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‘Coco’ Trailer: Pixar’s Take on Day of the Dead

Disney-Pixar has released a new trailer for its Day of the Dead-themed Coco.

Directed by Lee Unkrich (Toy Story 3) and co-directed by Adrian Molina, Coco opens in U.S. theaters on November 22.

The film follows the story of Miguel, a young boy who wants to follow in the footsteps of his music idol, Ernesto de la Cruz, despite his family’s generations-old ban on music.

Disney’s corporate “fan site” Oh My Disney offers some advice for how you should feel about this trailer. For those who don’t necessarily think the same way as paid employees of the Walt Disney Company do, you can at least study and appreciate the slight changes made in the animation, staging, and cutting of certain shots that appear both in this new trailer and the original teaser released last March. It’s a reminder of how much thought and care goes into finessing each and every shot of an animated feature.

  • Dante Panora

    Those eyes in the skeletons really highlight the problem with most CG characters in animated films in America. In trying so hard to stick to the classic pixar style (yes, I know it is pixar making this) it just looks kind of creepy, especially since they try to make them look semi-realistic. I initially did not like The book of life’s character designs at first, because it looked so blocky and toy like. In retrospect, I can at least appreciate them going for a very stylized look. Wouldn’t be easier to have such stylization in a CG movie than a traditionally drawn movie?

    • Fried

      I think the skeletons are much more stylized than the humans. They actually seem to have cartoony proportions and shapes to them. I mean, Pixar and Disney have still always felt toy-like to me but more like vinyl toys in that smoothness to them. Mumbo Jumbo also pulled off the skeleton-with-eyes look just fine.

      I find it interesting that they probably added the eyes to make them friendlier and emote more when putting eyes on a real skeleton is way more terrifying for a live action design.

    • Bob

      I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make… these skeletons are definitely not trying to be slightly realistic… you don’t like them because you find them slightly creepy?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Years ago some guys at Sony were working on an animated project just like this film. I wonder if this is what it became.

  • Fried

    “For those who don’t necessarily think the same way as paid employees of the Walt Disney Company do…”
    Was this added just to meet some self-imposed requirement of having a layer of snakiness instilled in every mainstream studio article promotion?

  • William Bradford

    Saw an Alebrije! Hope there’s more!

  • I’ll this film a shot. I can’t say I’m highly anticipating for this film, but maybe it’ll win me over when I go see it.

  • Tre

    It’s visually VERY nice to look at, and I really want to try and enjoy it without comparing it to ‘Book Of Life’.

  • aquapyro

    Oh My Disney doesn’t tell you how to should feel. They are just saying what are their favorite moments. Are you that triggered that you had to snark at a fansite because this is a movie made by a big corporate company and they are promoting it?

    • AmidAmidi

      Oh My Disney is not a fansite. The writers work in-house at Disney and it’s a carefully controlled corporate marketing tool designed by the Walt Disney Company to mimic the feel of a fansite. In fact, one of the requirements from an Oh My Disney job posting was having “the ability to translate traditional marketing content into engaging and brand relevant editorial.” Sorry to burst your bubble, but the content on that site does not reflect opinions of individual writers; it’s all corporate-approved marketing material.

    • Inkan1969

      Did you really think it was a fansite?

  • Andres Molina

    Wow, I’m pretty excited for what Pixar has in store. I personally believe Pixar has something special in store. Being a Hispanic-American, I believe Pixar is doing whatever’s possible to not only embrace, but honor Mexican culture. Now, about the trailer, I think this movie is going to be great, at least based on what I saw. Now let me point out some things.

    The basic premise is simple, at least from what I saw, but really intriguing. So far the premise of a boy entering a fantasy world to reconnect with his deceased members of his family is pretty cool, and has a lot of potential.

    Now one, thing I really want to discuss about the film and something lots of people claim is that it copies The Book of Life which I think it doesn’t. Let me tell you why. First, the premise is actually different. Many might point out that they center on the same holiday, however both films have different stories. For example The Book of Life centers on a love triangle and a musician’s journey to fight through his biggest fears and to save his town, while journeying through the land of the remembered and forgotten. Coco, is about a young boy and his dog, entering the land of the dead to unlock the hidden secrets of his family. Similar setting, different plot. I might of left something out, but they seem to differentiate from each other, and they both carry different art styles. Now some people might point out both films’ protagonists’ dream to be a musician, but they both seem to have very different elements that connect both their dreams, for example, in the Book of Life, Manolo’s dream of play music is threatened by his father’s desire for him to be a bullfighter to honor his family. In Coco, Miguel’s desire to be a musician’s is threatened by his family’s long ban of music, and his dream is out of his desire to honor his musical idol, which looks to play a more integral part of the film. I’m not sure if I’m right, but I’m sure they’re very different from each other despite some similarities, besides, we can’t judge the entire Pixar film based on a trailer, and again, we only have a basic plot summary and about 5 minutes worth of footage from only 2 trailers, which means that the final complete film might turn out to be very different than we think, and end up being nothing like The Book of Life.

    Another reason it’s not a Book of life copycat, and one you must really put to consideration, is because if it really is A Book of Life copycat, Pixar would’ve canceled the film years ago, or they would’ve retooled it completely. Example? In the mid/late 2000’s, Pixar pitched a film called Newt, which would’ve centered on the last two blue-footed newts, who couldn’t stand each other. However, Pixar learned about Blue Sky’s Rio, which was almost entirely identical to Newt, only it featured on 2 birds, instead of 2 newts and it took place in Rio, and as a result, Pixar cancelled the film to avoid being accused of copying Rio, but also because it wasn’t working in pre-production. Which brings us to these two films. If Pixar saw that Coco really was similar or identical to The Book of Life (which was released in October 2014, and Coco would be in pre-production at that point), Pixar would’ve halt production and retool the entire film completely, or in the worse case, cancel the film and produce something entirely different. But since Coco is being made, it must be that Pixar is producing a film that is very different from The Book of Life, and working hard to ensure that Coco is original and unique on its own, and not an imitator.

    So as far as I’m concerned, I believe Pixar has another smash hit in their hands, and as with Cars 3, I wish them all the luck in hopes it matches or exceeds the original film.

    • Anonymous

      Well Andres, if you didn’t get that promotion after your praise of Ed Catmull a few days ago you’ll surely get it after this comment.?

    • Kit

      I believe Book of Life and Coco can coexist in the world. I love that it honors Mexican culture, especially during our current political throw back dreams of an imaginary perfect time when no one came from other countries to America…PS- even the Native Americans got here from Mongolia.

      Yes, there can be more stories about Mexico just as there can be more stories about the USA without stepping on toes…but yet, The Day of the Dead is just one annual holiday that has been animated into two features within several years of each other. The comparisons will come no matter how the “Disney fans” and unpaid fans feel. The Book of Life IS a beautiful film and the main character is voiced and sung by Diego Luna of Rogue One. Pixar and Disney would do well not to fight that by suggesting Disney’s Coco is better- but to ride it out by saying- our new story adds to the global mythology of The Day of the Dead.

  • Netko

    Man, those skeletons are bad. It’s especially jarring considering how distinct and unique the Book of Life’s designs were. Did Pixar think that normal skeletons would scare the kids or something? I find this creepy hybridization of humans and skeletons to be a lot scarier, especially when they thought they needed eyeballs to look relatable, despite skulls with eyeballs being a popular horror trope. They have a skeleton whose eyelashes seem to be coming straight out of her eyeballs, for Christ’s sake, and they couldn’t even make the skeletons’ lower jaws seperate from their upper ones, or at least draw a few lines so the impression is there. They look like earless pandas from those cheap movies where they can’t afford their characters fur. And I don’t know if the Book of Life spoiled me on the subject, but man do the environments look uninspired here.
    Also, wow, people are actually defending a fake corporate “fan” site’s crappy marketing. Yeah, tell us more about how people cried ten times in one trailer for a movie they’ve never seen before. What next, an imaginary church devoted to Disney? Oh wait, the site is already called “Oh My Disney”.

    • Wut

      Pretty sure the skeletons aren’t trying and never were hoping to be real skeletons but rather based on the drawings and art of the day of the dead… I don’t find them creepy at all… they look kind of silly actually…

      • Netko

        The skeletons from the Book of Life were based on the Day of the Dead and not only was this apparent the moment you looked at them (which I can’t say for these designs at all) but they also had great stylized designs in general. They also looked less like real skeletons than Pixar’s do, so I’m not sure why you think I want realistic skeletons.

        Also I don’t know what kind of Day of the Dead art you were looking at, but those skeletons most definitely do not resemble creepy humanoid pandas, so I don’t understand why you’re trying to make it seem like this is a decision based in the source material.

        • wut

          I think Book of Life took day of the dead art and sort of painted toys with it whereas this tries to create characters by being inspired by the shapes of the art rather than a more literal approach. Thankfully there is more than one way to interpret source material. I understand you don’t like the look of this, but I find it hard to respect such antagonistic comments without seeming to be open to discuss, but instead sling insults… unfortunately CB has cultivated this sort of negative culture over the years. To each his own. Have a nice day.

  • Slim Cognito

    Why do you get onto Oh My Disney for being a corporate “fansite” yet you guys do some promoted articles here and there?

    Now on the topic of Coco I think it looks bland personally. Pretty bored of Pixar’s art direction, they should do some more stylized stuff IMO.

    • AmidAmidi

      Our promoted articles are clearly labeled, which is why you know they’re promoted articles. Plus, they’re promoting other companies, not ourselves. But imagine if we had a site called Oh My Cartoon Brew where EVERY SINGLE ARTICLE was about how wonderful Cartoon Brew was as a website. We’d write about how a particular Cartoon Brew piece made us cry or how an article made us laugh. And we would never make clear to readers that the articles were written by paid employees of Cartoon Brew. That would be absolutely bonkers. And that’s exactly what Oh My Disney is.

      • Mmike

        CartoonBrew isn’t exactly free of clickbait headlines themselves… Just because it’s not paid promotion doesn’t mean you guys don’t do it.

        • Mmike, you completely miss the point. You know what? I agree that Cartoon Brew sometimes gets a little too click-baity. But click-bait titles was not Amid’s problem. Advertising in the form of a faux-fan website was. Criticizing a site like Oh My Disney shouldn’t be controversial. It’s a dishonest form of advertising.

          • Fried

            And that last thing sounds like an entirely different article, not something to tack on to the end of a Coco article to generate talkback. It’s as if Amid didn’t have enough faith in the trailer to get people talking and had to add something that would stir up the pot.

          • Netko

            More like he didn’t think that a crappy Disney marketing strategy is worth an entire article rather than one sentence. One sentence about Disney’s promotion in an article about a trailer for that same Disney movie? Wow, how unrelated!

          • Fried

            If it’s not worth an article to talk about in the first place, maybe that should tell you it wasn’t worth the shoehorn at all. And again, if they’re so related enough that it’s even worth mentioning, then it must be worth mentioning again in any future Ducktales or Gigantic articles.

      • Inkan1969

        I agree that there’s nothing wrong with your promoted articles. But I was just at Oh-My-Disney, and I don’t really see how anyone could mistake it for a fan site. It’s pretty obvious about being a promo site.

        • AmidAmidi

          If the con was obvious to everyone, there would be no reason to continue having Disney employees pretend to be fake fans.

      • Netko

        It’s honestly pretty shocking to me that the difference between regular and slimy marketing needs to be explained to people.

  • Josh Evans

    Look. I love Pixar. I do. But the trailers and story description are so close to ‘The Book of Life’ that I have almost not interest in seeing this. :/

  • Netko

    The website specifically had an article on Coco’s trailer and all the ways it made the (imaginary) Disney fans cream themselves from enjoyment.

    • Fried

      And? They also have an article about Ducktales and Beauty and the Beast, that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with those two products. It’s a highly unnecessary thing to add when talking about the release of the Coco trailer.

  • I think this probably won’t be one of Pixar’s best films, but it’s visually impressive.

  • Fried

    Where were there people in rags? Everyone was just in normal clothes in a very casual setting. If you’re trying to say the main kid is raggedy, then Riley from Inside Out must be as well considering he looks like a reskin of her, just with a hoodie attached.

    This movie looks like it takes place 70% of the time in the afterworld, I’m not sure how they would fit a successful Mexican businessman running a TV station in the story there.

  • oh god people. stop wasting your life criticising others work, let Amid and cartoon brew do what they do best and go back to your animation tables.

    • angie

      ( stop wasting your life criticising others work )
      that COULD BE said about amid too though
      a lot of his thought pieces on cartoon brew are criticizing others work

  • mushed potato

    The trailer did nothing for me, instead of sizzling it worked up only a wet gurgle.

    HOWEVER, Dante’s Lunch short did a better job at convincing me into giving this movie a shot.

    • angie

      yeah it’s weird! i don’t think the movie looks bad but this is one of the most generic trailers i’ve seen out of pixar and to the point of having a in a world… it has never… until…. narrator guy.

      has pixar ever used narrator guy for their previous trailers? it really stuck out to me.

    • Mesterius

      Well, that’s good! Since “Dante’s Lunch” probably won’t be part of the actual movie.

  • Leo Michel

    I had no knowledge of “Oh my Disney” so clicked on the link. Frankly, I don’ t see how anyone older than a 10 year old child cannot burst out laughing over those childish, retarded “reasons” to love the film based on a simple trailer …

  • Jean Paul Medellin

    Never in the trailer I saw a raggedy looking folks in the trailer, just a kid wearing normal clothes. And I imagine that they set the story in a random town from Mexico instead of one of their cities because the beauty and traditions from these place are a little lost in the big cities. Sure, all around Mexico we celebrate Day of the Dead, but I can asure you that in the little towns the magic and misticism is greater. And I can’t be more happy that they decided to showcase my country like that.

  • bernie

    bubble popped – thick skin?… mixing the metaphors there a little I think. Still blood is thicker than two in the bush