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Fear(s) of the Dark and Delgo are coming!

There’s suddenly a flurry of last minute 2008 theatrical releases of animated features. Check out these two I’ve just added to the checklist:

Fear(s) of the Dark, which we mentioned here back in February ’06 and October ’07 is finally receiving an art house release through IFC Films. It’ll play for one week at the Nuart Theatre in West L.A. begining October 31st.

Freestyle Releasing has announced a Dec. 12 release date for its computer-animated fantasy movie Delgo. We first mentioned this film back in December ’07. A new trailer has been posted online.

Could we possibly hit the magic number needed (15) in order to nominate five animated films for Academy Award consideration?

  • Thanks for the tip about Fears of the Dark screening through IFC!

    it’s apparently screening in NYC at the ifc theater right now as well. the 22nd – 28th.


  • wow!
    I love horror animated films… that looks very scary indeed!!!

    “Fear(s) of the Dark” looks terrific too!

  • Delgo looks really cool…I’m not too crazy about the designs, but the story seems interesting and a bit more mature than what you typically see in animated films.

    Cool, hopefully we’ll see more stuff like this.

  • “Sita” remains undistributed, but if anyone can wrangle a week-long run in LA, I’ll submit it to the Academy too…Otherwise, maybe next year.

  • That ‘Delgo’ character looks exactly like what you would get if Disney’s Aladdar’s descendants evolved into bipedal humanoids.

  • Fear(s) of the Dark looks cool!

    Not crazy about the Delgo trailer though.

  • spencer drew bogart

    i would like to see “Fear(s) of the Dark” on the big screen right now… i think it’s cool that IFC is releasing it theatrically. after watching the trailer so many times, i still can’t believe how well the artists’ respective styles appear to translate. not only does the film look amazing, but it also has some real substance — something that’s become more and more rare these days, especially in the horror genre. this deserves to be seen by a wide audience.

    so far, the IFC site says the film’s official release is October 22nd and there is a separate window on the for release dates, but it’s empty. NYC must be the only option for right now. here’s hoping it’s shown somewhere relatively close to me…

  • Nobody

    If we’re lucky, Freaky Flickers will get the 2-week arthouse run it so very much deserves.

  • EatRune

    Is Delgo seriously coming out? I read about it years ago, watched the trailer online, and wondered what happened to it. Not that I’m any more interested in it . . .

    I haven’t heard of Fear(s) of the Dark. I wonder if it’ll be good. If it’s traditionally animated, I have a bit of an interest.

  • Aha and you thought Delgo would go straight to video. Awesome news. I may not see this as they currently don’t seem to have plans for a release in Australia – but yay for an indie animation studio all the same.

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Call it blasphemous if you feel like it, but my initial look at Delgo in the promo artwork with the glowing rock/whatever obstructing his chest reminded me way too much of every piece of Sacred Heart of Jesus devotional art I’ve ever seen.

  • can lizard people be considered furries? i don’t know how else to describe that delgo preview…maybe david icke would know? perhaps they’re part of the reptilian agenda? hahaha