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“Foosball” trailer

Last year it was garden gnomes, later this year it’s Foosball. This Argentine-Spanish co-production is being directed by Oscar-winner Juan José Campanella (The Secret in their Eyes) and Disney veteran Sergio Pablos (Tarzan, Hercules, executive producer of Despicable Me, character designer for Rio) is an animation supervisor on this project.

  • Daniel Damm

    Posted on April 1st..

    • tredlow

      Dammit, this actually looks like an interesting movie! Not good or bad, but I’d like to see where they go with it.

    • Good point. Still, I hope this project is real if this trailer is any indication of the final product.

    • Tak

      Well, I guess they got me

      • It’s real, at least the movie is in production for some time.

      • Tak

        Well since it IS a movie and we aren’t just having out legs pulled…

        I wish them all the best as I’m all for locally produced animation productions taking place all around the globe supporting & showcasing their local artists.
        I just wish they didn’t have to settle on what seems like a lowest denominator in terms of their subject matter here due to hopefully piggybacking on the cultural popularity of football & game merchandise/sponsorship tie-ins, and could simply focus on make a good film about things that really matter to them/us as people irrelevant of trying to sell something like plastic toys or season tickets. Football & Foosball are cool & all but I really can’t see this standing up well for any duration of 60 minutes or longer, but hey, maybe that says something about me & my apparent lack of an imagination towards this project, but hey, I still wish them all the best if only because it’s something new & they’re a fresh crew trying stuff elsewhere out there in the big wide world and that’s all the more reason to be happy for animation, even if this doesn’t look like it’ll be my cup of tea.

  • That would be a LOT of effort for an April foll’s joke…

  • Tak

    Is this a feature, or an advert?
    I really hope it’s only the latter…

    As an advertisement it’s a brilliant little piece & very well done. But if something like this is going to be an entire feature film… um, what… so now we’ve got animated feature films about LEGO & Foosball, what’s next? Condoms & nappies? URGH!
    Sergio you’re better than this… please don’t tell me this is the only way you guys can get corporate sponsorship.

    • Jm

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  • Zabbot

    This is a feature length film? About foosball?

  • Uli Meyer

    The correct spelling would be: “Fußball”

    • Not when referring to this game, no. “Foosball” is the English word for what us Germans call “Kicker”.

  • No, this is not an April’s Fools joke, I’ve been hearing about this movie for about more than a year, so it’s true :B I hope it’s great, having a succesful animated movie in latinamerica would be awesome.

  • Lib

    I don’t know why some react negatively to this. The setting is great to develop all sorts of interesting situations. Here we have all these characters, but unable to move other than left or right, forever facing their direct antagonists. They probably spent all their lives in a bar, being spun around by drunken idiots, watching real football on television, where players are free to run and enjoy huge celebrations when they win. It’s a challenging scenario for a story.

    If done right, this has a lot of potential.

  • Hi everybody.

    I’m the lead animator on this film.
    This movie is really a historic event for Latin American animated films. This is the first animated production made ​​in Argentina that reached an international standard.
    You can find more information about it on my blog.

    Thank you.

  • Agustin

    Hey ignacio, I’m from Argentina too,i’ve been following your blog since a while. What studio here is making it, beside 100 bares, becouse they dont have an animation department do they ??…and spa studios animates some scenes from spain ??, or they also supervise scenes from argentina ??

    • The studio in Argentina is “Catmandu”. “Spa” is animating scenes and supervising the some scenes animated here in Argentina.

  • Next year, Cartoon Brew should use some of the millions of dollars that they rake in running Stuart Ng Books ads to commission a few of the animators that they haven’t burned bridges with to make tiny trailers for fake animated features. No foolin’ — I WOULD LOVE THAT.

  • Agustin
  • All those little guys are going to die. They have spikes rammed through them.

    • cjseaton

      I’m sorry – but your comment was totally hilarious and completely unexpected. I couldn’t stop laughing for a whole minute.

  • Hal

    Loved THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES and got a kick out of the nod to the opening of the “stadium” sequence he tossed in this teaser. With Campanella directing I can’t help thinking this is going to be more a bit more interesting than “Toy Story with Fooseball.”

  • Zib Zabzo

    Looks like dreamworks moses design in CG

  • Anthrocoon

    Foosball, as in the soccer game where you turn the rods to move players. (Does anyone remember the old hockey games where you’d turn knobs to move the players?) There actually is a scene in the recent remake of Gulliver’s Travels where Jack Black, as Gulliver, plays a foosball game whose “players” are real live Liliputians.