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It’s always good news when Michel Ocelot (Azur et Asmar, Kirikou) has a new project in the works. Dragons And Princesses is being developed simultaneously as both a television mini series and a feature film. Ocelot again uses silhouette animation to create some incredible visuals. Here’s a first look:

(via Twitchfilm.net)

  • Looks like he’s doing more with the setup from Princes and Princesses, which I loved.

  • Tedzey71

    This is much like Lotte Reinger’s “Adventures of Prince Achmed” done with today’s technology! Looks worth the watch (that is if it’s available in the states)!

  • Jabberwocky

    I can’t get the video to play, at all. I click on it and it’s totally unresponsive. D:

  • Beautiful work. He’s using more computer animation to supplement his low tech style; nice.

  • BM

    who would sit through a feature that looked like that. It’s nice looking for about 2 shots, then I want to see something else….variety

    • Miguel

      I would and many people not raised on bubble-gum culture
      will mind you dear…

      This looks great and leaves plenty to the imagination if you have the patience. Unlike the corporate animated film making of North America… in your face
      poop culture references, video game aesthetics and rice paper thin plots. Give us a break BM and go take a ride on your BMX. Obviously you sound like your visual culture and sensibility is as two dimensional as Michel’s nice looking film.

      Variety?? you ask…. well this is as varied as you can

      Take care buddy and do enlighten us to a film worth sitting through?


      • I like video game aesthetics (among others) and paper-thin plots that don’t get in the way of the film. And I love Michel Ocelot’s works. And my other favourites are North American, the work of UPA and the Hubleys.

        And while perhaps varied as silhouette animation goes for the variety of media he used in Ciné si and the different pattern-worlds of Dragons, they’re not as varied as one can get, compared to for example multi-auteur projects like Winter Days, let alone just a programme of short films, which I’d generally take over a feature. But I don’t mind that when it’s a style I like this much.

  • The style may make an interesting short but I am always suspect of more experimental styles for features, time will tell.

    • Rob, I respectfully suggest you check out Lotte Reiniger’s The Adventures of Prince Achmed (1926). ;)

      • Uli Meyer

        Jerry said it! Lotte Reininger’s film is completely engaging, at feature length, if you allow yourself to be drawn in and let your imagination run with it. Reininger’s film is of course entirely in black and white and this works much better for me than using bits of color. Because of the color in the backgrounds, you miss color in the characters, well, at least I do. Watching ‘The Adventures of Prince Achmed’ you soon forget that you are looking at silhouettes, well, again, at least I do.
        I love the shot of the princess turning into a witch. Nice bit of realism…

    • And I suggest Princes and Princesses, a whole feature, which is included when you buy Kirikou on DVD (at least mine came with it). Between that and Prince Achmed, it’s amazing what silhouettes can do. Shouldn’t really be surprising, though, when you take into account that we can be entertained by something as visually lacking as Southpark. Or radio plays, or novels, for that matter. It’s really all about story, isn’t it? Princes and Princesses is comprised of a string of short stories, and they’re all awesome. And although it’s all done in silhouette, it’s still visually mesmerizing.

  • Glowworm

    Ooh–I’d love to see this with English subtitles. I love Michel Ocelot’s work–Princes and Princesses was fantastic and this looks amazing.

  • victoria

    This brings up memories of this video I watched back in the fourth grade, about a boy who had to go on a journey to find water for his village well.

    Can’t remember the title though.

    • If it’s a silhouette animation short film it’s likely to have been by either Lotte Reiniger or Bruno J. Böttge. But for the same reason (that they’ve made so many of them), it will still be difficult to pare down to which one…

  • Josef

    I love Michel Ocelot’s work. Is there a release date?

    • First episode shows 25 October this year in France. A DVD-Video of the 10 shown on TV is out in November; not impossible to have English subtitles given the track record for releases of his work but also far from guaranteed to have them.

      Cinema version, which is to have 5 of the TV episodes plus a new 11th one to make 6, still looks to be only pencilled in for sometime in the spring.

  • Bill

    Judging by the movement and use of silloutes this was probably inspired by shadow or silloute puppets.

    Is it me or are dragons and princess’s the thing now with Tangled, Sintel, and How to train a dragon?

  • Alfons Moline

    Actually “Princes and Princesses” was originally an 8-episode TV series -first aired in France in 1989 under the title of “Ciné Si” (Cinema If)-, later repackaged as a feature under the former title (although 2 of the 8 “Ciné Si” episodes were not included in “Princes and Princesses”).
    Michel Ocelot is really one of the few last true poets of the current international animation scene. Last week he was in Madrid, Spain, as the guest of honor of the 11th Animadrid festival. In addition to host a retrospective of his films, including his many shorts and his three features,he was given the festival’s Grand Prize for his entire body of work.

  • it looks like a bad 3D version of Lotte Reiniger’s work. some if it looks ok, but why 3D?

  • James Clarke

    Hi there
    Does anyone know when this new Ocelot movie is due for European release at all ?