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Los Campeones

Eddie Mort and Lili Chin (Mucha Lucha!) have returned to the cartoon wrestling arena to create a full length flash feature, Los Campeones. The movie opened theatrically in Mexico back in October. It has no U.S. distributor yet, but will be screening in Los Angeles at the Egyptian Theatre on Thursday February 5th. Eddie and Lili will be there to introduce the film and show off original art at the 7:30pm show. For more details check the Campeones MySpace or the Fwak blog.

Also check the Fwak! website to see some juicy images from other projects they’ve developed, like the retro-flash animated Hanna Barbera promos for Boomerang…

…and check this line-up (below) for La Familia Gonzales an aborted attempt by Warners and Cartoon Network to revive and update Speedy Gonzales:

  • Christopher Cook

    I see Slowpoke Rodriguez in that lot but all the other incidental characters look either stereotypical or non-descript.

  • Bruce

    These are some nice finds, Jerry, and I thank you for displaying them.

    In regards for the Speedy Gonzales television show, if it did worked out, it makes me wonder how the public would have responded to the show.

  • Baron Lego

    Meh. The clip from the Flash-animated Powerpuff Girls special looked a lot better than this thing. You could almost mistake the PPG production for a traditional, 2D-animation show- the Los Campeones movie has that smooth, drifty Flash execution that totally draws attention to the fact that you’re watching digital cut-outs thrash around.

    I’m not saying that the company hasn’t put a lot of effort into their film- they clearly have- but I’m not a bit fan of that particular (or maybe I should say, “typical”- since most Flash shows tend to move in the same way) approach to Flash animation, so my reaction is going to be biased.

  • Inkan1969

    Hmm, they don’t look like positive Latino role models to me. :-)

  • Jorge Garrido

    We need less positive Latino role models and more humourous ones. That series looks like it would’ve been good.

  • VT


    atleast it’s a few steps up from those Homies dolls


  • “The movie opened theatrically in Mexico back in October”

    Te cai?? (Really?) Where the Hell was I? Was I abducted by aliens again?

    If it opened on October, then it must have lasted just one weekend :-(

  • Cal

    Warners is drawn to the ongoing popularity of the Speedy Gonzales franchise yet terrified of it when it comes to doing anything new. The contemporary Hispanic audience remains deeply divided on the character – half of it loves him; half wishes he’d go away. Despite such mixed feelings, Speedy is eternal and won Warners an Oscar in his second appearance, which the company seldom brings up because that 1955 cartoon isn’t defendably p.c. As Warners stands poised to lay off 800 more people globally, Speedy Gonzales won’t be one of them.

  • Call me a joykiller, but I’m glad Speedy didn’t star in what looks like a incidentally Latino mouse version of Family Guy.

  • I like the fact that slowpoke rodriguez was going to be featured.

  • gaastra

    So they made a frankenstain jr and the impossibles one to.

    I wonder when boomerang will air these?


  • Is there a bigger version of the Speedy Gonzales artwork?

  • Hmm…Cartoon Network wanted to make a new Speedy Gonzales series? I never thought I’d see the day…no shocker that they backed out on it though. I do recognize a couple characters in the line-up though: Slowpoke Rodriguez is on the left, a little to the right is the mouse who summons Speedy in “Speedy Gonzales”. There’s also the chunky mouse who stood outside the cantina in “Tabasco Road”, and a female mouse who looks based on the one from “Cannery Woe”. The others are kind of weird-looking.

  • The Speedy Gonzales line up raises the issue “what is a negative stereotype?”

    Is the problem that they are portraying Mexicans as too fat? Too thin? Too fast? Too slow? Too tall? Too short? Too traditionally clothed? Too urbanly dressed? Too moustached? Too clean-shaven?

    If all these charcters were averaged out would that solve things?

    I’m not saying there can’t be a problem with Speedy Gonzales, but I haven’t heard anyone clearly articulate the problem.

    Speedy Gonzales seems to be trouble and yet Pepe Le Pew is not, and I’m not sure I could explain why.

  • BTW, I wish Slowpoke was in more Speedy cartoons. I found him alot funnier then Speedy himself. Unfortunetly since he took so much film to animate, Slowpoke was removed after only a few cartoons.

  • I do love his design, it’s just the implied context that has always bothered me.

    The problem I have with Speedy Gonzales is that the “twist” on the character is that he’s a fast and smart Mexican. Unlike all the other drunk lazy mice in those cartoons like Slowpoke Rodriguez.

  • The new designs in that Speedy Gonzales series are weird, but being weird is an interesting quality in a cartoon. However I think they don’t totally work cause they don’t seem to be done in the same style. They do share some sort of stylized style with Slowpoke Rodriguez, but they seem to be sharper designs o too modern compared with the traditional character. Also it’s hard to tell but Speedy himself seems to have a kind of a dead-eye look that reminds me of The Simpsons and Family Guy.

    I don’t think it would have been fantastic, but it could have been decent. It would have been better than Loonatics, that’s for sure.

    I used to watch Taz-mania. Now that I look back to it, it wasn’t exactly great. Practically the only thing that was really good about the cartoon was Taz. I liked how the show used him as a more likeable character that he usually is in Bugs’ shorts. Other than that a lot of the secondary characters were uninspired, the animation was mediocre and the color was odd and ugly. The plots and gags were entertaining but very occasionally.

    It’s pretty difficult to revive and/or update the classic characters.

  • Joffe

    thats not really fair Jorge. The Mexican mice were portrayed as weak and helpless, but rarely drunk. Slowpoke never touched the stuff, and the “twist” on Slowpoke was that after all of Speedy’s heroics he’d be captured and it’d turn out he had some weapon or power that was just as good as speed. The Mexican cats? Sure, they were shiftless drunks but they were the villains! The mice’s problem wasn’t that they were Mexican, its that they were mice. A better argument would be that Speedy cartoons perpetuate a stereotype about Hispanics’ linguistic ability with all the mangled English, but even then EVERYONE in a Warner cartoon speaks English like a high school dropout, regardless of cultural background. There are a lot of offensive “classic” cartoons that are all too quickly defended these days in the face of the “PC” boogeyman, but Speedy is largely pretty harmless, especially compared to what other ethnic groups had to put up with in Warner cartoons.

  • Buddy Winkler

    In classic Speedy cartoons you have a jewish guy doing Mexican dialect and the lazy Slowpoke Rodriguez packing heat. Add the running gag that “Speedy Gonzales likes EVERYONE’S seester” and you’ve got boffo yocks, as long as it’s 1955. But today’s cheapjack, outsourced Flash animation with rock bottom money for scoring makes a formidable nut to crack in attempting any update. We’ll see a new take on “Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs” before beholding one on Speedy Gonzales as long as we live under the current iteration of corporate cultural rule. The solution? Stop trying to breathe life into things that can’t possibly fly in 2009.

  • Slowpoke was not a drunk. He was probably a pothead. That’s why he’s always singing ‘La Cucaracha’ (who according to the song, cannot walk because it has not Marijuana left to smoke; this has something to do with soldiers in the Revolution giving themselves fake valor by smoking said drug).

    If I were to revive a character like Speedy, I would probably do it by portraying him as a 50-something mature mouse, who’s stopped being the Fastest mouse in all of ‘Mehico’, and with a young son that likes tattoos and punk music & Ska, much more according to the modern urban scene of Mexico in the XXIst century.

  • red pill junkie: LOL ! I never knew that, thanks for the info !

  • I think people read way too much into the classic Speedy Gonzales cartoons. Speedy never drank, smoked or engaged in any vice other than being a hit with the ladies. There were two or three cartoons involving other mice drinking, and it always got them into trouble, giving Speedy the job of keeping them out of it.

    As for Slowpoke, he only appeared twice. (“Mexicali Schmoes”, in which he appears for the final minute or so, and “Mexican Boarders”.) Both times, Slowpoke ended up coming out on top even over his cousin. “I may be pretty slow downstairs in the feet, but I am pretty quick upstairs in the cabeza!” Being hungry all the time and singing La Cucaracha, though…well…