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“Dino Time” trailer

For those of you having a hard time warming up to The Croods, maybe you’d prefer this…

  • While watching the trailer, I was ready to suspend my expectations of quality given the type of production it looks to be…that was until the dinosaurs spoke English. Um…what?

    • Chris Sobieniak

      And yet I thought the same way over Disney’s Dinosaurs 12 years ago!

      • Alberto

        In the Disney film the dinosaurs weren’t interacting with present day people. Having them speak English was a shorthand for us to understand them. Or would you have preferred them a version with the Dinosaurs grunting and with English subtitles?
        I hated that movie, by the way.

        • Chris Sobieniak

          Me too (only because I had to see it in the back seat of a drive-in theater).

        • Kyle

          Disney’s Dinosaur was originally supposed to be no spoken dialogue, like the opening sequence. I actually would have loved to see them attempt something that ambitious.

          • Chris Sobieniak

            I would’ve wanted that too!

  • Rose

    THIS was the first trailer I saw in front of Finding Nemo 3D. I felt…embarrassed for the audience members watching.

  • eeteed

    we may all have our difference of opinions on “the croods”, the people who worked on it, and the studio that produced it …

    … but i think we can all agree that this clip has achieved cinematic genius.

  • Max

    Rob Schneider was a fish. Then, he was a dragon. And now, Rob Schneider is… A DINOSAUR!

  • wever

    …….. The Croods is looking better, for some reason. :)

    Seriously, what events led to the creation of this film?? It was the thumb sticking out of many fingers of trailers when I went to a theater recently! I know, no one I know has seen it yet, but the animation is just…………. hrm. Apparently this was divided among 5 Korean studios and it had the former name “Dino Mom”, for some reason.

  • Heh-heh, Rob Schneider is a Wall Street executive, with everything going for him. Only problem is — he’s about to become — A CARROT! It’s 24-carrot comedy!

  • Aaron B.

    I was going to write something quick and crude about celebrity voice-over casting… but a quick IMDB search finds that Rob Schneider is, apparently, actively pursuing this more and more. Good news for Rob Schneider fans, all three of them.

    • wever

      …… I’m sorry. Is Rob Schneider helming this movie, and not just voicing an annoying sidekick?!

  • What studio made this?

  • Baron Lego

    Gawd… it’s like every animation cliche as approved by a committee of unimaginative suits compressed into one movie.

    There should be law that restricts the use of skateboards in animated shows as a lazy attempt to define a character’s personality.

  • No Way

    This is coming to theaters? I’ve seen Direct-to-DVD films with much higher quality than this film.

  • AK

    looks like an extended tv commercial

  • Jeff E.

    hahaha, I’m still laughing at the word Din-ormous… I’m sure this has all the elements that make a movie great like farting, burping, people tripping and of course dinosaurs roaring into the camera. Can’t wait for the sequel.

  • Pedro Nakama

    The Pepsi Syndrome meets Back to the Future.

  • Inkan1969

    I saw this trailer in front of “ParaNorman”. I was planning to tell Jerry about this movie so that he could list it on his website, but I forgot. Yeah, my reaction was also, “a little kids only movie”. I gave it a shrug.

  • It was made on a shoe-string budget, by a small team, with independent financing. We need more studios like that.

    for that, if for no other reason, my hat is off to the Dino-time” team.

    • Sarah J

      Perhaps, but that’s still no excuse for stupid.

  • Skip

    Uhhhhh, Nicholas Cage’s caveman voice acting suddenly doesn’t sound so bad.

  • Barney Miller

    Honey I Time Traveled the Kids

  • Sotiris

    Does anyone know if this will be submitted for consideration to the Academy for this year’s Best Animated Feature category?

  • That wasn’t as horrible as I was expecting. Instead of sticking in the knife, Jerry, you only poked me with the blade.


  • The models/animation/lighting/etc looked much better than I would have expected. It’s technically competent. That’s a good thing.

    It seems sort of generic in all ways, but, eh. Everything can’t be Pixar/Dreamworks/Wolf Tracer.


  • Spencer

    I’ll take the Croods over this. Thanks.

    Garsh darnit if you’re gonna tackle dinosaurs DO IT PROPERLY.

  • Moonie

    Oh, god, what if the bronies all see this for Tara Strong?

    Then it might actually…. do well.

    • octas

      Telling you right now we won’t. Tara Strong is a great voice actress but good voices can’t save bad writing. Also on a personal note I am tired of hearing Tara Strong in EVERYTHING!

  • Jabberwocky

    Well, it doesn’t look any worse than other movies made solely for small children. By that I mean it’s extremely obnoxious, cliche, and kind of generic and cheap-looking, but the kids will probably eat it up.

    What I really want to know is wtf that weird furry/feathery thing is that is obviously going to be the animal companion.

    Also, how long is it going to take before Hollywood starts showing us proper feathered dinosaurs?!

  • So overlit too.

  • Adam

    Wasn’t there a Jimmy Neutron episode with the same exact premise?

  • ‘he’s about to push fun….. too far’

    that’s the high concept right there

  • Sarah J

    Dinosaurs are the coolest thing ever. It should be illegal to make dinosaur movies that are this bad.

  • iseewhatyoudidthere

    Well that’s not that bad! It’s *obviously* for the direct-to-DVD/Netflix market, right guys?…..Guys?

  • It’s gonna make a lot of money. Parents will want a way to keep the kids quiet.

  • Hank

    Dang It Bobby!

    Also Hi Tara Stron. One the one hand I’m glade to see voice actors doing voices in movies and not celebrities doing all the voices in everything. But on the other hand to bad it had to be this piece of crap.

  • matt

    I was waiting for the product this commercial was advertising. It seemed nothing more than a danimals yogurt or cocoa puffs cereal commercial.

  • Zappo

    It’s for KIDS people! It isn’t supposed to be a masterclass in animation. It’s a film to tell a story, in a fun way, with lots of emotion… to children. Not my cup of tea, but the characters looked pretty well modelled, the animation was good and over the top (as it should be for this kind of thing), it’s bright and colourful, so I am sure kids will love it. It’s from an independent so I don’t expect Pixar or Dreamworks budgets or time scales, and I think more releases like this should be encouraged.

    As for complaining that the dinosaurs speak English… well Disney have been doing that for years with animals, monsters, heck – even tea pots!

    • Erik

      Hey, people have the right to criticize it as much as anyone. Yes, I agree some movies aren’t “good” per se, but are still entertaining. There’s different nuances to criticism, and different standards to measure films.

      You’re even partly admitting it’s more in the “okay” range, with the line “for kids”.

      • Zappo

        Exactly… it’s okay. It aims at a market and in my opinion hits it.
        Like you say, people are entitled to their opinions but I think some are missing the point of the film and the audience who will be watching it. Surely I am entitled to my opinion too?

  • GW

    I think that the orange haired boy and blond girl have some interestingly designed faces but it mostly looks generic.