“Henry Waltz” trailer “Henry Waltz” trailer
Feature Film

“Henry Waltz” trailer

Here’s the visually intriguing trailer for Henry Waltz, a feature film in development by Emil Goodman, an animation director in Budapest, Hungary. We’ve previously posted his mixed-media silhouette Beat Dis music video in 2008.

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  • Looks intriguing!

    It also reminds me of “The Mysterious Explorations of Jasper Morello” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vORsKyopHyM)

  • Mr. James

    I’m underwhelmed. The visuals look a lot like Michael Gagne’s Twisted Shadow Planet but with less style and pizazz. For a student thesis piece it might have had promise in a demo reel but as a feature length film I would walk out and demand my money back if it was even an hour long.

    • That’s what I thought! It seems like a really cool 2-d side scroller rather than a feature film! I know trailers are supposed to leave me begging for more, but has me begging to understand what the hell it was!

  • Interesting steampunk elements, but what’s the plot?

  • tgentry

    Who needs a good story when you have steampunk? Throw gears and Da-Vinci wings on everything, give people and places stuffy names, it’s art! So creative! OMG!!?!

  • GW

    That was a fantastic trailer. This film looks so good that I hope it doesn’t have a story so I can take a trip in the environment for an hour or two.

  • Hungarian animation has an amazing pedigree. I recently got a brainful of the best of it
    at the kecskemet animation festival where they had many retrospectives.
    I hope future hungariAn animators continue the tradition and the idea of a feature from there is intrigueing at least.