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“Despicable Me 2” teaser

This is what you’ll see when you attend The Lorax this weekend. Should look good in 3D.

  • Tak

    Why isn’t this something else? Oh yeah, that’s right, $.
    Still, this is very cute and entertaining, a great little promotional clip to market the film. Anyone know if Sergio Pablos and the folks at The SPA Studios are involved with this sequel?

  • I wonder if Illumination Entertainment will follow the Blue Sky route where they make one original movie and then come out with a squeal to their first film that creates a pattern.

    • Mike B.

      I don’t understand how the first film counts as original and not formulaic.
      I seem to be the only person who feels that the first film was un-watchable. I guess with so many bad animated films being made, peoples expectations have been lowered.

      • Ryoku75

        I haven’t seen the original so I can’t comment on it, but I can say that I too have noticed the consistantly re-used formulas for modern animated films.

      • Rick Farmiloe

        Mike B. is right. Whether you like the original or not, there is nothing original about it. We’ve a lot of these elements in other films. That was my reaction when I first saw it.

  • James

    Yes, this seems eerily familiar with how the Ice Age franchise went, with the yellow creatures filling in for Scrat in the promos.

    Hopefully with Despicable Me, Gru doesn’t take a back seat to comic relief supporting characters while getting saddled with progressively thinner scripts.

    • Funkybat

      I see the similarity too, but I suspect any sequels to “Despicable Me” will likely be more entertaining than the Ice Age sequels. Scrat is kind of the linchpin of that whole franchise, and he’s not even really part of the main cast or story.

      While it’s not a groundbreakingly original film or anything, I found Despicable Me to be very enjoyable, with great visuals, story, and characters. My friends and I found it to be far more memorable than a lot of other non-Pixar 3D features, and fun even upon repeat viewings. After seeing Sergio Pablos show and discuss his original concept and designs, I am kind of curious about what the film would have been like had it stayed closer to the original pitch, but I like the end result very much for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that it was one of the most emotionally “real” of any animated feature in the past 5 years, aside from Coraline and some of Pixar’s films.

  • Sarah J

    I haven’t seen the first Despicable Me yet, though I intend to. So looking at this trailer from a “fresh” perspective… It does not appeal.

  • Mike

    Coming from a fan of the first film…this is easily the most obnoxious thing I’ve seen all week.

  • Have to agree that this is terribly annoying and not even remotely funny.

  • Jens

    google ‘gumball banana joe’ looks like the concept here is pretty similar. However the gumball one is more interesting and the banana reference makes sense.

    still nice animation

  • Nic

    I love that the party toy crosses over the black border. It’s like the lazy man’s 3D (and I would definitely take this over headache-vision)

  • Mandy

    I think the only part I like about this promo is the angry character. If you watch his eyes you can see him building up until he pops.

  • DonaldC

    oh…I didn’t really think it needed one.

  • akira

    i bet this gets more laughs than the lorax!

    and as far as being original… this is way more original than than destroying another Dr. Seuss classic, to me.

  • Ben

    This is what people think animation is.

  • It took many many re-watchings of Despicable Me to find out I love everything about the movie, and that it’s a better film than Megamind.

    My sister loves it too, I just send her the link :)

    • Mike

      Better than a mediocre DreamWorks CG-fest? I should hope so!

      • LOL I mean, those are the only two movies where the main character happens to be the villain –something I actually wished for out loud in this very forum some years ago *wink* *wink*– so that’s the only thing I have to compare it with ;)

      • Funkybat

        Heh, while I agree Despicable Me was better than Megamind, I have to say Megamind was probably the most entertaining Dreamworks movie I’ve seen in the past few years. Of course, Will Ferrell had a lot to do with that, but there was a lot to like about it overall, IMHO.

  • KyleB

    I was in Annecy last summer and a local mall had a bunch of Despicable Me concept art on display. There were a lot of gag drawings of the Minions testing malfunctioning equipment that was utterly hilarious. There wasn’t a whole lot of that in the film, but a friend had told me a sequel was in the works so I figured maybe some of it would wind up there.

    Its a shame that aspect of the characters has taken a backseat and the Minions are reduced to just reenacting that one scene in the original where three of them sing Copacabana. What a waste of the character’s charm and appeal.

  • Dario


  • Matt

    Welp, I found my ring tone.

  • Scarabim

    I LOVED Despicable Me, so I’m eager to see the sequel. Best part: despite the fact that Jason Segel was in it, it was 100% puppet free! :D

    • Roberto

      We got it…you didn’t like The Muppets movie…or you just don’t like the muppets in general.

      Personally I think the muppets presenting the Academy Awards are funnier than Chris Rock, and their movie was a lot better than Puss In Boots or Cars 2. A little too gloomy at parts but it had good jokes and fun musical numbers.

      • Scarabim

        Judging by the box office take of each film you mentioned, a lot of people disagree with your opinion.

        The Muppets were fine way back when. I just don’t have much use for nostalgia, especially when it’s used to gloss over mediocre movies.

      • Gobo

        Given that the new Muppets movie is the highest-grossing Muppet film ever made, widely popular with fans, and is spawning a sequel, your argument is invalid. Most people disagree with your opinion, Scarabim. Please stop repeating it here. Cheers.

    • Mike Russo

      These anti-Muppet comments are getting tiresome.

    • Chipster92

      Yeah, seriously dude. All these little passive aggressive snarky comments are getting old. You don’t like the Muppets or anything related to them. We get it. There’s no need to be a jerk about it.

  • Roberto

    I thought Despicable Me was ok but a little…random. The minions were the funniest part but they overused them a little and in this new trailer they are really irritating.

    The design of these characters was pretty different from the rest. They never totally explained the relationship between Gru and Dr. Nefario and Gru became good too fast. The girls were cute but generic and the final conflict (having to choose between the girls’ play or the evil plan) was very cliche.

    The film was at its best in the more absurd parts, like the prologue in Egypt or that part with Gru trying to enter in Vector’s house.

    It was a cute movie, fun for kids I guess, but it seemed to be a little too aimed to kids, the story was very simplistic. I kinda liked the story in Megamind more, even though the characters were uglier and they talked too much.

    Not especially interested in watching the Despicable Me sequel, I will decide whenever they show a REAL trailer.

  • That’s kinda terrible.

  • Y. Bother

    Sometimes I wonder why the hell I even want into this industry…

  • silvia

    I’m surprise that they are making a sequel: I had a chance to watch the first Despicable Me but I didn’t find anything special or particularly relevant in the plot! so… is there any good reason to spend 10 euros (in my case) to go watching the second one?

    I guess that – though the effort of the artists who worked at it- there aren’t a lot, except bringing kids at the movies and distract them for one hour and half!

  • Ikas

    does the 3 million views on youtube count for something ?

  • Gobo

    I love the little hand motions of the “lead singer” as he’s singing the chorus.

  • Sam

    While the CB commenters criticize this trailer, it’s getting a ton of kids and parents loving it at the theater when the trailer came up.

  • E. Nygma

    Didn’t want to see the first one, but as an animation lover I gave it a shot. My original hunch was correct. I hated it. Character designs were the worst I have seen in years. So cliche and disjointed. It looked like a different artist designed each character with no style or consistency.

    Needless to say I will not be seeing this, but hurray for the kiddies!

  • Julian

    Ok, I will say this, I imagine a 1-2-whatever hour movie is not going to be based on those things singing some hacked version of “Barbara Ann”. There’s a story to it, like the 1st, and it would be nice to have a better idea of what it’s going to be before I even decide to take interest in it. Like Brave, this needs a Japanese trailer.

  • I enjoyed the first DESPICABLE ME very much! Of course, I liked Gru and the three little girls, who are much more adorable than the Minions, and have more potential for marketability, AND be relevant to the story at the same time. While I thought this teaser, as a result, was generic (I agree with whoever said that this film needs a Japanese trailer like BRAVE!), I look forward to how the second film turns out!