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Director Andrew Stanton Talks Wall-E and Finding Nemo

Andrew Stanton

Courtesy of Creative Screenwriting magazine, a 70+ minute audio interview with Andrew Stanton (68mb MP3 file) discussing his films Wall-E and Finding Nemo.

  • Nice photo… he looks like a Pulitzer-prize winning author, rather than an animator.

  • What’s wrong with looking like an animator?

    Andrew is a talented dude, and a very nice guy. I’m pleased that he’s done so well at Pixar, and I expect more good things in the future.

  • matt

    Whoa Amid, thanks for the link man!

    Of course this brings up the question of what exactly an animator DOES look like in your/our mind’s eye! 50s beatnik hipster doofus? Cute n’ sassy sharp-talking chick (hip glasses optional)? Uncle Eddie Fitzgerald? Someone who generally looks more like a caricature of themselves the older they get?

    I loved seeing pics in that doco of Lasseter and Bird when they were groovy young students, before all the hair went away…

  • captain murphy

    It because he isn’t wearing a Hawaiian shirt, isn’t it.

    It must mean that he is uncomfortable and conservative, by not wearing a large loud hawaiian shirt like every wacky pixar animator is supposed to do, because its such a free and freaky environment. Heck even their offices look like tiki bars!

    I like to wear a black sportcoat, because it keeps me warm. It doesn’t mean I work on Wall Street.

  • Aaron, what have you started? :)

    Happy New Year, guys.

  • Isaac

    Excellent interview, very insightful.

  • Marcellis

    What a great listen! Thanks for linking, Brewmasters!

  • If I worked at Pixar, I’d dress like this every day.

  • EatRune

    Is it possible to listen to it streaming or on iTunes? I think that’d be easier for me.