<em>El SuperBeasto</em> red-band trailer <em>El SuperBeasto</em> red-band trailer
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El SuperBeasto red-band trailer

This new R-rated trailer for Rob Zombie’s Haunted World of El SuperBeasto still doesn’t show how depraved it really is. The DVD goes on sale September 22.

  • Surprisingly, this looks rather decent (the look of it, not the content). I think I’ll check this out.

  • FP

    Is that a Bob Camp swipe in there? The ape run cycle?

  • EatRune

    The audio is HORRIBLY off-sync.

    I’m still interested. I wonder if Mr. Lawrence will talk about it anywhere.

  • Dock Miles

    As somebody who thinks Rob Zombie peaked around the time of the “Psycho Head Blowout” EP, I gotta say I’m interested in a project of his for the first time since last century.

  • Second EatRune in the audio off-sync complaint.

  • Phil K

    My audio was off-sync too. But refreshing solved that lickity-split .


    Utter and complete crappola!!!

    Disgusting! It’ll probably make millions…
    Still a big load of trash…. definite sequel ability.

    Mores the pitty!

  • Okay – as someone who didn’t care about his Metal career in the first place, I have to conceed that I hate Rob Zombie and think he’s a frickin imbecile. If that means I have to give back my hetro-license, so be it. All I have to go on is his crimes against cinema.

  • I like Zombie’s music and I think he has a pretty interesting aesthetic. Still, this looks a bit too much like a glorified web animation that might not add up to much when you’re watching it on the couch.

  • rextherunt

    Yes, that certainly elevates animation as a medium. Well worth posting. Now lets get back to ripping Cartoon Network pilots apart for being artless and crass.

  • This looks like it would have been a lot of fun to work on.
    I will certainly pick it up.

  • jsketches

    Looks like a fun rent.

  • Isaac

    Wow, what a putdown Kevin Dougherty. I’d say it’s well above the quality of the shows on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, and definitely feature-film quality. People might rightly complain that it’s a violent, lurid, exploitation film, but the animation is way ahead of the pack.

  • Jinmen

    Oh I’m sorry, I thought this was a website for cartoon fans, not a knitting circle of middle aged republican women. WOOO! Cartoons with tits, gore and metal music! Jeez, what’s with you guys? God forbid a cartoon be *GASP* FUN!

  • saturnaspider

    SOOOO refreshing!!! I want to see this nommed for Oscars/Annies!!!

  • Rextherunt

    Way way off target Jinmen. I’ve got nothing against metal, gore or tits, just lamely executed tired old ideas that you guys would have shredded if they’d been produced by differently dressed ‘execs.’

  • Looks like a Ralph Bakshi knockoff to me.

  • this looks retarded. So tired of this style.

  • Funny– I don’t see any roto-scoping…

  • The animation is better than anything Bakshi ever did (at least the characters are solid and have weight), and the style is more sophisticated, with a knowing sense of irony and satire. A definite Kricfalusi influence in the way things move. This looks more interesting than Disney;s Frog Princess from a creative standpoint.

  • Ryan

    I’ve ran out of trashy cartoons to watch – exhausted all of the Bakshi and Plympton and Heavy Metal stuff, not to mention the likes of Dirty Duck and Shame of the Jungle. This is just what I need!

  • Angry Anim

    I had high hopes because I love the work of a lot of people who were on this… alot of friends. Oh well. Seems similar to Li’l Pimp from a few years back.

  • Adam

    Im buying it , it looks interesting.

  • saturnaspider

    Angry Anim: It doesn’t seem anything like Li’l Pimp to me – other than that both films have ho’s in them. I think your friends did excellent work!

  • Mike Fontanelli

    On a par with his desperately shitty live-action output. Not shocking or even original; just derivative and pathetic.

  • It looks entertaining enough to me… I’ll give it a spin if only because I have friends who worked on and it has boobies in it. :-)

  • Dock Miles

    “On a par with his desperately shitty live-action output.”

    Okay, I think this is an important subject. If you considered only the live-action work of Trey Parker and Matt Stone I think it would be hard to conclude anything other than They. Are. Not. That. Talented. (Or even funny a lot of the time.)

    But then they turn to “South Park” and the magic happens — they become different sorts of comedians and creators. They even do a whole feature-length film that puts the Simpsons lame, late entry to shame.

    The same could certainly be true of Rob Zombie. I haven’t seen “El Superbeasto,” but I have tried to struggle through his horrible “Halloween” and the even worse “The Devil’s Rejects” and he has zero feel for live-action pulp (people that hate it have done better examples of it).

    But this trailer suggests, as it says, “this is what I’m TALKIN’ about.” That fast-action cartoons may be the medium to get his pulp sense across. We shall see.

  • Dock:
    You’re using South Park to argue a point on Cartoon Brew, in a response to a comment made by Mike Fontanelli.
    I just thught I’d point that out.

    If this Rob Zombie cartoon was being pitched to Adult Swim, at least it would be a cartoon, and not a reality show. The “real” block, as well as other live action on CN, is the reason people are mad. Maybe CN is trying to pull a “New Coke” strategy.

  • This looks like it’s from Drawn Together. Thought it was going to have a higher budget for animation then this…Oh well glad it’s out either way. Something raunchy and fun for the late night.

  • Dock Miles

    “You’re using South Park to argue a point on Cartoon Brew, in a response to a comment made by Mike Fontanelli.
    I just thught I’d point that out.”

    Yeah, well, I apologize for not being Inside Baseball enough to know exactly what that means.

  • Mike Fontanelli

    Yeah, well, I apologize for not being Inside Baseball enough to know exactly what that means.

    Neither do I.

  • Jorge Garrido

    Dock Miles, you really SHOULD know who Mike Fontanelli is if you’re going to comment on this site. There’s a few people on here who are sort of “famous regulars.”

  • saturnaspider

    Dock Miles’ point is a valid one either way (InMyHumbleOpinion). Animation is a different medium than live action, utilizing different sensibilities, (especially when you are producing a Hand Drawn Animated Comedy as opposed to a Live Action Shock-Horror). Someone could be more suited to one and not the other. Whatever the merits of Rob Zombie’s live action output, It seems to me that he has a good feel for the animation medium judging from this trailer and the other clips from the film that I have seen (Trailer Addict has several alongside this red band trailer and Amazon has a couple also with the DVD listing.)

  • Dock Miles

    I know who he is. I still don’t understand the comment.

    Should add that one thing I think drags down internet discussions is getting caught up in who’s posting and what they’re like rather than concentrating on the subject at hand.

  • So the movie imitates John K’s and Spumco style…but it seems to be doing it pretty well. So where is the problem exactly?

    Last time I checked Spongebob Squarepants was a well-liked series and it is also heavily influenced by that style.

    This looks A LOT BETTER drawn and animated than Drawn Together. And even though I’m not a fan of sex, violence and profanity without nothing else behind it, it looks reasonably funny too. Or at least funnier than Drawn Together and Family Guy combined.

    I haven’t seen the rest of Rob Zombie’s work and I don’t think I need to, I just based my opinion in the trailers.

    I’ll probably order it in the future. And I would like to see adult animated movies like this in theaters. We have the ocasional Persepolis or Waltz With Washir but I’m convinced a pure fun movie like this , with a good promotion, could surely find its audience. Of course if all depends of the qualitiy of the movie, I still don’t know if this one is good or not, but it looks pretty decent to me.

  • Hal

    It only says ROB ZOMBIE PRESENTS… one wonders how much influence he had as a creator/director, especially considering how stylistically it diverged from his comic of the same name which was pretty much a HEAVY METAL (90’s) style comic in terms of content.