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David Levy on The Rise of NY Indie Features

My Dog Tulip

When I posted about my move to NYC last month, I alluded to the exciting trend of independent animated features being produced on the East Coast. ASIFA-East president David Levy has penned a new column in the ASIFA-East monthly newsletter Anymator about the growth of indie East Coast features. An incredible seven artists out here are working on or have recently completed independent features: Bill Plympton, Michael Sporn, Nina Paley, Paul Fierlinger, Emily Hubley, Dan Kanemoto, and Tatia Rosenthal.

In his article, entitled “Better Late Than Never,” Levy learns more about these features by interviewing four of the filmmakers: Michael Sporn, Nina Paley, Paul Fierlinger and Dan Kanemoto. It’s a pleasure to hear the filmmakers describing the subject matter of their films: the relationship between a WWII pilot and his father, a film based on the memoirs of British author J.R.Ackerley, a biography of Edgar Allen Poe, and an animated interpretation of the Indian epic Ramayana. Sounds like American animated features are finally growing up.

(Image above from Paul Fierlinger’s My Dog Tulip)

  • slowtiger

    World premiere of Nina Paley’s “Sita sings the Blues” will be on Monday evening here at the Berlinale. I’m so excited to see the finished film and finally meet Nina.

  • Paul Fierlinger’s film looks beautiful to me. It’s rough around the edges, but judging from the clips on the site (with the beautiful direction and voicework), it’s got it where it counts – at the heart. It looks like it will be a film that will be “adult” in the true sense of the word (rather than the current animation industry meaning of “adult” which is “suitable for horny teenagers”). I hope that I’ll get a chance to see it in Toronto, as well.

  • Music to my ears.

    When I first joined ASIFA-East, the question on my mind was if there could be more animated features coming out of the New York scene. This is a trend (actually I prefer revolution) that I am really looking forward to. Bill Plympton has had interesting features, and I am very curious about Michael Sporn’s Poe feature, as I have known about for a while now. And an animated feature about WWII. I can’t wait to see where these features lead in the next few years.

    Looking forward to a New Wave.

  • This is great news and I’m excited to see what comes up from over there. There is a silent, muttering of a movement out here on the west coast to do the same thing. I hope these films inspire everyone , everywhere to do their own thing!