Full trailer for “Don Gato”, the Mexican TOP CAT movie Full trailer for “Don Gato”, the Mexican TOP CAT movie
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Full trailer for “Don Gato”, the Mexican TOP CAT movie

Here it is, the trailer for the hand drawn/CG, Mexican Top Cat movie from Illusion Studios. Don Gato y su Pandilla will open theatrically, and in 3-D (stereoscopic), in September. No word on any U.S., release.

(Thanks, Mateusz Lis)

  • Keegan

    English plz.

    • Mimosa

      we don’t need translation to see the animation, we knew they couldn’t make “Disney style animation” but the look of this makes me want to watch it more than the awful Yogi movie and the smurfs :)

    • Lauren

      I’d easily choose this over “hoodwinked 2” and “gnomeo & Juliet” n_n

      • AnimationFan

        I don’t intend to compare their animation or renders, but I’d take this over any of the 2 Cars films.

      • sophian

        Oh yeah, AMO A DON GATO!!

  • AniCentric

    Terrible flash tweened animation?


    Cheesy airbrushed lazy shading?


    Obnoxious and off-puttingly distracting CGI background and objects that clash with the poorly animated characters?


    Overly cliched “Big new ugly villain taking over the world with an army of robots and only “Don Gato” can save the world” plot?


    This looks spectacularly awful.

    Yeah, Mexico can keep this.

    • dbenson

      “Star” voices?

      Unless we’re hearing second-string Mexican celebrities, they missed one.

    • Mexican

      Hey! Don’t be that rude. We can’t afford making a disney-like movie yet. :( We’re newbies.
      And by the way, the horrible plot is the only thing that wasn’t made here in Mexico.

    • 2011 Adult

      The original cartoons weren’t something to phone home about either.

    • Jason

      Hey well, i think this movie looks terrible too. But how many Hollywood movies and animated movies from the US with big budget are painfully bad? I mean, we are working here to do better things.

    • AnimationFan

      I think you’re being harsh just for the sake of it.

      The animation industry is only starting its surge in Mexico and other countries and, because of this, has to be viewed with patience and a little understanding.

      • AnimationFan

        Well… I know you didn’t say anything about Mexico, my comment on Mexican animation was only to give this trailer some context. I appologize if I sent the wrong message.

        But, come to think of it, America could’ve kept Cars and Cars 2, as long as we talk about overly cliched plots. They didn’t, and yet EVERYONE watched it.

        What I’m trying to say here is: let’s judge this AFTER watching it. Not any time before that.

  • The animation is watchable for a low-budget 2D/3D hybrid. The story looks like a generic straight-to-video super-villain science-fiction thing with Top Cat and crew rammed in sideways. I had hoped this might evoke the distinctive atmosphere of the original show. It doesn’t.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      It’s certainly one of those I had similar hopes for as well until I saw what it is in this trailer. Within the first few seconds of the new animation I thought to myself “well, maybe the writing might help” but then I saw where that was headed and simply lost faith very much despite enjoying those designs.

  • AniCentric hit the nail on the head. I was expecting much better.
    How disappointing.

  • chris

    Not hand drawn…. it`s Flash!

    • I think human hands are still involved in the creation of Flash animation.

      • The parts are drawn but the animation isn’t.

  • CHR

    Translation, please?

    This probably won’t get an US release.

    • George C.

      i’d still love to watch it, even if it’s only on DVD (will they release it on blu-ray?)

  • Godric

    Not what I was thinking when I heard “‘Hand drawn animated feature.”

    How absolutely terrible-looking this is! Mexican ghetto animated features presents… Top Cat, and robots, and cool 3d effects! In 3D! Did you see our 3D backgrounds? Those took us a whole month to build! 3D!

  • Funkybat

    What’s most annoying to me about this is that, if you take almost any given still shot of this film, it looks like the animation might actually be good, because the character designs and poses are good. But then you see it in motion, and everything feels wrong.

    The Flash-tweening or whatever it is looks way too “puppet-y” and mechanical, the 2D characters gliding through the 3D environments and camera shots makes it feel like a bunch of cutouts existing in a 3D world, and that’s not even including the overall story setup, which is not at all in keeping with traditional Top Cat capers. TC and his gang of alley cats aren’t supposed to be crime-stoppers or heroes, they’re supposed to be lovable anti-hero rascals.

    I guess the film was done this way for economic reasons, but it would have been better if they stuck with traditional H-B limited animation, and left the tweening and 3D camera moves on the shelf.

  • Steve

    I used to love Top Cat when I was a kid… It was actually one of the shows that inspired me to get into animation… I know I have that gun around here somewhere *sob*.

    • I fail to see the part where they say they are going to erase the original

  • Sat

    Yes, it feels wrong in motion.

    I understand it’s limited budget. And because of this they tried to stay true to the Hanna-Barbara TV animation of the 60s (in some places it’s even framed the same way), which is a nice excuse and giving it a 21th century fresh coat of paint because we’re in the 21th century, which doesn’t go very well here. My only problem is the flash tweening and some of the cheap CGI (water, glass).

    I think everybody was expecting too much out of this. But at least I wasn’t expecting something else than a “Top Cat saves the world” thing.

    • geoff

      Back in ’99, late night on some channel in Virginia, I caught what appeared to be a newly animated episode of the 1960’s cartoon “Hercules”. However, maybe they just cleaned an old episode up nicely, as it was still very stilted animation.
      I am very reminded of this now, because, like you said, the fresh coat of paint doesn’t help. It becomes less forgiving to watch that way.

  • The little we see here seems to have appealing designs that work well with these designed for limited-animation characters.

  • I wouldn’t mind the puppet-like animation as much if the environment actually matched the characters. Or vice versa. Good LORD those models look crappy.

    • Funkybat

      I’d much rather see these character designs animated in a circa-1965 H-B style, or even a circa 1990 H-B style. I was honestly shocked at the way they moved, because looking at the stills, it almost feels like a late 80s-early 90s Hanna-Barbera production, and I wouldn’t mind seeing something that resembled “Jetsons – The Movie” or even “The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera” ride they had in some amusement parks. At least those “felt like” Hanna Barbera, for better or worse.

      At least this Top Cat Movie is a lot closer to the original that the 3D Yogi movie….

  • Toonio

    It’s the new business model in animation. Take a franchise, pump it with “flashy” characters (pun intended), pack it with 3D and boom chaka laka!

    PS got the anima website and check Kung Fu Magoo, the stroke you’ll get is on the house!


    • Chris Sobieniak

      The fact that they did that before did at first made me think this might go that direction but I was still keeping my hopes up that it wasn’t going there either.

  • Just for the record, this “Top Cat” movie was a co-production between Illusion Studios and Ánima Estudios

  • David Mackenzie

    Ooof… the Sega Saturn quality CG really doesn’t help.

  • Mewzilla

    *Face palm*
    All i can say is that, this would had looked good if it was for a small commercial or short cartoon. They really screwed it by detailing the 3D backgrounds, all those textures and shades, the characters look like paper cut outs over maquette s ñ_ñ
    Its a shame that the studios in Mexico prefer to save time and money by using 3D BG and limiting the animation.

  • BTW I’ll appreciate if you hold any nationalist or ethnic slurs, at least this mexican animation fan hates this trailer too

    • Funkybat

      I agree, something like this could have just as easily come out of the U.S. or Canada or the far east. The problem is not the nationality of the animators, there were clearly skilled artists working on this thing. The problem is in the approach chosen for the actual animation, and the ill-advised merging of flat-looking 2D character and 3D modeled BGs with 3D camera moves.

      It just doesn’t gel, but it does look “polished” and has some nice character drawings. I’d probably rather watch this Top Cat film than Hoodwinked or Alpha & Omega, or dozens of other direct-to-DVD cheapo productions.

  • Scarabim

    Makes the old series look good.

  • I have a few quibbles about the production value but as a Top Cat fan, Ill take this over ANY live action cartoon adaption being made here in the states.

    Definitely would love to see this in an English dub :)

  • Poor Officer Dibble!! I’ll bet he’s so pissed that he’s bi. Lingual!!

  • Animus

    It needs Arnold Stang.

  • Richie

    I could forgive the animation.
    I could forgive the unnecessary 3D.
    I could even forgive the pathetically clichéd writing.

    But as a mexican fan, this movie is automatically disgraced by the VOICE ACTING. DAMN IT! Don’t they know the main reason for Top Cat’s success was the incredible dub it got here!? Yes, Jorge “El Tata” Arvizu is still voicing “Benito” and “Cucho”, which seems to be the saving grace of this “film” so far, but what’s up with the rest of the cast?! They didn’t even TRY to make “Don Gato” and “Matute”‘s voices resemble their originals’! While both of the VAs for them are very respectable on their own right, the original voices were very distinctive, and as such, said VAs have no business incarnating these characters. What’s worse, a Top Cat redub surfaced these past years on Boomerang, and while most voices were also radically changed, you could swear Don Gato was still voiced by his original VA, they DID put effort there!

    …Word of mouth is going to give this movie what it deserves. I hope.

    • Matute

      The voices in this trailer reminded me of the ones in the CHAVO DEL OCHO animated show. They sound like a “too clean” imitation of the original ones.

      Those ugly 3d backgrounds and generic adventure plot doesn’t help either…

    • Kaos

      Have you seen the interviews with the actors? they can’t be a clon of the voices but sure they did the casting to find what could be the closest to the originals.

      • Richie

        Matute, I agree wholeheartedly. Ugh, el Chavo…But well, they at the very least TRIED there.

        Kaos, I have seen the interviews alright, and I wasn’t expecting anyone to sound exactly the same as their originals (Heck, “el Tata” himself doesn’t sound exactly like he used to, and I’m happy with that) but COME ON. Closest to the originals? If I recognized Don Gato and Matute’s VAs right away, it’s because they’re using THE EXACT SAME voice tone they use with any other character they’re voicing. It comes off as uninspired and generic, characteristics that shouldn’t exist on Latin American’s Top Cat. Even worse, as I mention on my comment, there’s a modern dub of the series that aired on Boomerang a couple of years ago, and whoever voiced Top Cat this time around was spot-on with the original voice. Why not simply rehire him?

    • Loraine

      The voices director was Francisco Colmenero who is an institution in dubbing, if you think he did a bad job, maybe it can’t be done better than that because everybody is expecting the exact voices which can’t be done ’cause all those actors have died but Arvizu? just my two cents

  • Thanks, but I’m still gonna stick with The Phil Silvers Show.

  • Mike

    It’s being shown in TRES-D?
    Sorry, but I’ll stick with DOS-D.

  • Jose

    Cartoon saloon animated 50 percent of the movie acording to the producers

    • sophian

      If the animation is similar to what they did in The secret of Kells, why so much complaining of this and not of that one?

      • Ronnie Lane

        Because it’s not. Look at Kells, and look at this. One is a beautiful, well-written animated film that is a good demonstration for your HD setup. The other is an incredibly phoned in Hanna Barbera cash-in, with animation that belongs in the Flintstone-Age, and CG that could’ve been rendered with all the processing power of an iPhone.

      • Funkybat

        Secret of Kells had a coherent visual style, not to mention a hell of a lot more inventive artistry. I know some people say it’s just “Samurai Jack in Ireland” but I thought “Secret of Kells” was amazing in almost all respects.

        This “Top Cat in 3D” is too mechanically animated and too much of a visual mishmash to generate the kind of acclaim “Secret of Kells” did.

  • Michel Van

    I have mix feeling about this Movie
    it’s 3d CGI backgrounds, that Flash animation
    that last one is much better as some US animation studios produce !
    to story line it’s damm a stereotype about Evil one with Robots

    but still Don Gato y su Pandilla looks much better as the last Hanna-Barbara TV movies

  • Roberto

    Well, it doesn’t look worse than The Jetsons movie.

    I don’t think the animation looks that bad for a low budget production. Some of the CGI backgrounds or elements look fake(especially the hellicopter) but most of the time the backgrounds seem adequate. The character animation is not great but watchable.

    The supervillain and robots is what doesn’t seem to fit in the world of Top Cat. I understand they had to make it more spectacular for a feature length movie, but this is just the easy way.

    I still think this movie will be better than any CGI/Life action film based on a tv series in the last decade. I’ll probably watch it if I have the chance.

  • 2011 Adult


    First I got over my initial fear of them using CG backgrounds to look awkward against the hand-drawn characters…

    But NOW I find out they aren’t even animating the characters in the traditional way!?

    My interest in this film was run out.

  • JCQ

    It’s a little funny to see everyone being so greatly disappointed. As it was being done by a little South American animation studio, and not Warner Bros., it pretty much matches the little expectations I had for it. Heck, I probably could have pictured it going worse. I doubt this thing has the budget of one of WB’s current animated shows or their Direct to DVD Scooby Doo or Batman features. I always figured that a Top Cat movie might work if it was some kind of heist picture, so it is a slight shame that they’re going with this retread of a plot. At least the characters seem to be true to form, judging by the little I can make out, and don’t look as though they’re being made to look hip or anything. Now I don’t fault anyone for staying clear of this but I just don’t get the heightened expectations anyone may have had for this.

    • Kyle Maloney

      You don’t need a high budget to make a decent looking top cat movie. If they would have spent the budget on the characters rather than the visually clashing CGI they could have done something better with it.

    • Gerard de Souza

      Mexico is considered North America.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Very true. Though I’m sure some had otherwise like to lump it in with the rest of Latin America which is often in the southern continent (besides “Central America”).

  • Spool

    Mexico has finally caught up to Canadian animation standards.

    • tonma

      I wish…

  • Avencri

    I am not surprised at the way people reacted. Anima’s track record is not that good even by local standars but then again they are the only studio actually making something around here (which is sad in it’s own right).

  • When I try to watch it, it says “This video is private”.

    • After 24 hours the full trailer was pulled off YOU TUBE this morning. When it reappears on the internet we will post it here.

  • James

    I found the trailer elsewhere on Youtube


  • Matute
  • Mc guffindor

    hey everyone here is another link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LjMIUSmnpM

  • Marty

    I used to love Top cat as a kid and as a fan, I’m happy the movie is coming out

  • AnimationFan

    WOW! Bashing? really?

    Let’s go watch cars 2 because of the nice renders and UNBELIEVABLY GREAT PLOT (HAHAHA!).

    At least people are trying to enter the animation industry with something different.

    I’m not trying to compare this with anything made in the US, but we have to keep in mind the budget difference between anything in Hollywood and anything out of it is ABISMAL.

    Let’s trye something different, for a change!

    • Luke

      The budget isn’t what matters, what matters is what effort is put into it. Even with a small budget, the plot could be better, the colors could be better, and quite honestly, the animation could be better.

      • AnimationFan

        Well, effort in this industry, and I think we all know or can infer, costs a lot of money.

        Everything about it could be better, there’s no arguing about that, but it’s a great effort (and yes, here it comes again) taking into account the budget these animation houses are working with.

        Everything could be better with every single film produced (either animated or live action), but tou still have to take in the whole context that the production took in.

  • snip2346

    I think we’re all more upset because the stills posted on here months ago… heck, even the TEASER for it… all made it look like it was madew with actual character animation the way it was done decades ago! Way to fool us!

  • Jim

    To those complaining about the “cheap looking” animation…. hate to break it to you but the original show wasn’t exactly an animated masterpiece to begin with. Hanna-Barbara cartoons are the definition of “cheap looking” animation.

    • Funkybat

      Of course the original was “cheap.” The problem is that “cheap animation ain’t what it used to be.”

      H-B’s limited animation style had it’s own appeal. Attempts to bring the characters created for that medium up to feature-level full-frame animation felt weird, and that was with traditional, hand-drawn inbetweens. Using Flash or Toon Boom or whatever like this is kind of the worst of both worlds. The characters’ parts clearly pivot on virtual points, and their bodies feel mechanical. When everything was limited, with long holds transitioning into short, quick actions, there was a simple appeal.

      The timing and movement feel so wrong the way this was done. It can work for characters designed in certain styles, but not old-school H-B characters. I am used to getting the same kind of uneasy feeling watching the more cheaply-made 3D animated shows/movies made in the past 15 years, but it hurts to see well-drawn 2D characters zombified with this method. I suppose they were “fully tweened” because traditional H-B limited frame rates and holds would not work in a 3D universe with camera moves and rendered backgrounds.

      The sad fact is, they could have done this whole film, backgrounds and all, in Flash using the principles of Hanna-Barbera’s system and not tweening everything, and made much more appealing animation. It’s the 3D and the smooth tweens that kill it.

  • Martin

    Those who complain and make fun of this film you may be right, but at the same time let’s not forget that in America you have Robert Zemeckis sinking with his mo-cap “animated” yawn-provoking films and people who created the 3D version of Yogi.

    Well, the script sucks, many things do, just like in many American crap we get here in Argentina.

    BTW: in Argentina they created the backgrounds and in Mexico the Flash animation. Flash animation is per se, an insult to animation legends. But that’s another topic.

  • James

    I’ve got to agree to some of the fans–as disappointing this looks, it still looksmore entertaining than both Yogi Bear and the upcoming Smurfs films.

  • Mateusz

    The video is now available here:

    However, I can’t guarantee it won’t be taken down again soon.

    • I’ve embed the full trailer again via your new link. Thanks!

  • This can make more money than new Winnie the Pooh movie

  • its definetly not feature film quality, but it isn’t all bad, maybe 10 years out of date…its for kids i hope they like it.

  • Manny

    RIP Arnold Stang

    Who can boast out the Brooklyn accent now? Suggestions?

  • Anthrocoon

    Mr. DeLyon (Brain/Spook), Mr. Stephenson (Fancy Fancy) and Mr. Kaplan (Choo Choo) are still with us and could be used to reprise their roles in an Eng. lang version…

  • AnimationFan

    I’m gonna watch it and then make up my mind about it. I’ve seen plenty of really bad movies with great trailers. And great movies with bad trailers too.

    I will not judge this just based on the animation and this trailer. I’ve also seen plenty of poorly animated, great movies.

  • Mister Twister

    Finally! :)

  • Maikito

    Jason Harris is the voice of Top Cat (yes.. that Jason Harris of double dare 2000)

  • Keegan

    I really wish they tried to capture the Ed Benedict style.

  • It is kinda sad when companies greedly take good characters and use them to make some money.
    This animation studio made the same to Boogie El Aceitoso, a very very good comic strip from Roberto Fontanarrosa, and turned into some really bad movie with cheap animation. Not making any honor to the original source.
    These are just products for kids, that ruin old ideas instead of originally creating a mediocre new one.

    • pixelin

      “It is kinda sad when companies greedly take good characters and use them to make some money.”

      whoa, seriously? isn’t that the point of every single commercial movie ever made?

      • Not everyone, all of those movies are made to make money, but only a few make them to honor the original idea as well.

    • Martin

      Illusion Studios is known in Argentina because of its bad quality. Not only the slaughtered Fontana Rosa’s “Boogie el Aceitoso”, but made some more crap with Anime Pro (cut-out). The company is run by “fatso” Maza, a guy from advertisement and the studio has been involved in scandal because of some stuff the managers did with money.

      For instance, there were many bullet holes at the door of this guy’s office. Like a mafia signal. Payment is bad, they make you run and squeeze you like there’s no tomorrow and some of your colleagues could be the cousin of some producer, etc., etc. who can’t even draw. In such environment you can’t work well.

    • Vzk

      At least Boogie looks riskier and less conventional than this movie.

  • Ignatz the Brick Pitcher

    “Don Gato” lookso horrifico! En facto, as baddo as mi Espanol. lol

  • Steven M.

    I have to say, I’m very disappointed with this. I was so excited about the movie when the first trailer came out, but this second one completely flushed all my enthusiasm down the toilet. The animation is just painful flash-inbetweened puppetry, the CGI looks distracting, and the plot doesn’t look terribly interesting.

    What a letdown.

  • Al Jordan

    Since Funkybat mentioned H-B’s Late 80’s & early 90’s period, the majority of the shows the studio put out then were animated with the assistance of Phillipine animation workshop Fil-Cartoons (an excellently talented animation pool, imo) and Jon McLellan’s Chicago-based Startoons, which, coincidentally, was the studio hired to produce the more eye-appealing “Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats”, really the only good Top Cat movie you could ever see. H-B’s partnership with these studios, along with the hiring of a host of up-and-coming talent (John Kricfalusi, Tom Reugger, Tom Minton, and Scott Shaw!, among others) were what integrally contributed to the studio’s renaissance in that period, which lasted up until just previous to Ted Turner’s sale of the studio to Warners in 1995.

  • David Breneman

    All my life, I couldn’t understand the Top Cat theme lyrics. It always sounded like:

    “Close friends get to call him T.C.
    Stroll right in, it’s ripping the Tee.”

    So this post made me look up the lyrics. It turns out that they are:

    “Close friends get to call him T.C.
    Pro-vi-ded it’s with dignity.”

    But when I listen to the song, it STILL sounds like:

    “Stroll right in, it’s ripping the Tee.”

    The usually spectacular H-B music department let some lazy singing get through on this one. Top Cat was far from their best effort, which is really saying something.

  • caitlin

    Wow Its like the 90’s called and said “Hey I think you left this movie we made you”

  • Wil

    Sorry, but Top Cat? Is he still really popular in Mexico or something?

    • albert

      Yes he is, and one as kid never noticed there were so few episodes cause it was so much fun :)

    • Actually, almost every Hanna Barbera character hit every heart of southamerica.

  • Manny

    Well,we Love top cat in Mexico! it was way more popular here and I’m actually happy the movie was made here :)

    • Chris Sobieniak

      In some way, I’m not complaining about that one. It’s great that the show was that well-received and popular enough in your country to merit such a film as this. Any country is entitled to such a deserved production if they have the right money to spend for it.

      Now where’s my Wacky Races anime Japan? :-P

      • Vzk

        Be careful, we might get another atrocity like PPGZ.

      • Ronnie

        You got it before Wacky Races aired, it was called Speed Racer.

  • Yolander

    i never realized there were only 30 episodes

  • Psilos Kube

    What people on the US (or gringos) don’t understand is that top cat was HUGE over the border, why?
    1 -Very creative voice over actors
    2 -We love mob-like corruption more than you :)

  • Luis

    Another nightmare, the trailer from “Eva de la Argentina” (Eva from Argentina), also made by Illusion Studios: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcxnE10rhDE

    Loaded with oaths to the peronist movement and the current governmnent. The animation, if we could call it animation… I’d rather don’t describe what I think of this.

  • El Picador de Seattle

    Wow! Nice work. The fact that this website/blog has gotten so many comments in itself says something! I think this Mexican animation is great, particularly when in Mexico animation has traditionally been an importation from the US, Europe or Japan. Good job, excellent work. Keep it up. Long live Don Gato and his Pandilla.