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Funny “Free Birds” Development Art by John Kricfalusi

There’s no ‘art of’ book planned for Reel FX’s first feature Free Birds, but some development art is appearing online. John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy) contributed ideas to an early version of the film, and has posted character design concepts, as well as some rough CG models based on his work.

Kricfalusi writes on his blog that, “I don’t think anything I did was actually used; it was mostly exploratory stuff…” He also says that he made these drawings for an earlier version of the film, back when it had a different title, Time Turkeys, and a different director, Ash Brannon (Toy Story 2, Surf’s Up). His relationship with Reel FX stretches back to 2008 when he created a series of U.S. Presidential candidate toys.

  • Dana B

    Very interesting. I didn’t know John K contributed to animated films. Is this the first he has done it?(I’m living under a rock, apparently.)

    • Roberto Severino

      I had no idea either! These are great!

  • Dr. Truth

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