chipmunks films have run their course

    I mean do we REALLY need a 2nd “Happy Feet” movie or even THIS? does Hollywood think we’re that stupid?

    Sadly, Hollywood thinks trash like this would bring in the biggest suckers in the US, namely.. Kids!

    It would be for the best if there was a nationwide boycott against Happy Feet Two and this film and instead see more better films like
    – The Muppets
    – Johnny English Reborn
    – The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
    and Arthur Christmas

    plus on meager note, besides doing a boycott on “Chipwrecked!” demand Viacom/Paramount Home Video to release a complete series DVD set of “The Alvin Show”

    • Justin Delbert

      Can I make a suggestion on how we can convince Paramount to release a complete Alvin Show series? You all know that Paramount released just the first episode as “The Very First Alvin Show”. You have to buy this set. It will show them that we appreciate this and other older cartoon material. We are in a terrible economy where DVD sales have tanked (in fact I recently read an article where as a result, future movies coming to theaters are going to lower in budget). Let’s show them that we care!!!

      And if worse comes to worse, convince Shout Factory! to sublicense the Alvin Show! They’ll know what to do!

      • Funkybat

        I suspect that Fox (and perhaps even the current folks in charge at Bagdasarian Prods.) may think that the early 60s Chipmunks will seem to crude-looking/slow paced/dated/whatever for “today’s kids.” Even the 80s Chipmunks show, which is what really launched the Chipmunks we know today, would probably be shied away from. Unless something looks super-slick, I think Hollywood is scared to put originals up next to the “new & improved” CG remakes. For instance, I don’t recall any promotion of the original Underdog cartoons at the time the live action-ish movie came out a couple of years back. They probably think it’s “distracting from the new brand” or something.

        The only exception to this I can think of is Scooby-Doo, Warners had had no qualms about re-airing pretty much any and all Scooby-Doo versions, probably because most of them are about the same level of quality, art-wise. The only Scooby series that seems to have been buried is “13 Ghosts” and I frankly can’t blame them.

        But yeah, I would like to see re-releases of all of the various iterations of the Chipmunks. Even if the originals are primitive-looking, they are still cute and charming, and the Chipmunk franchise has always been more about the characters and the songs than it was about impressive art.

      • BP

        The animation in The Alvin SHow looks just as crude as today’s animation.

    • Eric

      It will probably make $400 million world wide, 4-5 times its budget, the last on did… hollywood is a business, nothing more. It doesn’t have an obligation to constantly provide ground breaking, revolutionary story lines and animation. Its awesome when they do, and those movies, for the most part, become classics.

      Kids aren’t suckers. They like what they like. Whats cliche to adults, is new to them. They just aren’t jaded and cynical yet. Don’t worry, they will grow up and stop having fun too.

  • DonaldC


  • Clint H

    “I think I’m going to puke…”

    Couldn’t have said it better, Simon.

    • They always include one of those gags in the trailers. Remember the recent “I think I smurfed a bit in my mouth”? At least they make it easier to criticize them…

  • Tony C

    I like it :o

    Apart from the lipsync.

  • Pedro Nakama

    That looks bad.

  • Rooniman

    *sigh* Hollywood continues to ravage American culture to nothing more than pure cow manure.

  • Randy

    Wow….I’ve NEVER seen that gag where something causes someone to trip and drop the tray of drinks he’s carrying! Truly original – NOT!

    God, this piece of crap is EVERY tired kiddie movie joke/cliche dumped onto 1.5 hours of celluloid.

    Seriously, WHY even make this crap? The Chipmunks are over.

  • Randy

    Oh, and BTW…the title is perfect.

    The movie is wrecked because the Chipmunks are in it.

    Nuf said.

  • cbat628

    I’m a little jealous of Jerry right now.

  • I have a strong feeling that the kids who saw these live-action/CG films are going to regret it as they get older. In all due respect, the live-action/CG film has run its course.

    Makes me even more furious since the kids who saw Alvin saw Smurfs over Winnie the Pooh. Which is proof to me that the people who saw those films dont care about hand-drawn toons. If they wanted a chipmunk film, why not re-release The Chipmunk Adventure? You know that hand-drawn film from the 80’s? Its more appealing than this is. Also the film itself looks like the same old stuff we’ve seen countless times. I rather watch Mickey Mouse’s clubhouse than this film.

    • Slinky Dog

      I agree: “Winnie the Pooh” was a great film, and, sadly, it’s so underrated. Hopefully, it will get a second wind, so to speak, when the DVD/Blu-ray comes out.

  • Oh thank god there is a Lady Gaga song in there, I was almost worried for a second.

    • droosan

      Goodness knows, the Chipmunks/ettes have NEVER done a ‘cover’ version of a current hit song .. @[email protected]

  • Ryan Storm

    Only one word describes this… Terrible

  • Darkblader

    Dear Hollywood,
    Go f*** yourself for making children more dumber than they are, as well as their parents taking them to see this crap.

  • 2011 Senior Citizen

    I was halfway through the trailer until I remembered the “Munk You” tagline/official website address at the end.

  • Lindsay

    Wow! This action-packed family comedy has everything!

    *Tired pop culture references!
    *Tired bodily function jokes!
    *Lady GaGa songs! (Just in case you forgot the chipmunks do used to do this “singing” thing)
    *Creepy photorealistic CG that doesn’t quite work!

    And of course, a DreamWorks face at 0:18.


  • Keegan

    Nothing will be better than the 1960’s Alvin.

  • Toonio

    Well, time to accept it people, the chipmunks franchise will keep going till god knows when.

    Now the paradox would be what wrong move do they have to do to make the franchise unprofitable. THAT’S the question!

  • Trevor

    haha those chipmunks are singing songs from the radio

  • udx

    Aww nuts. I was hoping of a retelling of the Chipmunks Adventure*Prepares a secret Trap Card*

  • eeteed

    why didn’t they title this movie “chips ahoy”?

    think of the product placement potential!

    • Funkybat

      Some executive is smacking himself right now…

      • steveg

        Except that Nabisco would probably prevent the release of the movie with such a title, even though they probably could have a promotional tie-in.

  • Bloomfield

    This franchise will never self-destruct. Whenever audience grow tired of it, they’ll shelve it for a few years and then mount a reboot. The tactic has worked like a charm so far. P.T. Barnum was on the money about the American public.

  • Ugh, not again. I can’t stand the creepy glassy human-esque eyes they stick on the chipmunks (Smurfs had the same problem). And the fur looks so fake it’s laughable. Why can’t they just animate a normal cartoon instead of desperately trying to blend cartoon chipmunks into a real environment? It never looks quite right and is just a bit off-putting.

    • Yeah, they really should’ve gone the Roger Rabbit route instead. Or at least tried to make them look more “cartoony” instead of these unappealing furry/semi-realistic designs

  • Deerhunter Dawg

    Hey, remember that scene in Confederacy of Dunces, where the narrator discusses how Ignatius goes to the movies every week only to shout at the screen and loudly express how these films behoove the downfall of Western Civilization?

  • Steve Gattuso


    I got nothin’

  • Dougie

    “To the inexperienced person, chipmunk droppings can be difficult to identify with certainty…Chipmunk droppings are not always the same, so identifying them from a picture can be tricky. Bacteria and diseases can be transmitted through chipmunk droppings, and several diseases are transmitted through inhalation of spores and particles in the air surrounding the feces.

    An experienced wildlife control operator can tell you definitively if you have chipmunk droppings or something else. Whatever it is, we can clean up the mess and also remove the offending animals.” (Allstate Animal Control)

  • I’m tired of seeing my beloved childhood memories turned into crappy CGI/Live Action movies!!!!! Why do they even continue doing this? Do they even bother reading the box-office reviews?!

    First Yogi Bear, then the Smurfs, then Fairly OddParents, and now ANOTHER Chimpmunk sequel? What’s next?! The Jetsons? Jabberjaw? Sailor Moon? Ren & Stimpy? WHEN WILL IT END!!!

    • Ryan

      I refuse to believe those shows have been off the air as long as they have. its terrifying.

  • Caresse

    I don’t want to live in this world anymore…

  • Jason H

    Hey remember in the first Chipmunks movie when Alvin ate Theodore’s poop?

  • (Deep breath)

    Am I a bad person because I liked the first one? And I didn’t hate the second one? And I’ll probably watch this one sometime?

    Because I feel like a bad person.

    • AJ

      not a bad person just one with terrible terrible taste

  • CG-animated chipmunks singing Lady Gaga.

    Yeah, THAT will never lose its cultural relevance.

    Just like CG-animated chipmunks standing on the bow of a ship screaming I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!

  • droosan

    Again: The Chipmunks sang songs by The Beatles and Herman’s Hermits in the 1960s, Michael Jackson and New Kids on the Block in the 1980s, and Right Said Fred and Madonna in the 1990s .. yet they remain as culturally relevant as they’ve ever been.

  • Bud

    Really bad. Especially whoever’s doing the voices of the chipmunks and the whorettes.

  • It’s everything I would have expected, and oh so much more!

  • I liked it better when they were traveling the world in hot air balloons trading priceless jewels and diamonds for money…

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Yep,a third Chipmunks live/cg feature. I would love to see Hollywood make a cg/live Cattanooga Cats movie. I find Kitty Jo more attractive than the Chippettes.

  • Spencer

    Chris Bailey yaaaaay!

    • Now that’s unexpected! I didn’t work on this one, but thanks for the props!

  • steveg

    Can someone explain why Ross Bagdasarian, Jr hasn’t released a DVD/Blu-ray set including all 26 episodes of “The Alvin Show” (1961-1962) (Hopefully with bonus materials without any reference to his later vision?).

    It’s rather sad he hasn’t properly honored his father’s funnier creation, instead of milking his version for all it’s worth (currently $800+ million worldwide).

    Is he threatened that such a release would expose what the kiddies could have had?

  • Well…it’s creating jobs….that’s a good thing right? =/

    • droosan

      Seriously..! <_<

      *full disclosure* I'm sitting in a building with a few hundred artists who have been busily working on this movie all year (I'm -not- among them; I'm here on a different production). And personally, I think CHIPWRECKED is looking pretty amazing, cute and appealing .. especially by comparison to the first ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS movie.

      The guys whom I personally know on the crew are pretty proud of how it's turning out, as well.

      A tiny part of me hopes that they'll never happen upon this thread .. ^^;


      Just consider:

      — trailers are rarely representative of a movie as a whole.

      — these movies DO represent jobs for a significant number of local artists (and they're semi-lengthy, well-paying jobs, at that).

      — these aren't your father's Chipmunks .. any more than the 1980s Chipmunks were the 1960s Chipmunks. Change has always been a part of keeping these characters fresh and popular (and they ARE still popular, with a new generation of fans).

  • But the older generations need theirs,too,Droosan!:-)

    And the original Alvin was dang FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Revisionism, or shall we say, only looking at the modern versions, does no good [imagine New York’s famed George Washington Bridge covered with all steel instead of being that artistic skeletal two tier structure suspension bridge seen in that famed I Love Lucy movie ad and so often, or an old London double decker re-covered with plastic..lame analogy, that, I know.):L)

    • droosan

      I totally agree! But the new movies don’t ‘invalidate’ their previous incarnations.

      I grew up in the era between the two previous versions .. watched THE ALVIN SHOW in re-runs on local television, and played their records endlessly .. THE CHIPMUNKS Saturday-morning toon came along when I was a teen-ager, but I enjoyed it, as well.

      I do wish both previous series were better-represented on DVD. The existing releases (especially THE VERY FIRST ALVIN SHOW disc) leave much to be desired.

  • Phantanos

    To all you:TROLLS!
    That includes : Disney brown nosers,fanatic traditionalist, and fanboys in arested development. Suck it up and get a life!
    You idiots are quick to judge something, without even seeing it! The Titanic reference fits you fools! Go forth on your pompous course. Your boats won’t float if you try to sink this movie!
    I have seen the second minute long trailer! The content is: so action pacted,entertaining, and funny; That you all will be speachless!
    Chip-wrecked is like the iceburg. At the surface it looks harmless, but beware what lays beneath the surface! Wait ’till you try to attack the new trailer. Your comments will be sunk!

  • Jane

    You people are really going to bash on a KIDS movie, made for KIDS? My kids love them and so do I. Just calm down its a fuckin movie. They aren’t hurting anyone.

  • Ryan

    When Kevin mentioned Sailor Moon I felt a pang of nostalgia for 7th-8th grade. I refuse to believe the breif time that I had cartoon network form 2000-2003 was a lifetime ago. but damn things have

  • I have no name

    =) Huge fan of the Chipmunks and the Chipettes! Can’t wait to see this! =)