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I went in to see Despicable Me with very low expectations… and came out very pleased with the film. It’s not Pixar… but it’s in the same ballpark Sony Animation plays in. The visuals are wonderful (Mac Guff, the Paris-based studio behind the neglected Dragon Hunters did the animation), particularly the layouts and color design, and though the story isn’t important, it is fun. It’s a kid’s film – and a good start for Universal’s new Illumination Entertainment.

But what did you think? The film opens this weekend and now its time for you to have your say. Comments accepted only by those who have seen the film.

  • Hey, first comment. Groove. This is a comment on the Dragon Hunters clip only, by the way, not DM, which I plan to see next week. My buddy Eric (character designer) mentioned liking the look of Dragon Hunters…having seen the clip, now I’ve got to track down a copy. MacGuff’s work in that small clip shows some great pacing and clever ideas.

  • Lucy

    The abundance of advertising made me almost feel like I’d seen this already. Still, I went with a hopeful disposition, hoping that the trailers hadn’t given away all of the best scenes in the movie, as some times happens.

    I went this morning to a crowded theater to see the 3-D release, and aside from nearly every child in the row spilling their large, icy cold sodas onto the floor, mixed with my poor clothing choice of sandals, they were a well-behaved group.

    Anyway, getting on with the film… I sort-of knew what to expect from it, but some times the unexpected isn’t really that bad when it works out–And it really did seem to here. The little girls were cute, but not over-the-top obnoxiously saccharine. The minions were funny and, again, not done over-the-top. I genuinely enjoyed the jokes with them in it. The “fart gun” gag made me wary that there might be an abundance of toilet humor, but, really, there wasn’t all that much, aside from a few gags that are undoubtedly less foul than some toilet humor gags of the past in other animated films.

    The stereotypical “prison orphanage” rubbed me the wrong way a bit, but maybe that’s because I think it’s been overdone, and so much was done to go against that stereotype in “Meet the Robinsons” it’s really one that’s bothered me ever since. The relationship between Gru and the children was a very nice, gradual one, and there were scenes that a parent could relate to–In particular the scene with him reading the “Three Little Kittens” book. Gru’s mother is a nice addition that gives some good background into what makes him tick, and explains his need to win approval.

    Did it need to be Julie Andrews voice playing his mother? Well, I love her, but no, it didn’t. Just like you could have replaced Russell Brand with John Cleese, Eric Idle, or a dozen other actors and I really wouldn’t have had a different opinion/reaction. Steve Carrell’s voice work was good—Now, I’m a little on the fence as to whether anything would have been different if Gru’s character hadn’t been played by a celebrity–My answer to that is “possibly”.

    The style made me think of both the Addams Family and James Bond on some levels. The character of Vector seemed like the unholy mixture of a track suit, Bill Gates, and an Apple store (and really, I think he was the only character that came close to annoying me). I did enjoy a lot of the visual gags, and the 3-D gags during the credits were nice, the children especially enjoying them–I heard parents coaxing their children to try to reach out and grab the ladder, tape measure, etc. It was a fun little moment.

    All-in-all, this movie’s turned out to be a great little surprise. There’s a lot of rewatch value for parents, children, or just those who love animation. I’m really, really looking forward to the other studio projects coming up if they’re all going to be of this caliber.

  • andreas wessel-therhorn

    Seems a pretty good summary of the movie. It’s certainly more of a pure kids movie than the product of other studios and the storyline is very thin.that said, there were some very inventive acting choices, especially on the lead character.The humor runs more towards slapstick than character based comedy, which I found less interesting, but plenty of the kids in the audience were well entertained and giggled a lot.
    all in all, not a bad way to spend a couple of hours.

  • Andrew

    I saw 20 minutes of it and walked out when he met that other guy at the…bank for villains? or something…jokes up to that point were lame and boring.

  • Matt

    I went to see it first thing in the morning. I’ve heard some of the reviews from the news papers and they didn’t like it much.

    But when I saw it I enjoyed every minute of it. It was a wonderful movie! The kids were adorable and Gru was a hit.


  • Mike Johnson

    I wasn’t expecting more than middle-of-the-road, and was pleasantly surprised that it was much better than that. Not exactly Pixar quality, but nothing but Pixar ever is. Still, I really enjoyed it, there were plenty of good laughs and more heart than I was expecting. I really like the way the girls grew on Gru (!) and although I saw it in 3D, it looked bright enough and I am still pro-3D with the exception of the post-production 3D, which has been a disaster so far.

    All in all, I recommend this heartily…it is much more than the sum of it’s previews!

  • I do admit I was very skeptical about this movie, wasn’t sure how it would all work or tie in together. But after watching it, I was very surprised and pleased with the work done here. Hopefully it adds another contender in the mix where it’s not just Pixar and DreamWorks anymore…but it allows Illumination Entertainment and hopefully others to step up and show off their unique voices and talents.

    Congrats to everyone who worked hard on this film!

  • Cyber Fox

    I saw the film
    here’s my thought in breif
    Funniest Film of the Summer!

  • Pleasantly surprised! Fantastic colors and fun acting. Big congrats to everyone who worked on this gem!

    …a new warrior enters the fray…

  • I thought it took quite a while for the plot to get going and the humor was definitely meant for kids I think it got better and more enjoyable as the movie went on. Not bad for a studio’s first shot.

  • I thought the plot itself jumped around like it had ADD, but really, from a kid’s perspective, that would probably be pretty entertaining. I give them extra credit for not, as Lucy pointed out, relying on bathroom humor or uninspired slapstick, and thought it had some very funny moments, although not as consistent as I would like. There were some nice freeze-frame gags I enjoyed too, such as the “formerly Lehman Brothers” above the bank.

    One thing I found especially odd, however, was the high amount of “gimmicky” 3D effects. I saw the movie on a regular 2D screen, and there were several parts where it seemed like the action was staged in such a strange way, until I realized it was done to push the use of the 3D. Obviously the whole rollercoaster ride (which I knew from the trailer was in there just for the sake of the 3D version) as well as the whole sequences during the end titles (which just seemed weird in a 2D theater.) So I count off some points for the gimmickiness, but didn’t mind too much.

    I also kinda wondered about some of the character designs.. the bank boss looked a lot like the pointy-haired boss from Dilbert and the inventor looked a lot like Professor Farnsworth from Futurama. The minions of course, were awesome. Probably my favorite part.

    Overall it was a very fun movie, and people just looking for really strong characters and more cohesive plot needn’t bother.

  • We just got back from seeing it and I was pleasantly surprised. The visuals were fun and enough of the gags worked for me. The story was forgettable but otherwise a decent summer kids flick. If an above-average Looney Tunes short were stretched out to 90 minutes it might be similar to Despicable Me.

  • Trevor

    This is an animated film that I could tell I was having as much fun watching as the crew was making it. A big congratulations to all involved, and thanks for the laughs!

    Dare I say I had more fun watching this than Toy Story 3? Yeah I will.

  • There are some serious story issues around Act 3– I felt like Gru gave up the children too easily. The grandfather figure suddenly shifted from a confused old man to a pushy figure just because Gru needed motivation. I also feel like the description of why the ballet recital had to conflict with the theft of the moon was weak…There could have been a much better solution there, such as the moon had to be full in order for it to be stolen (or something).

    However, the film was very charming overall. Very appealing character designs, and most of the animation was great! Great choices in both areas. I hope this movie does well financially– I would love to see more work from this studio. Considering that Despicable Me is a trending topic on Twitter right now… I think it’s doing ok. :)

  • Rodrigo

    Great fun. I, for one, loved seeing how much literal slapping there was with the slapstick. So many characters got blown up, pushed off ledges, shot with various projectile weapons, attacked by animals (and vise-versa), or just plain punched in the face, very much in the fashion of Looney Tunes/Three Stooges.

    The character designs were so pushed and varied. Definitely a treat for artists and regular audience members alike. And the environments felt like they had the appropriate amount of detail, so as not to distract from some of the funny/creative compositions.

    Seemed like a lot of decisions were made that wouldn’t have flied in a typical big-budget American feature. As I mentioned, it had loads of cartoon slapstick (violence & animal abuse), fun characters (non-accessible & racial stereotypes), and silliness (uncool & low-brow humor). Know what I mean?

    For me, this really felt like an animated feature in the strongest sense of the word “animated.” That being said, I feel this has been my favorite experience with animation this year.

  • Jim P

    Animation is great, layout seems pretty bad, but the character design is very strong. The story is very light, but it ‘s a fun movie for kids.

  • Scarabim

    It was okay, but did they HAVE to cast Jason Segal? He damn near ruined the movie. Any good professional cartoon voice actor (preferably Billy West) could have done a better job. Segal has waaaayyyy overstepped his limited talent when it comes to voice acting. And maybe worn out his welcome on movie screens in general, as far as I’m concerned.

    And is it me, or does Vector look an AWFUL lot like Mandark from that Dexter’s Lab cartoon?

    But as minor animated films go, this was cute. Better than Horton, which was surprisingly watchable (I was appalled at the idea of a spastic Jim-Carrey-voiced elephant, since the Horton in the books was so mellow, but somehow it worked). And it was brilliantly marketed. Plus, a bad guy with a heart of gold has some kind of intrinsic appeal to a lot of people. I suppose it’s the idea of redemption. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and I recommend it, especially if you have kids.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I enjoyed it far more than I was expecting to, and I would give a lot of that to both the animators, the writers, and Steve Carell’s voice work.

    Also, I want some minions. EVERYONE needs minions…

  • Mr. Crankypants

    Big laughs, fun designs, full of cartoon whimsy and heart. Thumbs up from me.

  • messy

    This is not an animated film. It’s a cartoon. Bravo.

  • Isaac

    I enjoyed this film a lot! It was very funny and it is definitely one of the best animated films of this summer!

  • Pez

    Congratulations to my buddy Flynn who was a storyboard artist on the movie. I’m sure many if not all of the Looney Tunes moments in the film were his doing.

  • Saw it last night! Overall: C+ for story and voice acting (there are some GREAT minor story points though that were well done), but a solid A for character design and animation. I was really eating up all the nice character animation, from the slapstick to the subtle; that crew is VERY talented.

    I’d say this is definitely a film that I’m hoping gets worthy screen time and recognition – it’s a good film for sure. There are problematic instances that others pointed out that I’ll agree with. My main concerns were the weak voice acting (really, Steve Carrell was a huge let down and barely hung onto his role…Gru is saved by his design and motion IMO). Jason Segal: terrible. And both Gru’s and Vector’s dialogue were very weak. But the film held up, somehow. Those girls were adorable, and very natural. I really liked that.

    I was hoping Gru’s role as a super-villain in society would be played upon more, but it felt mostly delegated as background material. This could have been a film about feuding superheroes and it would have hardly been any different. Villainy helped with some good gags though, and my group and myself had good laughs all throughout the film.

    Best part: minions. Seriously. As someone who usually despises cliche sidekick characters, these guys were hilarious and used very well. My boyfriend and I were in tears laughing in some parts!

  • I saw this at Annecy festival and thought it was pretty good! Great timing in the animation, pure quality and orginal ways to tell similar, family friendly jokes which made all the difference. I thought the 3D was good and not too intrusive, although I’ve hated most 3D I’ve seen aside from this.

    The characters were very Pixar in design (aside from the evil lead) but I did find him a slightly different kind of character, so it was all in all enjoyable and I’d like to see more of this quality, just as long as they keep innovating with ways to entertain (as Pixar seem to do).

  • purin

    I had a lot of fun watching it. The story was a little weak, and it won’t move you to tears like Toy Story 3, but it was a lot of fun to watch. A gag parade movie can easily fall flat, but in this case the gags worked with a high success rate. It also looked good.

    Now, I do appreciate that movie makers are getting smarter and putting fewer in-your-face showoffy shots in their 3D movies (that looks so weird in 2D), but I really liked the “Fun with 3D” part at the end!

  • Paul N

    Story was uneven, but the design and animation were really good. When I first saw the minions in the ads, my thought was “LGM ripoff,” but the minions have more personality and got to do more than the LGMs in Toy Story. Kids were not annoying or overly cute. I agree with the comment above re: the unexplained shift in the old man’s personality.

    Very watchable.

  • I thought it was too sugary sweet at times, and the villain (Segal’s character) was quite forgettable. A lot of the better gags have also been given away by the trailer. The minions kinda reminded me of the blue-suited aliens from Toy Story.

    Still it was enjoyable and yes, not having toilet humour was a big plus.

  • Brian

    “It’s not Pixar…”

    …and I’m glad it’s not. Pixar makes great films, each one different in its way, but distinctively…Pixar. “Despicable Me” goes past Pixar’s limits in the sense that the humor is kind of crude, and the movie doesn’t try to have the class or structure a Pixar feature does. I and everyone else in the theater laughed our way through this movie, which I have never done with a Pixar film, which is neither a good or bad thing; it’s just different. It seems everyone wants or expects these really profound, artsy movies, but “Despicable Me” doesn’t try to be either, and it does a wonderful job without. It’s important that we have movies that are deep and meaningful, but it’s also great to have those that aren’t but are simply entertaining. This movie doesn’t completely lack depth or meaning and does deliver with entertainment.

    The story may have been weak, but I think this was a character-driven movie, and they executed that really well. I loved every character, maybe not Vector so much, but from Gru to his pet, they all had charm and lots of moments.

    I love 3D “gimmicks”. Honestly, I don’t want to see a movie in 3D if it never leaves the screen. Except for the ending, I don’t think any of the gimmicks translate poorly into 2D.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I love having a smile on my face and breaking out into laughs for 95 minutes. :)

    P.S. I love “Up” and “Toy Story 3,” but I felt really depressed after both movies, and sometimes, I like to not think about sad stuff and just be happy for a little while. I guess it’s just the escapist in me.

  • erlab

    One of my pet peeves: people who have the audacity to walk out of a movie theatre during a movie. You paid to see it. It’s your wasted money.

    I believe ‘pleasantly surprised’ sums it up. Very good animation and humor (their were more visual gags than the standard CG film). I didn’t think Vector being the bank employee’s son amounted to anything though, and the villain-protagonist premise and the orphan angle are very cliched, but were handled well. Too many one-dimensional characters though.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    It was cute and fun…but it felt like there was a better movie trying to get out. I feel like every aspect could have been pushed to a more illogical extreme. More insane supervilliany …the orphanage could have been a real nightmare w/ more gags… I dunno, it felt very “safe”…the characters played their roles without really having THAT much character. The 3 girls were “Sensible”, “Angry”, and “Cute”…and that’s about it (Powerpuff without powers?).

    I couldn’t believe how much cliche lame-slang was in the movie. Did Gru really need to say “chillax, dealio, that’s what I’m talkin’ about, etc” …did Vector really need to “booyah!” so much? When I hear a character talk like that for no reason – it takes me out of the character – and all I can see is an out of touch writer.

    The 3D effects were outstanding. Some are saying it’s too gimmicky – but honestly, if I’m paying $17 for a 3D movie – POKE ME IN THE FACE and make stuff float around! I loved the end credit minion 3D stuff …seriously, I wish a WHOLE movie was made w/ that type of great 3D!

    Anyway…at the end of the day, it was a fun time. It’s not going to stick w/ me like Cloudy w/ a Chance of Meatballs did…but I’d still recommend seeing it.

  • The marketing made it look like it was going to be more of the same old same old, but I was pleasantly surprised. Big belly laughs as well as some heart to it.

  • Kevin Dougherty

    Maybe it’s just me, but it took me a while to warm up to the concept that the villain (the Steve Carrel character) was going to be the protagonist. I kept waiting for some heroic counterpoint character to be the protagonist. Maybe I’m reading too many screenplay structure books.

    As much as I loathe the concept of using “name” Hollywood actors as voice talent, I have to give Steve Carrel credit for using a broad dialect voice…something you rarely hear anymore. Especially from marquee names. I love Pixar and Tom Hanks et al have done great work..but ultimately, it’s a distraction. Not to mention a bit crass.

  • Definitely enjoyed it. Some wonderful lighthearted moments and even some almost tearful ones. A good first effort by Illumination Studios. Also a nice use of 3D at the end credits. It should do well.

  • Jack harelson

    the Steve Carrel character,is the best idea of the movie.Disturbing but new…..
    the story is very strange,in fact we don-t need to think about that anyway….There are Minions who try to push the humor like the pinguins in madagascar.Is it enought..???It ‘s not a great movie ,but there are some great stuff….i prefer Horton the choice of the field was more appealing to me.
    But i like Gru.Vector is the worst feature character i never saw.he seems coming from tv show…The rendering of this movie is very strong.

  • Well, I’m glad most of you guys like it. Can’t claim anything regarding the story itself, but it’s good to hear the animation is generally praised… :)

  • Ed Thompson

    To me it started a bit slow, but it was mostly a very enjoyable movie. I did not see it in 3D, as most of the movies I have actually seen were more enjoyable in 2D, but I think I will go back and see this one 3D. Lots of clever jokes, and not too much bathroom level humor, which made the jokes that were at that level funny instead of just more of the same. Lots of quick one-image jokes, including the bank joke that offended some poster above, that make it worth going back to see what you missed.

  • Nipplenuts McGurk

    Oh, I also want to add that I LOVED the design and voice of Dr. Nefario. That’s just one of those characters that looks funny even if he’s not doing much of anything…but they’d animate subtle little things like his lips pursing….very nice. …and I never took Russel Brand for acting much like anything other than himself. His voice for Nefario was totally opposite of what you’d expect from him. Gru’s voice, too…for that matter. I think celeb voices are more interesting if they put on a VOICE rather than just sounding like themselves (or something we’ve heard already *cough cough Shrek cough cough**) I wasn’t a huge fan of Vector as a character -but, again, Jason Segel didn’t SOUND like Jason Segal.

  • Being a jaded animation veteran, this film was not on my list as a must see. Being an old grand dad can change all that, so I found myself in the theater this afternoon.

    What a delightful surprise. I’ll provide no insightful analysis. I’ll simply say I really enjoyed this movie.

  • I liked it. The animation was pretty well done. There were some funny lines. I wasn’t a big fan of the youngest girl character. The youngest girl has been done before. Monsters, Inc. maybe.

    The story was sappy, predictable, but fine. I didn’t want to puke or anything.

    Overall, my kids (8 and 12) and I all liked it. Still, our favorite of the year is How To Train Your Dragon. My kids like action.

  • Scarabim

    **I think celeb voices are more interesting if they put on a VOICE rather than just sounding like themselves (or something we’ve heard already *cough cough Shrek cough cough**) I wasn’t a huge fan of Vector as a character -but, again, Jason Segel didn’t SOUND like Jason Segal.**

    Good god, Mike Myers is a hell of a lot better voice actor than Segal! Segal tried hard to inject…I don’t know, humor? Personality?…into Vector, but I wouldn’t even call his performance ACTING. I’d call it yelling “OH YEAH!!!” a whole bunch of times. And he couldn’t even sell THAT line. Gahh.

    I have no prob with celebrities voicing characters if it becomes hard to imagine anyone else doing a better job of it. And Myers is superb as Shrek. Some of the best cartoon acting I’ve ever heard. The equal of Tom Hanks IMO.

  • I’m sold. I just logged onto iTunes and bought the film’s soundtrack.

  • I loved it. My seven yer old loved it. Even my nine month old loved it.

    A very solid effort. Not Pixar but light years ahead of most of the CGI competition. Let’s see a lot more of this and CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS and a lot less SPACE CHIMPS and FLY ME TO THE MOON.

  • James E. Parten

    Chuckles and I saw this last night. We laughed quite heartily. In that, this film followed the Prime Directive of any comedy: it was funny and got the laughs!

    It may not be of award caliber, but it wa a pleasant way to spend an hour and thirty-five minutes (plus trailers) in an air-conditioned theater.

    I am a little surprised that it has done so well at the box-office. But I am glad that it is doing so well at that!

  • Tamara

    Just saw it. The humor was hit-and-miss for me, but overall it was decently funny. I thought the pacing was kind of awful, sometimes it moves too slowly and sometimes too quickly. The actions of the characters weren’t very believable at times either.

    Excellent character designs, however.

  • Rob T.

    I agree with Betsy Bauer about the Act 3 story issues, and would add that the ending doesn’t answer some crucial questions (like, is Gru still going to be a villain? or if not, how is he going to earn a living, especially now that he’s almost certainly persona non grata at the Bank of Evil [formerly Lehman Brothers]?). (Of course it’s possible the filmmakers are holding the answers in reserve for the sequel.)

    That said, it seemed like the plot of Despicable Me was mainly an excuse for the gags, which were both effective and plentiful. My favorites were when one could see Gru’s imaginings involving the girls (skipping out of Vector’s hideout with the shrink ray; being sent off in a roller coaster that seems to head upward infinitely). Next favorites–anything involving the Minions. I also laughed heartily at the montage of Gru’s failed attempts to break into Vector’s lair, even though I’d seen most of it in one of the trailers.

    The emotional moments weren’t as well-developed as in most of Pixar’s movies, or Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs or the first “Shrek” or “Ice Age” movies for that matter, but they served to anchor the story and keep the movie from flying off into utter silliness. Nobody in American animation plays on the deeper emotions like Pixar, but it’s difficult to imagine Pixar making a feature (as opposed to a short) as gag-driven as Despicable Me either.

    (Also, I have to admit that it comes as a relief to see a non-Pixar animated feature with a minimum of gratuitous pop-culture references!)

  • Mr. James

    I will go back on my usual comments on this site and eat my words…at the end of the film I was ticked I hadn’t spent the money and saw this film in 3D.

    There are some scenes where I was kicking myself saying, “Look. LOOK! Look how COOL that would have been in 3D.” Especially in the end credits where they absolutely took the 3D experience to the next level and I was so bummed I wasn’t able to reach out and try and touch the “minions”.

    Speaking of minions, I think they need their own short at the beginning of whatever Illumination comes up with for their next foray on the big screen. They are the best part of the whole film and where the LGM’s from Toy Story had limited usage and limited mobility, they make up for in SPADES! I want more minions. Plus, the whole Spy vs Spy aspects of Despicable Me should have been played up more, some of the best gags in the whole film were in those scenes and I loved every one of them.

    It’s been stated before in previous comments and I will second them, possible third them, in agreeing that this is a CARTOON movie and not an animated feature and I want MORE LIKE THIS!

  • My fiance and I very much enjoyed the film. We found it to be a very simple, well told story with a lot of humor. The minions really stole the show for us.

    That said, I was not that impressed with the 3-D. There were some moments where it was fun, but mostly I found the 3-D to be very distracting.

    Still, it was a good night at the movies. Congrats and thanks to everyone involved for providing a fun film.

  • Rebecca

    I loved it! Cute, funny, and simple. It’s very refreshing to see a movie like this every once in a while. I did not see it in 3D, as I wanted to save some money, and thought it was excellent none the less! What I really liked about it was the character and environment designs, they were a little bizarre, but still within the limit of being recognizable to the viewer, nothing to out there. I also enjoyed the dark-ish humor, and of course the minions! I can’t wait to see what Illumination does with its next project.

  • Tony Montealegre

    I thought the movie was all right. There were plenty of amusing jokes and scenes. But the story was thin and the characterizations weren’t always consistent. But it wasn’t a complete waste of time either so I’ll give it that…

  • w

    The kids and I got a bang out of it. Fun movie! It wasn’t on my top list of things to make an effort to see, but I’m kinda glad I did. The kids liked the look of the minions! I got a kick out of them myself.

    The crews in France and Luxembourg did a commendable job on both films. They’re way more proficient than us North Americans want to admit! Good to know there’s competition out there – and nice places to live if you’re making cartoons. :P

  • LOVED IT! And, so did my daughter (4yr). The movie confirmed my earlier sentiment that Sony is making better movies than Disney Feature-maybe because they have former Disney people there…Either way, the movie exceeded my expectations. It was funny, and the design and animation were fun to look at. Congrats to whomever worked on it!

  • Jed Martinez

    With all that manic action, I was unaware of the fact that “Despicable Me” was co-directed by Pierre Coffin – the driving force behind cult characters “Pat & Stan” (the hippo-dog duet, best known for lip-synching “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”). One of my friends alerted me to this fact, and now I’m truly looking forward to all that 3-D slapstick! :D

  • “Let’s see a lot more of this and CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS and a lot less SPACE CHIMPS and FLY ME TO THE MOON.”

    I agree with Pat Cashin.
    And I really loved this film. It was very….Looney? I also really loved how subtle Gru was in his cruelty for the most part. And I was scared the Minions would get annoying (due to the film’s marketing) but oh lord, they were so much fun and cute. I want one! That whole bit with Gru and them stuck in the air conditioner vent was just magical. As were any flashbacks showing Gru’s troubled childhood. I grinned so hard when his mum finally acknowledged him for something at the end.

    On a final note, as much as I hate when rap or hiphop is rammed into a film (or its commercials) for the soul purpose of being trendy, that sleek theme song to his film was so catchy. And fit really well. I bobbed my head while laughing my ass off.

    I am glad this film is making money and doing well. Just like Cloudy, it chooses to be a bit different, and does well with it.

  • w

    The crews in France and Luxembourg did a commendable job on both films.

    I should clarify that by ‘both films’ I meant ‘Despicable Me’ and ‘Dragon Hunters’. Storywise they are what they are – enjoyable and straightforward without a lot of reveals, but the level of craft & production value is pretty decent. I wonder what the budgets were for either film. Anyone know?

  • This film was a sheer delight to me, period.

  • steve collins

    “Neither Universal nor Meledandri is interested in parroting the business of Pixar and DreamWorks, which spend more than $150 million on their productions and huge sums on screenplay development. “We needed to create a model of efficiency,” Meledandri says. “We can’t afford to have a lot of trial and error.””
    Ask to the artist from pdi and probably in france,how Melandri kill(burn) the artists working on this way…. special Thumb up for all the passionate people who work in this system…

  • uncle wayne

    Saw it (finally) last nite. I’ll have to go back to catch allllllll the split seconds i DIDN’T laff at (which must’ve been plenty….for i laffed…..out loud….for the enTIRE film!! Verrrry funny! I am so glad that adults are going to anmated films now, too!! 56 Thumbs Up!!

  • Love it. Carell was perfect. It was a fun cartoon and I laughed A LOT… far more than watching TS3. I just hope they skip the sequel on this. Minions were great. Rhino chair was the best gag in the film.

  • robert smith

    No comparaison with ts3…please… it ‘s like to compare “dumb and dumber ” (despicable) with “little miss sunshine”(ts3).there are so much sincerity in toy story 3 ,a real movie ,i will never forget it.
    Despicable is really fun,with pop corn …i don t need to use my brain for sure…agree with Tony Montealegre..

  • Chelsea

    It was a lot of fun to watch, for sure- and my nephew loved it (7). I absolutely loved the character designs which seemed refreshing in comparison to other CG films, and I was surprised at the depth of the storytelling, such as the contrast of a super villain to these three little girls (eg: when he ‘refuses’ to drive them to ballet). Also the minions- fantastic. (oh- and the reference to snow white!! good stuff!)

    That being said, there were a few things I didn’t like: I hated that there was SO MANY fart, bum and toilet jokes- it’s almost like a comedian swearing in their act- this animation doesn’t need to degrade themselves with toilet humor. I also didn’t like the ending- although it was fun and it really pumped the auidence, it reminded me too much of Shrek, and it almost feels like, I donno, the storytellers were too afraid to end it on a touchy feely note. oh well.

    Good stuff though- lots of fun to watch.

  • Rooniman

    I didn’t like the movie so much.

    1.Decent animation.
    2.Gru’s design is very interesting.
    3.The scenes of Gru being his villinous self are nice.
    4.The scenes with Gru vs. Vector are also nice.
    5.The minions are funny at several times.

    1.Medicore voice acting (What the hell kind of accent is Steve Carrell supposed to be speaking in anyway?)

    2.Generic plot (The plot in this movie is basically a variation of “The Pacifire” and “The Spy Next Door,” ughhhh….)

    3.Those three little girls are f*cking irritating (why are these little sh*ts in the movie anyway, they are not interesting, they are not lovable, AND they are RETARDED!!)

    4.Vector’s character wasn’t fully achored down (He seemed to haved not developed fully)

    5.The Minions are annoying a few times.

    And thats it. Basically, if Universal got rid of he grils and focused on Gru and his antics more, this would be an OK movie, but sadly it isn’t.

    • Imnotmeanjusthonest

      I completely agree with your view on the little girls. I HATED THEM. I watched the movie twice, first by myself, the second time with others. I counted a few times where the little girls were being bratty for no reason. They also answer back ALL THE TIME.
      I wished that Gru would yell or hit them.
      1.Edith kicks the Dr. in the knee for no reason.
      2.After being warned not to touch things… they proceed to touch things, and break them.
      3.They refuse to go to bed without a story and threaten to keep annoying him if they dont get one.
      4.They refuse to listen if he doesnt take them to the theme park.
      5.They put toilet paper all over his house.
      6.They are straight out RUDE. “Uhhh…THIS is your house?” (Look of distaste)
      F*****g ungrateful.
      “Don’t touch anything”
      And they get shitty about not recieving a good night kiss from a man they barely know.
      ALSO, that dance scene at the end of the movie was cheesy and made me cringe.

  • I enjoyed most of it, but whenever vector was on screen I just wanted to leave. Though I was happy to find that he actually took a good share of lumps – the trailer made it look like he was going to spend the whole film walking all over Gru, which would have just been.. really horribly boring.

    And there were plenty of the usual ‘comin at ya!’ 3d cliches.

    It was pretty good. I don’t regret seeing it.

  • Nichole

    I saw this first thing Saturday morning. I had really wanted to see it after seeing the previews. Then the reviews came out and they were lukewarm. But I still wanted to see it!! So I got a matinee ticket and saw it in non-3D (35 mm?). It was great! I am very glad I saw it. I’ve seen Shrek 4, Toy Story 3 and Despicable Me this summer and if I had to rank them, it would be the predictable Toy Story, Despicable Me, then Shrek. But I didn’t think any of them were horrible; they all exceeded expectations.