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“El Gran Vázquez” Animated Sequences

El Gran Vazquez

Spanish Brew reader Roberto González sent in a link to these fun animated segments from the new Spanish biopic El Gran Vázquez. Roberto says:

It’s a movie about the life of Spanish cartoonist Manuel Vázquez Gallego (1930-1995), creator of characters like Anacleto, Gú-Gú and Las Hermanas Gilda (Gilda Sisters). He also used to caricature himself in his comics. The animated sequences were made by British company Espresso Animation and I think they did a fantastic job capturing the essence of the characters, which have never been animated before even though most of them were created more than fifty years ago.

The animation sequences were directed by Philip Vallentin of London-based Espresso Animation. The film, directed and written by Oscar Aibar, was released in Spain last week. This English review of the film makes me really want to see it–it describes Vázquez as a “roguish comic strip artist for whom life is a series of lies, cons and romantic dalliances.” He apparently even faked his own death in an attempt to earn more money.

  • Manuel Vazquez was one of the unsung heroes of the comic world in Spain.

    Completely unknown outside Spain, Vazquez was a picturesque character, larger than life who created a collection of unforgettable characters in the kid’s magazines published by Editorial Bruguera during the fifties and sixties. His output and influence in a whole generation of cartoonist could be compared with Milt Gross. Vazquez comics where in Spain as popular as Superman in USA, Every child grew up with his characters and a lot of cartoonist have been influenced by his talent, wit and humor.

    The film is a fun biopic narrating the life of Vazquez the “bon vivant” and his adventures as cartoonist during the fifties in Spain. Amazingly enough, none of his characters were ever animated except for a TV pilot based on “Gugu”, the adventures of a mischievous toddler,and some cameos on a short lived animated series “Mortadelo y Filemon” (Clever and Smart) during the sixties.

    • amid

      Thanks for chiming in, Raul. Definitely noticed a bit of a Milt Gross vibe in his work. It’s nice to hear that such an influential cartoonist is finally being recognized with a movie about his life.

  • I love European animation. There is such an economy and cartooniness in so many of the animations of Europe- Asterix, Werner, whatever A-Film animates, and this, that one wonders why there has never really been a genuinely funny, good, traditionally animated feature film that has good production values with a modest budget made in the U.S.A.

  • Rooniman

    Thats some really great animation. I should find out more about this guy.

  • Can anyone direct us to where we can find collections of his work? A search on ebay yielded nothing. Please I’d love have a few examples of his comics. Thanks.

  • Juan

    Here’s a blog about Vázquez where you can see a many examples of his work.


  • I didnt know about Vázquez, reminds me a lot of the work of Francisco Ibañez. Thanks a lot!