<em>Coraline</em> Production Artists Panel <em>Coraline</em> Production Artists Panel
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Coraline Production Artists Panel

Coraline Panel

Did you miss the Coraline production artists panel at Gallery Nucleus last week? Sean Szeles recorded the discussion and has posted it onto YouTube. The artists on the panel were Shannon Tindle, Shane Prigmore, Dan Krall, Chris Appelhans, Jon Klassen and Andy Schuler. All of Chris Appelhans’ and half of Jon Klassen’s presentation weren’t recorded due to the camera battery dying. Nevertheless this is a rare opportunity to hear from the talents who helped design this extraordinary film, especially seeing as how the film’s accompanying ‘art of’ book is a farce that excludes the work of these artists. I’ll be writing more about Coraline soon. Until then, I’ve created a playlist so you can watch the entire panel with just one click below:

  • Really cool stuff, having seen the movie already (which i strongly recommend you check out if you haven’t) I found this neat in that it really shows the depth that these designers had in the series. Wybie (is that how you spell it?) looks very different in some of these shots.

  • I see me! It was an awesome panel. Thanks for filming it Sean.

  • Bill G.

    Yeah, Wybie looked awfully white in those designs. Maybe they felt they needed to include a token minority in the film? Heck, happens in live action films all the time, so I guess animation is no exception.

  • Pretty nifty. Coraline only had about a 9% drop-off in box office cash this past weekend, which isn’t too bad at all.

  • wow!

    thank you so much for sharing this!

  • TK

    Dang! Only if videos have better audio!

  • Hey Guys.
    Its a bummer the audio is so low, but here is why Wybie looks so different , straight from the horses mouth. Dan had done the initial White Wybie explorations. Beautiful. Then I took him over and started fleshing him out …Still white . He was approved and finalized as a sniveling white kid. Infact I was even doing his temp voice for the story reels. THEN …I was doing a ton of exploration for a new little ghost girl (that was shown on this video just before my Wybie stuff), and in my explorations I did some African american versions , just to throw it out there, to mix it up. Well out of all of them Henry chose the little African-American girl hands down. Well that changed things , because that little ghost girl is supposed to be related to Wybie…..So , Henry and I changed Wybie to an african american kid in the eleventh hour…. and then Later I had to design Wybies Grandmother as an african american woman . That is the Wybie Lovat story. It was explained at the panel but I guess I should have yelled louder for the cameras. I hope that clears up the mystery of the white Wybies. I’m glad everyone gets to see this stuff. We are all glad people are excited about it.

  • Dave K

    It’s really a shame the audio is so poor. It makes it impossible to understand. I was very interested in watching this, but couldn’t make it past the 10 second mark. “A” for effort, at least.