<em>Glitch in the Grid</em> by Eric Leiser <em>Glitch in the Grid</em> by Eric Leiser
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Glitch in the Grid by Eric Leiser

Tantalizing teaser for Glitch in the Grid, a forthcoming feature by Eric Leiser, whose earlier film Imagination was mentioned on the Brew a couple years back. I’m really digging Leiser’s eclectic mix of styles, especially how he applies stop-motion for site-specific landscape animation. Check out this article for more details about the film or visit Eric’s website AlbinoFawn.com to learn more about him and his work.

  • Looks like Land Art in motion, a good thing. Funnily enough the “original score” contains an older melody by The Residents.

  • Sprat

    Half of it looks really promising, half of it looks like pretentious student film nonsense. I hope it’s the former!

  • Sprat i promise the land animation will blow your mind. Very little “student” table top animation in the film. My thanks and respect go out to the Brew for supporting new animation!