<em>Despicable Me</em> full trailer <em>Despicable Me</em> full trailer
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Despicable Me full trailer

  • Justin

    I kinda liked the previous trailers. This one makes me want to see it less now.

  • Mitchell Craig

    Oddly enough, this one’s kinda cute.

  • WOW! Unfunny has reached a new level. Was there any laughs in that trailer? If so, can someone point them out to me?

  • “A tough guy has to take care of little kids” plot AGAIN? Jeez, I think it’d be more interesting if it was just him trying to steal the moon. This seems like there are too many plots for one feature.

    Still, I love those little minions!

  • I don’t know that gag at the end made me chuckle a bit (and being a CG movie, that’s saying something). I may give it the benefit of a doubt.

  • Just for now, this trailer feels awkward, and I’m not liking Steve Carell’s faux-accent now that I’m hearing more lines (it’s either the reading’s don’t seem to fit the character acting, or they’re doing that obnoxious “cut and paste” editing where they get all swap happy in trailer making), but this still looks like a lot of fun. Wasn’t expecting this sort of story, but in a good way. I like the “minions”.

  • Those yellow minion things are awfully reminiscent of the Servbots from the Mega Man Legends videogame franchise.

  • ShouldBeWorkin

    Gru looks like Chas Addams’ Uncle Fester.

  • Allesandro

    Hmm, its really starting to show that there aren’t enough feature quality animators to go round all the studios these days, the talent is getting spread too thin.

    Looks funny, kind of the same plot as Dreamworks megamind though…(villian vs villian)

  • Anonymous

    Actually, I disagree with Justin. This trailer makes me interested in seeing it.

  • Guess I’ll be the first to say something nice.

    Ha! Looks like Universal beat Dreamworks to the super villain punch.
    And this movie indeed looks much better than Megamind.

    Nice to see a trailer finally that reveals the plot, don’t much care for the babysitter aspect, but the villainy looks fun. Some really nice looking effects, and I don’t normally like Steve Corell, but at least he’s putting a character into his voice.

    I might just see this one as a fix.

  • NC

    It looks like they finally figured out what the plot is. In all of the previous trailers I was pretty confused as to what it was about. Was it about a guy stealing all of the world’s greatest monuments or a guy competing with another villain to be number 1 villain. It doesn’t look focused but at least I have an idea of what it is; Kindergarten Cop

  • JMatte

    Everytime a new trailer pops out for this movie, I feel like I’m seeing a different film. Not a bad thing in itself, it just serves to remind me never, never to trust a trailer. See the film instead.

    It looks charming, it looks fun and entertaining. Even though the premise of having a villain as main protagonist may sound the same as Megamind, I believe the two to be widely different.

    Looking forward to see Despicable Me.

  • It has to be admitted that the animation and design of the characters and their world is VERY appealing. Artistically it looks great. There were a few funny lines and gags too. (He so fluffy, Im gonna die!) But honestly when I saw the first teaser for this, (the one where the pyramid was stolen) it looked like a completely different movie, more unique. This trailer looks more like the status quo. I too would have liked to just see a movie about a villian attempting to steal the moon and how the world around him responds. It seems gimmicky that “all of a sudden” he inherits nephews and neices. Oh well, there’s always Toy Story 3…..

  • Well, kudos to Universal for making an animated film that was clearly meant for adults. And by that I mean I can’t see a single aspect of this movie that appeals to children in any way. Maybe it’s just the way this trailer was cut, but jokes about the long line at Starbucks? Insipid children’s book gimmicks? If it weren’t for the marketably cute little Servbot guys, I’d predict this would bellyflop as hard as Astro Boy, but you never know; if Hollywood spends enough money, somehow they end up making even more.

  • Gobo

    I really like the comic timing here. Even the off-the-shelf stale gags (an old man on a scooter! Going slowly! He thinks he’s going fast! Ho ho!) have a unique twist with the minions. Fun dialog too: love the girl at the end with her fluffy unicorn. And the minion at the end having trouble with the movie title made me laugh out loud.

    Steve Carrell’s goofy accent, not so much.

  • I dunno… Is it just me – or does this movie look like its going to be a lot of fun? I hate to say it, but I laughed at more than a few of the gags. Must be old age creeping up on me…

  • Jamil

    I’m not sure but isn’t it their first fully CG production? I think it looks much better than a lot of other past features from bigger and older studios. I think we all watched some of those right?

  • doop

    Hey Brack! I thought the same thing! It’s good to see there are other fans of Megaman Legends out there, haha.

  • stumpyuncle

    That trailer seemed 15 minutes long…not a good sign.

  • I think this looks great, with really fine animation,
    snappy timing and a very polished, professional look.

    Congratulations to the crew at Mac Guff in Paris,
    this is a feature you can all be proud of!


  • Despicable Meh

  • Having known -nothing- about this before watching the trailer, I liked the title.. and when the “Gru” character appeared in the coffee shop, I thought this might be a simple movie about a guy with low self-esteem or just someone who’s down on his luck trying to get by day to day. Like a character study. But then… the freeze ray came out. Sigh. You know, I don’t really need to go beyond Venture brothers and The Tick for my parodies of super heroes and villains. After those two entities, it would take an act of God to make one of these movies (this or Megamind) funny. And once they introduced the kids, it felt like the typical thing nowadays of people wedging several movies into one. Just pick something and do really well with THAT please.. before you start adding all those ker-raaaaazy twists!

  • I think the animation looks great and the character designs look fun.
    I’m not paying much heed to the comedy material here.. as we should ALL know by now, a lot of good movies have been ruined by a crappy trailer.

    But yeah, Steve… a quirky accent does not crank the Funny up to Eleven, sorry. It BARELY worked for Mike Myers.

    Much as I am cynical about the obligatory inclusion of Adorable Children, she totally won me at ‘IT SO FLUFFY!!’

  • I’ll go see it- it looks fun.

  • Michael F.

    I’m not too big on it but it does look and sound better than I imagined it to be. Steve Carell doesn’t sound like he’s putting in much of an effort though.

  • Angry Anim

    Trailer looks more entertaining than the one for “Dragons”, that’s for sure

  • Sam

    Man, you guys. Negativity enough?

    At least they are making films rather than closing down like IMD. And at least THEY are making the films that looks fun to me, than you guys sitting around whining than doing something great out there for others. People today are so hard to please.

  • The kid cracks me up!!

  • humming

    I KNEW you would cover this sooner or later, Jerry! :D

    I’m still not sold. It just looks like a routine comedy with big names, only this time, it’S ANIMATED!!! OH WOOOOW. Granted, I’m glad it takes place in a seemingly normal contemporary world, and I like the babysitting angle, but that’s it. Anyone could play Gru, not just a celebrity, considering the heavy accent he has. And those minions are rip-offs of Raving Rabbids!

  • I could watch this in the original mongolian version and still would laugh. Lots of great sight gags, good timing, and nice old-fashioned stupidity at work. Definitely a must-see on my list.

  • Pete

    I’m not going to pass judgment on this right away, but I will agree that the trailers do give me a different impression each time… Could be great, could be decent, could be mediocre or bad – I’ll figure that out when I watch it. That being said though, do we REALLY need a first person perspective view of the roller coaster ride to prove to us that this will be in “Eye-Popping 3-D”?

  • The trailer looks funny. It’s a rental.

    I’m not in love with the generic-3D designs and look to things but i think kids won’t mind, as long as it makes ’em chuckle.

    I watched iron-giant again last night. Man what a nice movie.

  • Igor didn’t get a lot of attention but I liked it and I think this one will be “likable” too. Not the best plot around but I’m glad to see another big studio doing decent CG films. Maybe the competition will spur truly spectacular films in the future.

  • A buddy sent a note, lambasting me for “shudder” actually liking this trailer. Then again, no one in the animation biz actually likes anything. But this looks kinda… fun.

    It’s not Pixar. It’s not Disney. It’s not Dreamworks – but it looks funny.
    I bet it’ll even earn some dough at the box office.

  • I think this is the fourth trailer I’ve seen for this film and every single time it looks like they’re selling a different movie.

    I also demand that fat, bald and evil CG Steve Carell and skinny, bald and evil CG Will Ferrell fight to the death.

  • Actually I’m not really sure about this one. It seems kinda entertaining but also unfocused. The gags didnt’ do much for me, but I didn’t hate them either. Same thing with the visuals, I don’t think they are too generic, there is some kind of design that extends to most of the characters (though the minions look pretty different in style), but that particular style does not look too appealing to me, except for a couple of characters (the old man in the motorcycle looks pretty funny).

    At least the main character seems more likable than the one in Megamind and I really like the theme music.

    Sooo…I’ll flip a coin and then I’ll decide to watch it or not.

  • Not that I really plan on seeing this, but this makes up for that lame trailer seen in front of Alice in Wonderland.

  • Looks better because of this trailer. I’ll go see it cause of this :)

  • manny

    not sure about the story but the animation and designs look really good!! and the 3 little girls are sooo cute they have $$ sign stamped all over their faces – just think of the plush toys they will sell. hahaa.. I think it’s a good effort by a studio outside of Hollywood and that’s always encouraging. Let’s hope they make decent money out of it to make another movie.

  • top cat james

    Did Pixar lend out Boo from “Monsters Inc”?

    And could we get a moratorium on that wacky big-band music that has to be included in every other trailer? Thank You.

  • Isaac

    This is funnier and better looking than several Pixar films I can name.

  • Mike Johnson

    “It’s so FLUFFY!”

    That had me laughing harder than I feel comfortable admitting.

    Not so much for the rest of the trailer, but it looks like another harmless piece of CG fluff, and perhaps the line “It’s so FLUFFY” will turn out to be as good a review of this film as you may see.

    I’ll probably check it out, but my expectations aren’t too high…it’ll probably be another one of those “Meh…it was okay” kind of films.

    Although I’d LOVE to be proven wrong…

  • im not so sure about this one. but hopefully it will be awesome. the character designs are definitely awesome though

  • steppo


    Julie Andrews!!!!

    I’m there!

  • Prince Charming

    That was funny! Can’t wait to see it, Great character designs and animation has some lovely key poses, the backgrounds are lovely and rich too. Good work so far.


    Now THAT was despicable. The conversations and politics that lead to the executive producer being the *only* person vocally name dropped, like some kind of celebrity figure? – I do NOT want to know about…

  • Thos yellow minions remind me of Rabbids.

  • Lee

    Looks great I think, I agree with Sam, theres alot of negativity about this

    I’ll be going to see it for sure

  • Looks okay but the marketing has a bit of an identity crisis. I’m hoping it’ll surprise me, like CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, and not end up being pretty much exactly what was advertised, like MONSTERS VS ALIENS.

  • CMB

    This looks better than what Dreamworks has been dishing out recently. Ill go see it.

  • Bill Turner

    It looks worth seeing. The minions remind me more of the LGM in Toy Story. “Ooooo, Buzzzzz!”

  • Steve Gattuso

    I’m more interested in the film now than when the other ads came out, but it’s still a toss-up as to how the final film is going to sit with me.

    At least it didn’t make me cringe as much as “Megamind.”

  • Tekena

    looks like it’ll be fun enough for kids. I’d take my cousins but I’ll never watch this alone.

  • Mac

    I’m looking forward to this and am glad I watched the trailer before reading the comments here. I think the editing of the trailer makes a lot of the gags fall flat, which I suspect and hope will be funnier in the film itself. I’m glad the trailers haven’t spoiled the whole plot and we still don’t quite know how it will all fit together. I really like the character design and think this could be a lot of fun. But what do I know? I’m really looking forward to seeing “How to Train Your Dragon” (which btw is getting plenty of rave reviews) this weekend, but a lot of commenters here already hate that too.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Damn, there’s kids in it.

  • Rooniman

    Well, there goes all the optimisim I had for this film. Now I know for sure this is gonna suck hard.

  • Well, I feel the same about this film as I did before. Some of the gags made me chuckle, others just fell flat. Looks like it will be a lot more fun than Megamind though: the designs are certainly more appealing, and all the trailers that have come out suggest the movie having two/three plots that all converge into one. I just hope they can make it all work.

  • manwang

    Yeah, that did look like Uncle Fester!

    Uh, didn’t warm to it.