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FIRST PEEKS: “Epic”, “Turbo” and “Croods”

Our friends at ComingSoon.net snapped some intriguing images from the floor of The Licensing Expo, the industry trade show that started today in Las Vegas. Here’s another look at Chris Sanders highly anticipated The Croods; Dreamworks’ racing snail film, Turbo; and Chris Wedge’s Epic (formerly known as The Leaf Men), based on William Joyce’s book. Which one are you most excited about?

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  • DonaldC

    They actually named a movie “EPiC”. With a lower case ‘i’.
    I’m really not sure how to feel about that.

    • wever

      “Leafmen” not SHORT enough for ya, Hollywood?!?!? HMMMM!??!!?!?!?

  • Skip

    Solely based on these images, I have no interest is seeing either of these films.

  • Epic looks like it might be interesting
    Turbo looks like it might be the lamest thing to ever exist


  • Epic seems interesting. It’s rare seeing Blue Sky doing a serious looking fantasy film.

    Turbo looks like Cars 2 all over again.

    The Croods looks like alright. I just hope it isn’t exactly like How to Train Your Dragon where the humans end up using the wild beast as tamed pets.

  • Hopefully “Epic” is a case of marketing changing the name to fit popular trends, and has no reflection on the film’s content. Because if not then I’m staying far, far away from it.

    • Tak

      William Joyce be doing fine.
      Three major Animation Studios with Joyce’s work in the bag within the last decade. MOONBot!

      • Nic Orizaga

        I was thinking the same thing…I just hope we don’t get William Joyce overkill…I love his work!!

      • wever

        Who has a PARADE held solely for him in the United States!??! Only William Joyce!

  • Bud

    Out of the three, EPiC looks most interesting. Turbo looks juvenile, while the croods looks just awful.

  • dig

    I dunno man… Croods looks like a hot mess.

    • Your opinion is based on a low res snapshot?

      • dig


      • Rob

        Isn’t that the idea of this whole post?
        “What are your opinions of these films based on these low res snapshots?”

        I like Sanders’ character designs. It has a little bit of that post-Monsters Inc. ‘hey-we-just-discovered-hair-rendering,-lets-cover-everything-with-fur’ feel to it, but I’ll remain optimistic just because of Sanders involvement.

  • Braik

    That ‘Turbo’ looks like Dreamworks version of Ratatouille.

    • Sarah J

      Seems more like trying to cash in on the success of “Cars”. Ah, it reminds me of those days when Dreamworks would just look at whatever Pixar movie was coming out and would decide to make a movie on the same matter.

      • Braik

        I’m talking’ story-wise.

      • James

        Story-wise, it may actually have more in common with the Bugs Bunny cartoon “Tortoise Beats Hare”

  • Toonio

    Based on what I see:

    Epic it’s not ripe.
    Turbo looks like wtf.
    The croods looks too crude.

    However I support all of them as long they break from the old animated movie patterns (princess, fish out of water, etc.).

  • Sarah J

    The poster for “Epic” looks pretty cool and makes me interested to learn more about it, but I think “Epic” is a stupid name for a movie.

    “Turbo” just looks kind of stupid and lame. Oh, Dreamworks, you are DREADFULLY hit-or-miss.

    “The Croods” has some pretty cool designs there, though my main interest in the movie comes from the fact that Chris Sander is directing it.

  • I say it’s way too early to know, come on its one still picture from each of these films. How many times has Pixar put out a teaser poster or any other studio and it doesn’t do anything for most people but then the movie is amazing. These posters are for a certain group, the license group. As usual give it a little time and I think people will be pleased with all of these films. I remember seeing the Hiccup character designs from how to train your dragon and thinking it wasn’t great but after seeing the movie I totally love it.

  • I like all those weird prehistoric critters in THE CROODS.

  • Joel

    “Epic” looks really cool to me. There’s not a tinge of irony in that poster, so I hope it’s the cool fantasy movie I’m imagining based on the poster. As for “Turbo,” it looks too much like the many other Dreamworks movies with unlikeably annoying and bland characters, generic and uninteresting/unentertaining stories, and pop-cultural references out the yazoo. Chris Sanders has more proven his filmmaking abilities, so I have high expectations for “The Croods.” Then again, these are only posters, so anything goes and expectations should be taken with a grain of salt, as the average person (such as myself) could be very wrong on all of these.

  • James

    “Epic” (or “EPiC”) might be the most stupidly generic title for a movie yet, especially one that seems to focus on the adventures of micro-sized people. Still, at least it’s an original concept that has a good chance of reaching beyond its initial gimmick.

    “Turbo” looks like a one-joke, one-note movie. Like a feature length Speedy Gonzales cartoon. I really want to be wrong on this.

    “The Croods” could be about any caveman plot. Hopefully there’s more to it than the family running afoul into various prehistoric beasts.

    • Tredlow

      I wouldn’t call a move about tiny people an original concept.

      In fact, the synopsis said that it’s “The story of an ongoing battle deep in the forest between the forces of good and the forces of evil.  When a teen age girl finds herself magically transported into this secret universe, she must band together with a rag-tag team of fun and whimsical characters in order to save their world…and ours.”

      That’s… Ferngully, isn’t it?

      • James

        You have a point there.

      • Christy

        Don’t forget Ant Bully and Arthur and the Invisibles

  • Tredlow

    ” A long poem, typically one derived from ancient oral tradition, narrating the deeds and adventures of heroic or legendary figures or the history of a nation, or a long film, book, or other work portraying heroic deeds and adventures or covering an extended period of time.”

    So, before anyone says how stupid it is to have a movie called “Epic”, consider the possibility that it may actually be using the word correctly.

    Of course, the characters can easily say “That’s totally epic!” in the trailer, and be just another bastardization of the word.

    • Spencer

      Have you seen the font?

    • DonaldC

      “So, before anyone says how stupid it is to have a movie called “Epic”, consider the possibility that it may actually be using the word correctly.”

      And I was totally prepared to accept that.
      Then I noticed it was in all caps except for the ‘I’.

      • Tredlow

        Aaugh yeah the lowercase “i”…

        Just noticed that.

  • Alberto

    I’ll go and see anything directed by Chris Sanders

    • Hank

      Depends on who is writing and co- directing. Hopefully someone with a strong hand, as sanders needs that. Left to his own devices–not do good.

      • The Gee

        Isn’t “The Croods” the feature that John Cleese wrote?

        I swear even before Sanders was brought onto it, when someone else was directing it, Cleese’s name was attached to the production.

        Of course, imdB is a click away…but i’ll just click “go” instead….

      • The Gee

        well, acc. to imdb, there is no animation prod. he is credited on.

        However, according to articles that appeared a while ago, it was going to be a Dreamworks/ Aardman project. The original writers are Cleese and Kirk Dimicco. It was originally to be called Crood Awakening, as of 2005.

      • Bud

        I believe it may have been Dean DuBlois to the rescue of Sanders again on The croods. He made Lilo and Stitch and HTTYD work. But even Dublois couldn’t save that mess american dog.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’m really interested in EPiC and THE CROODS. TURBO looks okay.

  • Gobo

    THE CROODS looks great, but I don’t know if cavemen fighting saber-toothed tigers will have the same appeal as dragons.

    Oh and hey DreamWorks, congratulations on discovering the most un-Googleable name for a movie possible! At least THE LEAF MEN was unique. EPiC? Really?

    • burymylovely

      Um Dreamworks isn’t making EPiC, Blue Sky is. That’s why the poster says “from the creators of Rio and Ice Age.

      • Gobo

        My bad. Blue Sky –you’re right.

  • KMcNutt

    Chris Sanders you say? Yes, please.

  • Spencer

    I see nothing worth $13 here… Maybe The Croods?

  • I think TURBO tells all the plot in that poster. I feel like i watched the poster and i have already seen it.

  • Al

    Epic = Brave?

    The Leaf Men isn’t a compelling title either, but it seems like they could have come up with something better that EPiC!

  • Is this a joke? This posters looks completly amateur, like 1995!
    The ugliest posters i’ve ever seen.

  • Mr. James

    I think I’m going to have to sue Dreamworks for ripping off my idea with Turbo! I submitted this image to my deviantart account back in 2006:


  • I wonder how the comments would look if the Dreamworks logo was swapped out with Pixars.

    • Owen Kent

      I dunno… Pixar haven’t been given the same benefit of the doubt since Cars2 that they previously enjoyed.

      Their reputation among fans is pretty burnt. I’ve already seen people being cautious with Brave so as not to line themselves up for dissapointment

      • burymylovely

        I’ve seen that lack of trust, but only with people who already weren’t completely sold on Pixar by the time of Cars 2. There are still a lot of die hard fan boys though. Just look at reviews on RT for their movies. Reviews for Brave say its beautiful, but the story has problems or is conventional, and almost all are still “Fresh”. Reviews for Mad 3 say its a technical marvel and very pretty but the story is pedestrian or for kids, and 1/4 the reviews are “rotten”.

    • Sarah J

      Eh, in Pixar’s defense, they’ve put out a lot of movies that looked like they’d be stupid but then turned out to be really good. Dreamworks is pretty hit-or-miss in quality and is far from earning the benefit of a doubt that people give to upcoming Pixar movies.

    • Joel

      Pixar has a really good track record, which would give us reason to expect a good movie. Dreamworks is dreadfully hit-or-miss, and they usually miss.

  • Scarabim

    “Epic” has a dumb name but a nice poster. Kind of reminds me of “Fern Gully”, though.

    “Turbo”? “Turdo” might be more like it. Dumbest idea ever, a real stretch on the old incongruity formula – you know, Cowardly Lion, Reluctant Dragon, racing snail..feh. Ugly poster too. Frankly, Mr. James’ design of the same idea is visually much more appealing.

    “The Croods” doesn’t appeal to me at all, based on that mess of a poster. Maybe a better poster – and a good trailer – will change my mind though.

    • Mr. James

      Thanks for the kind critique Scarabim! Much appreciated.

    • burymylovely

      I’ve seen the Croods poster in real life. This sideways poorly lit version here does not convey the awesome design or color work on it. You also can’t see the background the are running over. I’d reserve judgement on it until you see a high rez version.

  • Craig

    They should make a joke in Turbo with someone mistaking his number 5 for the letter S, and then saying “Wow look at that S Car Go!” Thank you thank you.

    • AlanK

      “S Car Go”…funny! The number and color scheme also evoke Speed Racer…maybe the Mollusk 5?

  • Van

    It’s funny how there are so many opinions being drawn from just a few low-res snap shots. Most of the time, you can’t even tell if a movie is a good from the trailer. How often have we been wrong when we’ve seen a trailer but the movie turned out way different from our initial preconception. I’ll hold out judgement until I actually watch any of these flicks. For the sake of the animation industry, I hope everyone one of these films will rock the box office. And even if all of them do not, be glad there are so many animated films being churned out. We live in exciting cinematic times. I prefer to look at every glass half full…if you can’t tell already.

    • GW

      Why should people be glad that so many animated films are coming out? What matters is that they’re good. I say let loyalty be earned by quality. It seems to me that we ought to give some unearned loyalty to beginning studios who are figuring out their way but relinquish that loyalty if they don’t get good in a reasonable amount of time. If audiences don’t demand excellence and migrate to the medium they can find it, then there’ll be mediocrity all around.

      And hold out judgement until you see the films? If we all followed your logic, and it seems that too many do, there would be no way to stop companies from producing bad movies over and over again. They’d always make money. However, I will concede that somebody should at least watch the trailer before deciding not to watch a movie. But even then, I’ll make exception for the cases when looking at a single image shows that the work’s so stereotypical that it almost certainly isn’t worth seeing.

  • thomas

    They look like a lot of fun to me!

    p.s. snails are hilarious

  • AlanK

    Looking forward to all these non-sequels. The Epic image channels Delgo, but it’s a fair assumption that Blue Sky will exceed that film’s quality. Wonder if Turbo traces back to any story ideas thrown around when DreamWorks and Aardman were planning a version of The Tortoise and the Hare (slow and easy wins the race)?

  • I’d always rather see a film based on an original idea than a film based on an existing “something” (book, tv show, game, etc).

  • In regards to Dreamwork’s film Turbo. It’s your typical ‘character tries to change for what they perceive as a better existence only to find that they were good enough all along’. In this case the racing snail initially places last in many of it’s races prompting it to seek advantage through the removal of it’s shell, therefore becoming lighter/ faster. Unfortunately the snail then goes on to lose even more races. The lesson is clear: ‘If you remove a snail’s shell, you just make it more sluggish’

    Good night

  • Ryoku

    Turbo looks interesting (even if its based off a Spongbob episode), but the other two look ho-hum.

    On titles alone neither of these even sound like movies.

  • Jess
  • wgan

    EPiC: looks like blue sky’s trying to catch up with the last bus of EPiC human story, but they have too much green on the poster it almost looked like another HTTYD, other than that, still not sure this epic’s gonna work, whatever its tinny people riding on hummingbird or normal scale people riding on giant bird, why the hell I’m not getting any inspiration out of it?

    Turbo: not interested at all from looking at that poster, it turns me off right away.

    Croods: I want to see it just because I’m so curious how they are gonna turn that mess of color and design into something good (or bad).

  • Why?

    Turbo looks completely pathetic. Like a bad Indian-straight-to-video DVD movie.
    Is this movie being produced here in the States, or in their Mud-hut studio in India?

    • PixarFanBoy

      “Mud-hut studio in India”? Racist much?

  • EPiC kind of looks appealing both in story and concept to me because of simplicity of the moment, but the poster design is totally motionless, whilst TURBO’s poster is all about action tho’ assumed idea behind it is mainly uninteresting. CROODS might come out as the best of them at the end, even tho’ character design caught in the poster is a total charade.

  • Alissa

    EPiC (please tell me that’s a typo) looks like it has potential, particularly that hummingbird.

    The beasties on the Croods poster look awesome, especially that saber-tooth whatsit. The people, not so much.

    As for Turbo… no thanks. Haven’t we had enough pandering to the race car demographic in recent years?

    Of course it’s rather silly to decide on a movie based on a poster or two. I’ll wait for trailers to get whiny and critical. :)

  • leafmean > epic
    and on that note
    bear & the bow > brave

    can we stop shortening perfectly good titles into less-than-stellar one word titles? please? pretty please? :C