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HEAVY METAL 3D by David Fincher, Zack Snyder, James Cameron et al.

Filmmaker David Fincher (Fight Club, Se7en, Benjamin Button, etc.), who began his career working for Lucasfilm in special effects (Return of the Jedi) and on the animated film Twice Upon A Time, is setting up a new eight-or-nine part Heavy Metal animated feature. Besides himself, he’s enlisted James Cameron (Avatar), Gore Verbinski (Pirates of the Carribean) and Zack Snyder (300) each to direct a segment – with other big-name directors to be announced. Deadline Hollywood says TMNT creator (and Heavy Metal publisher) Kevin Eastman and Blur Studios’ Tim Miller may also be attached. Should be interesting to see how this comes together…

  • David Seth

    being a fan of both Heavy Metal films, I can’t wait for a third. And it will be interesting to see what these main stream directors bring to the series.

  • Bill Field

    I think it can really be a stunning move that helps animated shorts have a resurgence.

  • DJM

    I thought this was already set up at Blur. All 3D. In any case, I hope this doesn’t turn out like that atrocious Heavy Metal: F. A. K. K. 2. With Eastman’s involvement, it will probably become titties in space. Well, his section at least. It’s what the magazine has finally degraded into being. As the first introduction of Moebius and Jodorowsky to America, I’m amazed at what it has become.

  • FP

    The ultimate HEAVY METAL movie was already made. It was called FIFTH ELEMENT.

    The magazine is still being published? I last saw an issue fifteen or twenty years ago.

    Anyway, a new HM anthology sounds good if they get it right this time. The first one is a mess with isolated good parts. The FAKK thing is not watchable, even if you love bad movies.

    • RG

      The 5th Element was the worst sci-fi movie ever made. Watching it was more painful than Lance Armstrong’s testicle removal surgery (just a guess). The original HM was not quite “Flash Gordon’s Greatest Adventure” made by the same people, but was still great. I would just re-release the original in 3D (Ditto for Flash Gordon’s GA)and forget about any remake. If they manage it fine, but I don’t expect much. Fantasia 2 anyone?

  • Tedzey

    I think the magazine lost its touch over the years. Every issues gotta have a pinup drawing of a barely clad woman and a sword. Whatever happened to the cooler moebius covers? Maybe this movie will bring back its heyday and the magazine could get its game-face back!

  • Dock Miles

    I’m with FP, especially about *Fifth Element* — nuff said.

    I dropped away from the magazine in the early ’80s and have seen nothing since to make me change my mind. Its good years were the result of a period in the ’70s when the comix underground was exerting a gravitation pull on the fantasy/sci-fi mainstream. And that era is over and ain’t coming back. So good luck with the new project, but at best the appeal will be nostalgic. Rather like *Avatar*, finally after all these decades, delivered the perfect Edgar Rice Burroughs interplanetary-fantasy flick.

  • Jarko

    Hayao Miyazaki’s Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind is probably the best Moebius influenced animated movie and he would have wanted to make a film based on Richard Corben’s Rowlf. I’ve read that Katsuhiro Otomo was also influenced by French comics.

    Best live-action movies influenced by Heavy Metal comics are probably Alien and Blade Runner. Ridley Scott had mentioned at least Enki Bilal to Rutger Hauer about the influences of Blade Runner.

  • humming

    At least one traditionally-animated segment, or I’m not watchin’.

  • I want to see a Heavy Metal segment mounted by Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

    As for Heavy Metal 2000, I tried to watch that thing when it aired on Teletoon in 2008. Just an atrocious film. Not CineGroupe’s finest hour, not by a long shot.

  • I first saw Heavy Metal as a little girl. The appeal (since titties-in-space didn’t do a whole lot for me) was of course that everything was hand-drawn and gritty both in look and subject matter… I think it was the first *really* adult animated movie I’d ever seen. Without strongly tapping into the comic-booky, 2-D look and feel of the original, I doubt there will be enough motivation for me to bother seeing this one.

  • Chris B

    I’m excited about this one…. As long as Zemeckis is not involved

  • jeff bartoletti

    There’s been some good stuff by Robert Valley, Nathan Fox and Jim Mahfood in the last couple years of Heavy Metal.
    HM is still on the racks of Borders and Barnes and Noble.
    I’m guessing sales aren’t great, though. Someone like Corben who eastman loves doesn’t appear in mag anymore. Instead Corben pops up at Marvel, DC or Hellboy comics.
    The bikini clad warrior woman cover reached its peak when it was used on an all-Skydoll issue.

  • matt

    I’m not sure about the timing of this story. Is this the first proper/official announcement or something? It’s been floating around for a couple of years now as far as being Fincher’s thing and even Cameron’s name has been linked for a while.

  • This could be pretty alright.

    As I recall, a large chunk of the original Heavy Metal film (DEN, I think) was animated by students at a few different schools. Maybe one of these segments might have the same treatment.

    I hope it’s more than just BOOBS BOOBS GORE BOOBS like 2000 was.

  • I just hope its like the first film, but does anyone know when the release date is? Or even know if its gonna be shown in the theaters?

  • Mark McDermott

    At least John Candy can’t be voicing half the male characters.

  • Abu

    Ideally this film should be an adult Fantasia with each segment using different styles and animation techniques. Titties in space are fine as long as they are done in an artistic manner! ;)

  • JE

    Eastman told me about this at Comic-Con last year. As soon as he said that James Cameron was involved, I was hooked. Now if only they could get Don Felder to come back and do that always awesome theme song (“Won’t ya take that ride… ride… ride… ride… On Heavy Me-tal!”)

  • This is exciting! I wasn’t a huge fan of the original films, but I saw them as a kid and thought the idea was neat. It could be an excellent film if it’s got shorts in the vein of Skydoll, Fifth Element, Blade Runner; but I’d like to see them all animated, for sure!

    I’m getting a flash of the Animatrix, but if this is going to be in 3D, then it has to be in theatres. SCI-FI WOOO

  • James Cameron’s story will be a rip-off of Lion King and then do everything in his power to convince people it’s not an animated film.