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Diznee’s Aladin


I’m back, with more madness from the same studio that brought you Animal Soccer World. Someone has just posted (on YouTube) their shameless rip-off of Disney’s Aladdin.

The language is German, but the voice-acting is much more bearable this way. There’s even a German “fanpage” dedicated to this company, offering plot overviews and direct comparisons of the characters with the original Disney characters.

If you haven’t had enough, check the Dingo Pictures website for information (and trailers) of their other movies. And don’t miss their inspired sequel More Dalmatians. Why hasn’t Disney thought of this?

The bigger question, you may ask, is why am I so fascinated with this crap?

(Thanks, Marco Scandurra)

  • Jerry you’re back! Nice to hear from you….

  • Why hasn’t disney sued yet?

  • zoe

    I tried to watch the first ten minutes of Aladin. It hurt my eyes, ears, and soul. The worst part was, I felt like it would be exactly what I would produce, were I to try to make an animated film.

  • tom

    I’ve seen their “So What and Several Dwarves”. Kwality stuff.

  • These look like the types of movies you find in department store bargain bins.

    Does Disney know about these?

  • red pill junkie

    Oh, the Humanity!!

    I really don’t know why you are so fascinated with this crap, Jerry. I think that should be a question for your shrink ;-)

  • Nic Kramer

    “The bigger question, you may ask, is why am I so fascinated with this crap?”

    Hmm… Is it because you’re thinking of showing this on your Cartoon Dump stage show?

  • Keith Bryant

    I ain’t NEVER had a friend like him!

  • Wye Flunktor

    Jerry, it clearly reminds you of Hanna-Barbera’s heyday.


  • Michael Eilerman

    It get worse, they ripped off Dreamworks and Universal/Amblin. Go to their page and look at Balto and The Price for Egypt ( I kid you, not) lol.

  • Hope they open an amusement park, with sad rides, like one of those rural interstate tourist traps.

  • Baron Lego

    “Dingo Pictures: We employ animation school drop-outs and pass the savings onto you!”

    What’s next, I wonder?

    Beauty and Some Beast?
    The Small Mermaid?
    Pirates of the Mediterranean?
    The Mice What Rescue People?

  • I watched the first 10 SECONDS and wanted, seriously, to gag!! A 60s POPEYE is better than that!!

  • And speaking OF “Cartoon Dump”….when (oh-when) do we get a glimpse of what “was aired” a few days ago?? We, the unfortunaly many, who don’t live there!! And are so severely craving our CD Fix!!

  • I can’t believe they make money with those, but they must or they wouldn’t keep making them.

    I wonder what the actual cost and return on a project like that is.

  • Holy cow this is priceless. You know, I think part of the fascination is the twisted charm of it’s child-like simplicity. That mixed with the gall even try to pull off something like this.but come HAVE to admit that monkey dance is freakin’ hilarious. :)

    And the Dalmatians page…whoo man. Dig that bulldog…it looks like he has two hands hanging off his nose. That has to count for something.

  • C’mon.
    Chewing camel, dancing monkey, wrinkled old guy with a twitching mustache..
    That’s entertainment!
    Thanks for posting this stuff.

  • I’m convinced this is an elaborate hoax by some student animator.

    Because if this is real………..god save us all.

  • Dav-Odd

    More like Dingle.

  • Kat

    As the webmaster of, it’s awesome for me to see how Dingo Pictures is gaining some sort of “international fame” :D I’m actually thinking about turning the diznee-site into English (or German/ English at least) sometime soon.

    My favorite Dingos would be “A Prince of Egypt” and “Anastasia”. Both are so incredibly bad, it’s hilarious. Or “Winkie, the Bear” – a movie about animals, but with not one single appearance of a bear called Winkie.

    I could go on forever. :D

  • That’s not watchable at all! I swear, i was happy if this craps didn’t air on my TV station!

  • Disney probably hasnt sued these people because they either pity them or find them just as hilarious as we do.

  • Killroy McFate

    Maybe the folks at Dingo would be interested in some rare signed originals by Pablo Picardo, Henri McCheese, and Vincent Van Gomez.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Being reminded you can watch that “Dalmatians” movie along with one called “Mouse Police” in the Phoenix Games ‘English version’ on YouTube as we speak. Oddly those two seem to have better voice actors over the one foreigner they had on Animal Soccer World, a title that already got a response in the form of an amusing webtoon mocking it’s production values…

  • This is worse than the worst Flash animation I have seen

  • Steve Gattuso

    Jack Ruttan says:
    “Hope they open an amusement park, with sad rides, like one of those rural interstate tourist traps.”

    Didn’t you hear about the rip-off theme park the Chinese built last year? It was as if they hired Dingo for consultants on character design.

  • John A

    Is that Tommy Chong as the Genie?

  • freddy the freshman

    eh…woulda worked better in mocap.

  • Jenny

    you know, maybe thisis all just a joke:I think they could be mocking what they see as the bland simplicity of Disney film animation and plotlines?

  • Manimator

    haha I bought this piece of crap DVD for $1 at a dollar store and haven’t spent a better $1 on anything in my life. This had me rolling on the floor laughing. There’s a couple others I picked up I’ll scan and show off, one called “Come to My House”. On the other hand, another $1 DVD I got was called “Greatest Animation Vol. 2” (I looked online and there isn’t a vol. 1 or any after 2 haha) but has a bunch of CalArts shorts including Pete Docter, Dave Wasson, John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton and a bunch more that completely took me by surprise!

  • They never close their eyes when they blink. Priceless!

  • the T-rex on the site has a dog nose.

    A dog nose.

  • Bugsmer

    Fantastic! When can we see this in HD?

  • Chris H

    The funniest thing on their whole website may just be the licensing page.

    “We are the copyright-holder of all animated movies mentioned above.”

    Yes, Dingo, yes you are. (And you are welcome to it.)

  • Chris Sobieniak

    The Dingo Pictures material is the kind of thing you expect to pay a buck for at any discount store’s bargain bin of saccharine-laced, kid-friendly programs and PD-filed material. We’ve all seen and been through these once in our lifetime to know how cheesy and silly they can get with every shot (especially live-action puppet shows that go nowhere).

    Alluding to what Manimator said before, I’ve only heard of that “Greatest Animation Vol. 2” release as being a rip of the first Spike & Mike Festival of Animation video compilation. The company that seems to like walking that fine line between Public Domain and copyright infringement in this case is “EastWest DVD”. While they usually don’t state things clearly on the covers themselves, often you’ll find an odd treasure trove of stuff you wouldn’t expect to pay a buck for, but at the same time. Another one of their releases I can think of that I could tell flat out what it was had images from a couple films that were on Expanded Entertainment’s “Animation Celebration Vol. 1”. These tapes of course used to go for a lot of dough 10-15 years ago, now you can buy them for terribly less.

    I really don’t want to support these people for what they’re doing. Next thing you’ll know, they’ll wanna go after the Zagreb Film stuff if they could release anything outside the Rembrandt Films releases you should buy. If anything, it’s a nice laugh seeing to the extent they go with these things and if you have some extra dollars handy, be my guest!

  • Okay well my friend and i went threw some old DVD’s and found this movie XD it looks like someone did a flash animation on a PC and just Put it on a DVD. the audio is horrible, sounds like a bunch of kids read from a piece of paper, and GOD DAMNIT IT LAGGZ LIKE A BETCH!

  • We found a stash of these movies in my shed, with such titles as:

    The Toys Room
    The Boy Who Cried Wolf
    The Prince of Egypte
    The Adventures of the Dalmatians 2
    WABUU The little raccoon
    Nice Cats
    The Little Deer (Bambi)
    Atlantis The Lost Continent