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Trailers for “Arriety” and “Pirates”

When it rains, it pours. Here’s the spanking new trailers for two 2012 releases. First up, Aardman’s clay animation The Pirates:

Here’s a sample of the dub for Disney’s new Ghibli film, The Secret World Of Arreity:

  • Totally hate the voices for the leads in Arietty, they sound way too old and there’s not a lot of emotion in them. Not enough to stop me going to see it when it comes out, mind. I’ll just have to wait until it’s on DVD and watch the subtitles instead.

    • joe

      They also don’t any emotion in the voices either. The male lead’s voice is especially horrible to me.

  • D

    Finally two animated films coming soon that aren’t Pixar. They both look great. It’s been a while since a claymation films come to theatres and Studio Ghibli always turns out gold. Can’t wait to see both.

  • Clint H

    Anything Aardman does is pure gold, so I have faith in THE PIRATES! As for ARRIETY, it looks interesting, and I’m not even into anime that much. However, the actor who plays the human boy sounds bored beyond belief.

  • Dino

    Arietty: “Sometimes you have to fight for the things that are worth fighting for.” Who writes this crap? That line (or one like it) is whispered over soaring, faux-inspirational music in every other heartwarming movie trailer. Bleeah.

    Pirates: You had me with the last trailer. Now you add Tenpole Tudor? Take my money immediately.

  • hitface

    I’m really not happy with disney’s dub, but the UK dub sounds promising. I think Disney was focusing too much on having their ~up and coming~ child/teen stars in it. The young ones sound too old, old ones sound too young. the only decent voice I can hear is Arriety’s father.

    I’ll probably go to the Disney theatre release though, in hopes of supporting Studio Ghibli.

    • Ah that’s not really surprising, they’ve been doing that for nearly 20 years, and I dare say the Lion King suffers because of it.

      Still very excited for Arriety though :D

  • SR

    Ghibli and Jonsi?

  • Arriety = Best February ever!

    Pirates = Best March ever!

    By the way, is the cat in Arriety the same one from Whisper of the Heart?

  • That Pirates Movie? Yeah. WINNING.

  • victoria

    I think that Arriety trailer gave away most of the movie.

  • 2011 Senior Citizen

    Each Pirates! trailer only makes me want to see it more!

    For Arriety, we FINALLY get another Ghibli film after……. 3 years?! Goodness. And Ponyo didn’t even do really good!

  • Gobo

    If the Pirates movie is 1/10th as funny as the books it’s based on, it’ll be a winner. In Aardman’s hands, I have faith.

    Arriety looks charming and fun. Ghibli never lets me down.

    • Alberto

      I’ve only read “The Pirates! In an Adventure with Napoleon”, and it is probably the worst, most unfunny thing I have ever had the misfortune of reading

  • Mr. James

    I read the Pirates book because of all of it’s great reviews for kids and MAN! as an ADULT I loved it! Great to see it’s getting the big screen treatment.

    Can’t wait for MARCH!!

    • swac

      Don’t you mean “Maaaaaahhhhrrrrch”?

  • joe

    That Pirates trailer is a nice trailer. Introduces us to the characters, explains the basic plot, has funny jokes, and is fun! And the 3-D is just a bonus instead of the main reason you want to see the movie!

  • Azz

    I predict Pirates will be the best animated movie of 2012. I’m so pumped.

  • Is it really Clay Animation or 3d made to look that way (or puppets made to look like clay like Chicken Run)…I will look through the comments for answers.

  • chipper

    Between those two, Brave and A Monster in Paris (which I think airs here next year), I might actually go to the movies several times in one year. Which is something I never do.

  • Yvette Kaplan

    Pirates looks great and I can’t wait!! Congrats to director Peter Lord and all of Aardman!
    Arriety looks lovely too–but I agree the voices on first hearing sound a bit old. If the story is great we will get used to them. The Pirates of course, sound perfect!! : )

  • Rufus

    really, who cares about how the Disney version is dubbed? The only way to watch japanese films is in japanese with subtitles.

    • Funkybat

      Seriously. I’m not even all that much of an Anime fan, but when I do watch, it’s gotta be Japanese dialogue with English subtitles. I find the English language dubs, especially the ones with familiar American actors’ voices, to be distracting and annoying. Disney used to release Japanese versions of Ghibli films to theaters to a limited number of screens at the same time they released the dubbed ones, I’m hoping they return to that with this release. I wasn’t able to find Japanese versions in theaters (even in the San Francisco area) when Howl’s Moving Castle or Ponyo were in theaters. C’mon Disney, do right by these films…

  • The Pirates thing looks quite entertaining. The Borrowers adaptation looks like the worst thing I’ve seen in a while, and I read and re-read and re-re-read the books all through my formative years (which are still going on).

  • Darcy

    Pirates looks god awful. Failed comedy in trailer form doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence for the other 84 minutes.