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Dreamworks “Turbo” trailer

I know almost nothing about this upcoming Dreamworks film… other than it stars Ryan Reynolds (as Turbo) and Samuel L. Jackson, both playing snails… and that story artist David Soren pitched it and was given the shot to direct. 20th Century-Fox will release Turbo on July 19th.

  • Jason

    Is it bad that I was more interested in the serious first chunk?

    • Jason

      Though to be fair, it is a teaser so I guess they can’t get too much into the actual story of it.

  • Unsure

    The first few seconds really had me; what great realism for DW! Then I saw the humans… then I saw the snail… They dont look like they all belong in the same movie.

    • Don’t be too concerned about the designs of the humans. Those are the extras. The main human characters are actually really appealing. And yeah this is the teaser. This really doesn’t show much of the story at all.

  • dbenson

    He gets a race car. He paints a big S — for Snail — on the hood. As he speeds around the track, the crowds yell “Look at that S car go!”

    This whole movie may well have originated from that joke.

    • Craig

      Do they seriously make that joke? Because I made that joke on this very blog the very first time they announced this movie. Granted, it’s a pretty obvious pun, but I’m taking credit for it.

      • dbenson

        I picked it up in my youth somewhere. I’m happy to surrender credit to anybody with the courage to claim a pun like that.

  • Let’s see how many people will make Mayan apocalypse jokes after watching this teaser…or compare it to Cars…

    Anyways, the teaser. S’alright I guess. Just not TURBOTASTI-whoops, wrong movie.

    • Pedro Nakama


      Senor Wences would be proud.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    Love the concept!
    Love the juxtaposition of the “serious” and goofiness in this trailer.
    Love the little guy with big dreams theme. Can’t wait to see how they explore that.

  • James
  • Dana B

    “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim from DreamWorksAnimation.”

    Anyway, DW is really going all out with this Turbo franchise. There’s already a tv series in the works for pete sake! It’s a matter of time whether it’ll be a success or not. Something tells me kids are gonna eat this up…
    I myself have little interest in this. Croods and Me and my Shadow (and HttYD 2 of course) are the only films I’m really looking forward to from DW…

  • wever


    At any rate, the video has already been deleted due to a copyright claim.

  • wever

    Okay thanks for that Dailymotion link.

    First Cars, then Wreck-It Ralph, and now Turbo? What is it with animated movies and car racing all of a sudden? I suppose it enables you to get exciting action without any gore or violence.

    That said, the first half is essentially what I imagined the 2008 Speed Racer movie to be like when I first read about it in a press release in 2007. Odd.

    • Maya

      Don’t forget Redline! Still the best animated movie about car racing.

  • Anonymator

    All these CG films blend together for me… I just can’t bring myself to care anymore.

    Once again, CG technology has replicated reality… congratulations?

  • Definitely, a new Cars. The teaser could either be Dreamworks or Pixar. In fact Pixar has a tradition of doing this short teasers quickly introducing the concept.

    The snail is cute. The premise is mildly funny, mildly uninteresting. Kind of a ‘direct to dvd’ concept. I couldn’t care less about car races.

    The animation of the “realistic” part looks a little subpar for Dreamworks and Ryan Reynolds does a surprisingly good job voicing the snail (I think he’s great but I wasn’t expecting him to be good at this).

    Overall, not enough to love it or hate it yet.

    • wever

      The “DVD movie” feel to the premise may be why they’re so intent on greenlighting a series based on this before it’s even out yet!

  • Glowworm

    Heh, that was actually kind of cute.


  • Richard

    Pardon me, but this looks f*cking grim.

  • Skip

    As of right now I have 0% interest in watching this film.

  • Bud

    This should tide the kiddies over until Cars 3.

  • Justin

    I like the use of ‘Tick of the Clock’ from the Drive soundtrack. But it makes me worry that they’re bringing back pop culture references. I guess as long as they don’t go overboard..

  • tredlow

    I liked the snail’s design. The premise is pretty standard.

  • I kind of wish this movie had the same alternative creativity as the CAKE (the distance) song… but DW is always using original ideas to make fun of Disney… I have no problem with that, but if you’re going to do superfitial parodies of “vengeance” over 10 years… well, there must be some kind of obsession here, ain’t it?
    The Simpsons have been always made fun of everything without any negative intentions… if they love parodies, can’t they try that, for once?

    • Barney Miller

      This project is not intended as a parody. It’s an original idea by the director David Soren. Is your spelling of the word “superfitial” meant to be a parody?

    • Stefan

      Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragon and Rise of the Guardians made fun of Disney? The last Disney-related gag I can remember in a DreamWorks feature is the Winnie the Pooh bit in Bee Movie.

  • i like cake

  • Steve M.

    I can’t say much since it is a teaser, but as of right now, I’m not sold on it yet.

  • Mike K

    Not entirely convinced yet but coming off the heels of “Rise of the Guardians”, I’m more inclined to give DreamWorks a chance with their upcoming slate. At this point, “The Croods” is intriguing me a bit more. “Turbo” seems to be DreamWorks’ response to Disney-Pixar’s “Cars”. While many dismissed “Cars 2”, I found myself enjoying it quite a bit. It makes sense that DreamWorks would want to try and get in on the success of race car driving material that’s profited Disney so well these past few years. Like I said, I’m not sold on it yet but they have my attention so we’ll see what the verdict is this July.

  • This is starting to sound a lot like Ratatouille if it was set in Cars.

  • Jeff

    You’re not going Turbo are you!?

  • Sarah J

    The trailer wasn’t as bad as I expected. Still… I find racing to be incredibly boring, I don’t know if I want to sit through an entire movie about racing.

  • M. Danby

    It would have been nice if they actually designed a snail character; there is absolutely nothing interesting about that thing. It looks like the result of a high school art flunkie’s halfhearted experimentation with True Space c.1996. Unimpressed.

  • Matt Mozgiel


  • Shazbot

    That teaser looks like a parody of a typical animated film: underdog/unlikely hero/perennial loser makes good. The snail really sells the parody. I’m not sure it’ll sell the film.