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“Gnomeo and Juliet” talkback

Gnomeo and Juliet opens today in theatres across the United States. It’s a Touchstone (aka Disney) release of an Elton John/Starz production, directed by Kelly Asbury (Shrek 2).

Kenneth Turan in the LA Times, calls it “Playful, inventive and endearing”. Stephen Holden in the NY Times was less enthused. He calls it “a discombobulated grab bag of jokes, peopled with characters who have little emotional resonance”.

I’ve seen it, and I say its a very enjoyable little B-film. Had a smile on my face throughout. Cute picture, and better than I thought it would be. But it didn’t need the “Dreamworks dance sequence” at the end – and I don’t think it’ll be up for the Oscar next year.

What did you think? Comments are open below to anyone who has seen it and wants to post their opinion.

  • The Brewmasters

    A reminder: this thread is only for people who have seen the film. If you haven’t seen it, your comment will not appear.

  • Richard Gadd

    This was a lot of fun – I had originally intended to avoid it thinking that it was going to be pretty 2nd rate (eg space chimnps etc) – but a few reviews made me give it a try.

    It does have a lot of wit and fun – and some enjoyable characters (eg the frog revelling in the fact that the romance is “doomed”). The animation is really nice too – capturing the textures of molded and crudely painted (and in some cases weathered) garden ornaments really well.

    Its by no means perfect – there is the aformentioned dance number at the end – and I thought the scene with the plastic flamingo went on a bit too long – but aa a whole an entertaining 70-odd minutes (the advertised running time is 84mins – but I looked at my watch on leaving + thought it rather less – though I didn’t stop for the credits as I was in a bit of a rush).

    Bottom line – I left the cinema with a big grin – so that has to count for something.

  • loved it. lol, i took my 3 kids to it and they also liked it. i thought the animation was nice and the they couldn’t really go wrong with the story so all in all it was good fun for the kids and wife.

  • Rick Farmiloe

    Just saw it. I gotta say it was very entertaining! The characters were really sincere. Lots of cute and inventive gags without being obvious. A lot of refreshing story choices too. When I would be driving at first glance at the posters, it looked like an unappetizing ice cream cone! Kelly Asbury and Baker Bloodworth are friends, so I really hope the film does well….Plus, it just deserves to! Not a super ambitious or big budget film, but it really hits the mark for me. Kelly and Baker have always been involved with top quality projects. This is definitely another one! Go see it!

  • Justin

    I actually just saw it like an hour ago. and I was afraid of what would say.

    For me it wasn’t the story that drove me to the theaters it was the look of the film. Initially
    Which is fantastic the texture artist really paid attention to every little detail. and All the characters had a personality

    But actually sitting down and watching it, I was having a wonderful time, they make fun of themselves along with William Shakespeare.
    And actually give little winks of his other works all over the film.
    ANd it isn’t just all for kids, they actually have a lot of adult themes in them that are very minor and would go over kids heads (e.g. Shrek)

    Now for what I didn’t like. One crying kids, but that is a diffrent subject.
    About the voice cast some of the voices felt uneasy, and not fitting the characters personality, and two song choices were a little forced in a few sequence, but all very minor rants.

    I actually have a few friends who are not going to see it simply in the TV-trailers they call Gnomeo. Ga-Nomeo.
    Set that aside they call him by the correct name in the film.

    Final thoughts, if you want to see a film that is gorgeous, fun, playful, and witty. And you want to leave a movie feeling good I Highly recommend this film.

  • Anthony D.

    Cute film, good laughs, happy ending, wonderful film. My mom and I loved it. Highly recommended!

  • erin

    Really enjoyed it. I think like megamind- it could have done without the musical number at the end. But I liked the characters a lot, and I laughed really hard when he was talking to the Shakespeare statue. I also thought the opening was cute in how they sort of made fun of themselves for making this movie. All and all left the theater wanting smiling. :)

  • dan

    I generally love animated movies. I generally don’t feel a need to write negative comments on the internet.

    But I found Gnomeo and Juliet to be SO out of this world horrible I had to throw in my 2 cents. Every sequence in the movie fell flat to me because nothing rang true.

    So the one little gnome guy sneaks into the human house to buy a lawn mower/destruction machine to unleash on his enemies. He is full of rage and is beside himself in grief. Also, he has to be very quiet so no one hears him. So as he starts typing on the keyboard, it makes sounds like a piano. He is soon dancing away on the keyboard having the time of his life.

    Now you can get away with things in animation that you sometimes can’t in live action. But to me, he was ordering a machine that has never existed in any sense of the imagination while dancing on a musical keyboard that also doesn’t exist while flip flopping emotions from rage to pure joy like no one ever does.

    And to me, almost every scene in the movie suffered from this type of desperate attempt at a gag or story point.

    Why did Gnomeo and Juliet fall in love? Why didn’t he let her have that flower when they met? Why did he even grab a hold of the flower? He didn’t even know it was there. I guess it was love at first sight, so why did he not want her to have the stupid flower?

    Who took all those pictures of the flamingo? And who put them up in that shed? They weren’t in there when the famingo was thrown in there and locked away! OMG that movie made no sense.

    I found all of the charcters wildly unlikable. Everyone of them was so filled with hate it made me root for no one. The entire movie was so mean spirited. They little gnomes actually were trying to kill each other for 80 minutes…for some reason.

    Oh, and the gnomes don’t want to the humans to know that they come to life. So…lawnmower races in the alleys in broad daylight then. Really. The loudest machines they find. Really? THERE’S some sneakiness.

    They whole movie was like that. Didn’t ring true.

  • James E. Parten

    It always pleases when something exceeds expectations. “Gnomeo and Juliet” does.

    Some (on other sites) have defamed this as a ripoff of “Toy Story”. Well?? The idea of “things come to life” goes back at least to a 1929 popular song, “The Toymaker’s Dream”, and has been a staple in animation since at least 1933. So, who rips off whom?

    Others have derived the use of Elton John’s music. Well, Sir Elton’s company, Rocket Pictures, has their logo on it right after the Touchstone shingle. And I rather fancy that Sir Elton can do whatever he deucedly well pleases with his own music, if he still holds the rights to it!

    Chuckles and I saw it last night, and we both left the theatre with smiles on our faces and in our hearts. I don’t know what the box-office for this film has been, but I hope it’s been healthy. It’s not up there with the very best, and is a very pleasant, middle-level feature; better than some we have seen and could name.

    And no fart jokes!

  • Gonna agree with Jerry on this one; Gnomeo and Juliet was better than I expected. Despite the “kitchen sink” mentality to the jokes, it was a valiant effort from a studio not named Pixar, Blue Sky or Dreamworks.

    • Jason

      Honestly this story was a tiny bit better than the average Blue Sky movie. I have no idea what’s up with that place since their animation is usually awesome with godawful story development.

  • Jason

    I think honestly the lawnmower and the pink bird pretty much stole the show. Otherwise an average movie.

  • Toonio

    Great little movie, packed with some good laughs.

  • Risa

    Just saw the film, and I was surprised that I loved it. Yeah, it’s not perfect, but I was entertained all the way.

  • Nice job! Not the kind of movie I would write ;) but I really thought it worked well!

  • I saw this with my sister, I left after 20 minutes and sneaked into seeing something else. I couldn’t look at it, it was unlikeable. I am a fan of Shakespeare’s work. I think he wouldn’t be impressed to see that his masterpiece of stories was toned down a lot for a children’s cartoon. If they were going to do a take of an animated adaption of Romeo And Juliet, get somebody for it to be done justice over somebody editing a legendary story that everyone is familiar with and editing it for a younger audience.