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Here Comes Trouble…


Just in time to ruin your holiday, this poster has popped up on various movie sites this week.

First Underdog, now this. It looks less like an adaptation of The Alvin Show and more like a bastardization of the Ralph Bakshi/John K. Mighty Mouse cartoon with Elwy and the Tree Weasels.


  • Wow. Uh… I th–mnh. Maybe it’s… well…


  • Steve Gattuso

    Thanks, Jerry. I *was* hungry…

  • Corrado (Anthony)

    I shudder to think what the designs for the Chipettes will be. If they are in the movie.

    It could even be worse than the Chipmunk’s designs.

  • zapnut

    Anyone remember that flash cartoon years ago about how the Chipmunks were all ghetto and did drugs? It’s just depressing.

  • Keepn’ a Secret

    I hear the advertising for this is going to be ramping up soon. Can’t wait to hear those squeaky voices in THX

  • Mr. Semaj

    God help us all.


  • Richard

    Ewwww! They look ugly. A new level of ugly.

  • Sweet Jebus, that is horrid…if it leads to the release of the original show on DVD (The Alvin Show that is, none of that horrible 80s crap with the girl chipmunks) at least SOMETHING good will have come of it.

    • Tyler

      I actually liked the ’80s so-called “crap”… I think that the live action movies kinda ruined it, but im glad to see there back. Who knows, they might release another tv series, hopefully in 2d drawn version.

  • red pill junkie

    You gotta fight!
    For your right!

  • Jules

    Ah, yes. When literal minds get control…

  • Doctor Awkward

    It’s not the fact that they’re making a movie of the Chipmunks that I don’t like, it’s that The Chipmunks are now re-envisioned as “gangsta” or “Ghetto” or whatever. I’m not going to judge the movie already, but I can’t say that the poster is giving me high hopes.
    Well, look on the bright side. At least The Chipmunks actually look like chipmunks now.
    With the rate of how old cartoons are being turned into movies, I can’t wait for the Jabberjaw movie that I bet will come out Holiday 2008.

  • Hip-hop Chipmunks!?! You gotta be kidding me.

  • I’m enjoying this slew of posters for CG films that have very ironic catch phrases. First it was “The End is Near” and now “Here Comes Trouble”. Almost too horrible to be true…

  • To whoever is making this movie: Do you really think this is smart?!

    People think they can improve and update history.

    • Tyler

      This is the worst part… Ross and Janice THEMSELVES had the idea of doing this…

  • I was thinking they looked more like the Fox bastardization of Garfield, myself, except blinged up to bring them into the 1990’s (so now they’re only TEN years outdated!).

    Who IS responsible for this, anyway?

  • David

    Oh, make it stop …. barf.

  • Corey

    Run DMC is gonna be pissed!

  • I grew up with the 1980’s Chipmunks cartoon.

    I’m scared. Very, very scared.

    (On the other hand, that whatshisname guy could make a great Dave.)

  • i really wish i hadn’t seen that; there goes my fourth of july.

  • tom

    They Poochie D’d them!

    Notice that that’s Jason Lee again- voice of Underdog this year. He’s fallen a long way since voicing Syndrome in the Incredibles.

    Oh, well. I still like him in My Name Is Earl.

  • I like it.

  • Guys. Nothing can stop the juggernaut of CG movies based on old cartoons. So why worry about it? Why not keep creating GOOD, ORIGINAL stuff and doing our best to get it into the theaters?

    Personally, all i did when I saw this was shrug my shoulders and say, “Meh.”

  • By the way, perhaps this will teach all of us about how better to negotiate our contracts, to ensure that even if we pass away, our ideas stay protected from this kind of thing.

    Course, copyrights eventually DO expire…

  • Christopher Cook

    It burns us!

    I’ll take “Twitch & Writhe” over whatever these pseudo-Chipmunks have to offer.

  • My pet parakeet was sitting on my shoulder when I opened the full sized poster for this thing. The bird burst into flames.
    What is with this recent “let’s take everything old and remake it” thing. I mean, it’s always been about, but this year it’s ridiculous. Is Micheal Bay directing this to? Will the chipmunks have gold teeth like real rappers? Will they pop a cap in someone’s ass?

  • uncle wayne

    I think even Clyde is crashing in his cup! Ooo-eee-ooo-uh-oh!

  • Tinker

    Seriously? Why must they take something that was perfectly fine and make it “better” or “modern?” I can’t stomach the thought of what other animated treats will be regurgitated up in the future. It broke my heart to see Underdog thrown under this bus of the future…

    Who’s next? Tom and Jerry? Beany and Cecil? oh for the love of god don’t let this be thier fate!

  • Having help animate the opening title of the 80’s TV show back in the day, under the supervision the son of the original creator, Ross Badgesarian Jr., I can only hope still is just part the schtick for one particular musical number. I don’t think you can capture the audience if you can’t see the “eyes” of the characters. This must be a test.

    • Tyler

      I hope that you can still get in contact with ross… I think that its time to show the 3rd generation of chipmunk fans the real stuff and not this pos. What intro did u animate, i like the 2nd version much better than the first.

  • fishmorg

    Maybe this is intended for export to the Bizarro planet?

  • Andrew

    I am mostly under the impression that this is from one of the musical numbers where they emulate rap. But I am still feeling VERY dirty even replying to this poster!!!

  • GeeVee

    Perfect malevolence behind those smiles.

    So instead of speeding up their voices, they’re probably slowed way down to demon-possessed pitch.

  • My childhood! Whyyyy?


  • I wish this were just some cruel joke.

  • It’s the end of the world.

  • Isn’t dressing the chipmunks up in the garb of a particular musical style a tradition in this franchise? There was certainly no shortage of it in the 80s iteration of the show.

    I don’t you can call this film a bastardization. It looks to be pretty faithful to the spirit of the franchise. I think we’ve all just forgotten how incredibly lame that franchise already is.

  • This isn’t QUITE as bad as underdog. As least the Characters’ designs have a small, fleeting connection with the Chipmunks as we know them.

    Here’s someone else hoping that this turkey-in-the-making leads to a proper DVD release of the Alvin Show.

  • Sam Logan:
    If it’s for a musical number, then that’s fine. Better this than… boy bands… or emo bands.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Having help animate the opening title of the 80ââ‚

  • Plus everything will will be to ‘real’ like they will look at chipmunks to get the physicality of movement anatomically correct. that was the great thing about the animation from the original show (after finding some videos on YT) the shirts would be their bodies and their heads, hands and feet would move about super crazy, so then they can jump all over and be expressive and be fluid.

  • David

    Honestly, I have no particular nostalgia or affection for The Chipmunks.
    It’s just that this sort of crap makes my skin crawl. I’m not particularly offended that the “classic” Chipmunk characters are going to be desecrated because I don’t really care about those characters one way or the other , but I can’t understand the stupidity of the people that take these old TV shows and “revision” them to what they think is cool and hip (and always ends up embarrassingly dated within a few years) If you’re going to do the Chipmunks or UnderDog , or whatever , do it with some integrity and respect for the source material, otherwise why are you doing it at all ? I’m against it in principle. Geez, people come up with some NEW ideas and characters, and stop recycling the same old junk .

  • Richard

    Not only am I afraid of what they look like, but think about the dialouge. “Yo Dave, whazzup my home dawg,” in a high-pitched voice will be the most awkward moment in animation history.

  • Keith Paynter

    What next – a CGI remake of Howard The Duck? (Oh, wait, that might be considered an improvement!)

    “Kill me…please…kill me…”

  • There’s goes lunch…. *urp*

  • Are you seriously calling it awful based on this poster?

    1: They’re REAL chipmunks! How cool is that?
    2: They’re dressed like RAPPERS! They’re going to RAP!!!
    3: Best of all, Dave is NOT played by Will Ferrel!

    I can honestly say I wouldn’t have done anything differently.

  • Inkan1969

    Well, I always figured the Chippettes for total ‘ho’s. :-)

  • As Clyde Crashcup might say…

    That’s ‘b’ for ‘b’ and ‘omb’ for ‘omb’: “bomb”

  • Luke

    is this world boring and stupid today?

  • Adam

    If there’s one thing I love, it’s high-pitched gangsta rap.

  • Billy Badtz

    Now ya know how the Transformer fans feel

  • I cracked up when I first saw this. I didn’t care much for the 50’s cartoon or the 80’s remake, but this looks too stupid for words.

    I can only imagine what they’d sound like as rap stars. Probably like Eminem breathing helium.

  • Cyber Fox

    Wavy Jitlin’ Gravy!

    This is much worse than the Underdog movie
    I watched BOTH the ’80s version and “The Alvin Show” and Alvin never wore a hoodie, Simon never had shades or wore a hat and Theodore never ever wore shades or a hat

    Screw the Chimpettes, I’m fearing what Alvin, Simon and Theodore would sound like in this bastardized movie

  • Despite the hip-hop getup, and their eyes being completely obscured… their personalities somehow come through. Which gives me a BIT of hope. (I do like how they do look a bit like chipmunks, with subtle striping as opposed to their old flat brown.)

    But I’m still doubtful. It’ll likely end up being a stinking pop-culture reference bogfest like Garfield.

  • Well, at least this movie is guaranteed to be a box office failure thanks to the recent decline of hip-hop.

  • Bugsmer

    Those are three plug-ugly chipmunks.

  • Lucy Daly

    I thought that this was a joke when I saw it -__-‘ And after being on such a high after seeing ‘Ratatouille’ for a second time in a week….

    Well, let’s not lose faith, I mean, look at well George of the Jungle, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Dudley Do-Right, Garfield, and now Underdog have been treated! :D……………………………………………………………….

    *slams head on desk and cries*

  • Charles

    I can’t wait for the Chipmunk Crunk album.

  • Bob

    I prefer the original series from the early 1960s to the 1980s version myself. On that show, Theodore was actually taller than Alvin, though not quite as all as Simon. I agree with Clyde Crashcup—uh, Jon—on his earlier post.

  • Keith Paynter

    My initial reaction was not unlike Yosemite Sam’s at the end of Hare Trimmed, when he’s at the wedding with Bugs thinking he’s the widow Granny, then sees Bugs’ tail exposed from the back of the torn train.

  • Wulfraed

    I’ve always been of the impression that Theodore was too smart for such an end…

  • Arran

    Oh Jason Lee…what are you doing???

  • Wicked Sairah
  • God help me… I laughed when I saw it! Here’s hoping they’ve updated Alvin’s Harmonica! Maybe including the words “crunk” and “bling!”

    The movie could go either way. I think the real determining factor is whether the script contains the phrase “get jiggy with it.”

  • Floyd Norman

    AAAiiiiiiieeeeeee! Dr. Quest!

  • Is that French Stewart as Dave? Come on!

    That made me throw up a little bit in my mouth.

  • So they’re a rap group now? I definitely don’t remember that being a part of the original canon…
    How many classic cartoons are left to destroy at this point?

  • Larry T

    Will the chipmunks have gold teeth like real rappers? Will they pop a cap in someone’s ass?

    I hope so- and maybe the one who came up with this lameass attempt at a CGI movie will do a cameo in it as the one who receives the cap. That’s the only way this abomination will be validated.

    Geez, people come up with some NEW ideas and characters, and stop recycling the same old junk .

    Well said, David. This is the entire problem with these money-wasters in a nutshell.

    Not only am I afraid of what they look like, but think about the dialogue. “Yo Dave, whazzup my home dawg,� in a high-pitched voice will be the most awkward moment in animation history.

    LOL!!!! Don’t forget they’ll have to throw the words ‘Napster’, ‘PS2’, ‘Furby’, and ‘MySpace’ into there somewhere.

    I can’t wait to see the end of the movie and find out that Theodore goes on a diet, slims up and wins the girl; Simon cuts loose from his intellectual pursuits and becomes self-actualized as the hood’s most popular ‘munk; Alvin learns a lesson in respect and integrity by getting a job after graduating from College; and Dave wakes up after a session with his psychologist where he learns the chipmunks were nothing but an apparition caused from chemical imbalance of drinking too much Red Bull.

  • OM

    …Oh great. Alvin and the Thugmunks. I can see it now:


    Alvin: “Ah, shaddap fool, before I bust a cap in yo ass!”

    Simon: “Yeah, we’s sick of yo beins a mofo wif us an’ tryin’ ta keep us tied t’da crib!”

    Theodore: “Indubi…Indubi…oh, fuggit. Word.”

  • Dont see whats so bad about it.. Looks pretty good to me..

  • Asymetrical

    Honestly what’s sad is not the fact that this film is being made but the fact that you all whine so much about it and the fact that you cling to a what was at BEST, a bland show to begin with. You act like Alvin and the Chipmunks brought down Communism or something. that it’s so reverent that no one should THINK to remake it. It was a limited animation show to start and actually the only time it even got decent was when Glen Keane and some other Disney vets worked on the feature in the 80’s.

    The Chipmunks was just airwave fodder when it came out and you all KNOW that if you saw The Chipmunks come out today as a brand new series on Cartoon Network or Nick you’d all whine about how it sucks and you can’t believe they ripped off Chip and Dale! I think you guys just like to whine. It’s 3d ANIMATION and it’s nice to see people working. WORKING!

    Besides this film wasn’t made for you 40 something artists and Bugs Bunny fan boys (a club of which I am a steadfast member), it was made for kids.

  • Anne

    Now I have the theme song from the 1980s chipmunks stuck in my head.

    Speaking of Poochie D, could they rastafarianize them about…ten percent? :P

  • narkspud

    Before the 60s TV show, there was yet another version of the Chipmunks on the record covers, and they were more detailed and chipmunk-y. Go here and scroll down about 2/3 of the way.

  • What I wish is that the studios stop making bad CG versions of good properties and make good CG versions of bad movies. I want to see the CG version of “Plan 9 From Outer Space”. I’m sure every modern studio exec has a little Ed Wood in them.

  • Bill Field

    Dreamworks next penguin epic, “Tennesee Tuxedo and the Search for Chumley’s Tusks” starring Professor Whoopee Goldberg is looking better and better…….

  • If you hate this, then brace yourselves for the Smurfs movies!! And i say movies because they signed up for THREE movies! *snort*

  • Robert Schaad

    Ugh! Give me Elwee and the Tree Weasels or the 60’s version over this any day.

  • bobservo

    The Chipmunks have been “ruined” about every five years since their birth.

  • I actually wouldn’t mind if this spurs on a DVD release of “The Alvin Show.”

  • Wow. Here comes yet ANOTHER bad movie.


  • Ryan Dunlavey

    Big whoop – what do you people expect with these big screen adaptation? Something GOOD?!! Fat Albert, Flintstones, Transformers, Garfield, ad infinitum – they always have been and always will be giant steaming nut-filled piles of sh*t.
    This is nothing new really.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    > Dreamworks next penguin epic, “Tennessee Tuxedo and the Search for Chumley’s Tusks� starring Professor Whoopee Goldberg is looking better and better…….

    Surprised they haven’t done that yet (and what kind of shoes need to be filled to replace Don Adams’ legacy). :-)

    Speaking of Chipmunks, I had to be reminded of this guy’s little contribution a while back when he decided to redub the first five minutes of “The Chipmunk Adventure”…

    I only wish I could pay the guy to continue, this was just too good!

  • Richard

    I spent ALL day coming up with a caption to the poster, so here I go.

    Vanilla Mice.

  • Ice, ice baby. That is all.

  • mationfan

    LOL man I’m as much as a animation fan as you guys, but the comments are cracking me up.It doesn’t look THAT bad and it’s only a poster.I really doubt the entire thing will be based on rap.The chipmunks always seem to cop every style of music.And by the way, judging by the clothes it looks more like 80’s style rap.Where people got crunk, ghetto, and gansta I don’t know.So it’s in 3d.Honestly if it was in 2d you guys would still probably complain……..

  • Dave Silva says: “I grew up with the 1980’s Chipmunks cartoon. I’m scared. Very, very scared.”

    I grew up with the 1960’s Chipmunks cartoon. I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

  • Steve Gattuso

    That’s Jason Lee in the David Seville role, looking as if he’s going to kill his agent. You’d think that his Scientology connections would steer him to a better project… Like “Battlefield Earth 2”

  • Why are you being such a hater Jerry? I’m sure Mr.Bagdi….Bagdi…si…sa..sar..ian will honor his father’s original vision for these characters just like he has in previous incarnations. ;0)

  • big bad balloon

    >Honestly what’s sad is not the fact that this film is being made but the fact that you all whine so much about it and the fact that you cling to a what was at BEST, a bland show to begin withthat it’s so reverent that no one should THINK to remake itIt’s 3d ANIMATION and it’s nice to see people working. WORKING!

  • rubby

    gimme a BREAK Asymetrical.

    why is this property being remade in the first place? cash. anything else? nope.
    really, of all the artists(esp. in the socali area)around i find it VERY hard to believe NO ONE has a new concept worthy of being produced.

    -that it’s so reverent that no one should THINK to remake it.

    save your bullsh-t about something being too sacred to be remade. is it TRULY that difficult to see the real issue here?

    -It’s 3d ANIMATION and it’s nice to see people working. WORKING!

    yes! i’d LOVE to animate sh-t! REAL LIVE SH-T! feces. just to be working.WORKING!!!


  • I used to like the second version of the show when I was a kid. It was not really that great, though, I guess. I never watched the first version.

    I dislike the majority of the rap music and I love 60s pop music, but I don’t know if that alone is enough to say this will suck. It’s more the fact that all the other franchises were completely ruined because of really bad plots and gags. I have to say I also love the 2d animation in The Chipmunk Adventure movie and it doesn’t seem this is going to be as aesthetic as that was at all.

    I don’t think the designs are terribly bad for a CGI film, but it will probably suck anyway for one factor or another.

  • Mark Lungo

    According to the film is real–and it stars Jason Lee as David Seville. Lee also voices the title character in the equally-horrible looking [i]Underdog[/i] update. Come on, Jason! You’re starring in one of the best sitcoms on TV! You don’t need this! And David Cross, who’s also in the cast–you don’t need this either! Why do these awful remakes always feature good actors who should know better?

  • Dang, why do they ALWAYS have to update 60´s characters to nowadays, instead of keeping them atemporal? Not only that Shrek-ish 3D design is eye-bleeding, but also those hip-hop suits are completely out of place… :0P
    Blessed shall be the day when Hollywood execs quit turning old cartoons into live-action movies…

  • they’re EXTREME!! and in yo face!!

    isn’t that what execs want to think?

    They’re cool cuz they dress like hip hop!! thats COOL!!!!

    thats what execs want…..

    EXTREME to the MAX!!! they look badasses..they’re soo cool..they updated them for my generation…..wait….who the hell are alvin and the chipmunks?

  • Inkan1969

    Boy, Jason Lee’s got a LOT of bad karma he’s going to have to resolve now. :-)

  • Steve Carras

    David Silva wrote:

    I grew up with the 1980’s Chipmunks cartoon.

    I’m scared. Very, very scared.”

    ANd it’s IMO things like that version that cause the pendulum (with a chipmunk on it) to swing in the oppposite direction.

    The 1980’s Chipmunk cartoon, IMO, forgot to add the 1960s’s version’s humor, and it is that 1960s version that I grew up with. Atleast TCF under that the chipmunks are supposed to be like the
    ORIGINAL, joking verisons, not the 1980s (read-Spieilberg WB TTA version). But GANGSTAS?

  • Clayton

    It’s like some of you were actually disappointed that “Garfield” wasn’t a good movie. If you went to see “Garfield” or “Underdog” and were expecting to see “Lawrence of Arabia,” losing ten bucks is the least of your worries.

    But if you saw this poster and immediately thought, “Why must they do this to us?!” we’re in bigger trouble than I thought. The animated “Alvin and the Chipmunks” have always been hackneyed and annoying characters. You can expect the worst from this movie, I promise, but it has a long way to go before diminishing the series. Seriously, a cartoon based on a novelty song? I’m sure somebody must’ve thought it was a good idea, once.

    And yes, you can undoubtedly expect rapping, popping, locking, a dancehall number, a Nirvana parody, a “Weird Al” cameo, maybe even a Neutral Milk Hotel cover, a Cat Power poster, Alvin wearing a Johnny Thunders t-shirt, plenty of fart jokes, Paris Hilton jokes, and the re-animated voice of Phil Hartman. Hooray for America!

  • Demidan

    Asymetrical says:
    Besides this film wasn’t made for you 40 something artists and Bugs Bunny fan boys (a club of which I am a steadfast member), it was made for kids.
    You are correct about the “for children”, though I have yet to see how “gansta rap” was ever a positive thing for children.

  • Ah yes, the innocence of past commercial ventures! Like pure driven snow! Apparently as long as it’s over 30 years old, it is warm, fuzzy, and sepia-toned.

  • lance Boyle

    Looks like Bagged Ass Jr has spent the family change and doesn’t have daddy’s talent or an ounce of shame. Yo.

  • Wee Willie


  • Earnest

    I’m working on the movie and am happy to tell you this poster isn’t an accurate representation of the chips or their personalities in the movie at all IMHO. They aren’t rapping, gangster thugs and they are actually pretty cute and charming most of the time. The writing isn’t bad and the acting isn’t either, so instead of basing your entire judgement of a movie based on the poster which doesnt even look like the CG Chips in the movie (trust me) maybe you should wait until it comes out and *then* lambast it. ;)

  • Firemouse


    Let’s hope they don’t feel the need for a backstory explaining who the Chipmunks’ parents were, and what incredibly perverse situation that might indicate.

  • Why must everything be ruined??? It was bad enough what they did to them in the 80s .

  • If they make this Rated R, I’ll probably love the hell out of it.

  • bendotron

    Am I the only one who immediately imagined glowing red eyes in the darkness under Alvin’s hood?

    Let the photoshopping commence!

  • Robert Igoe

    Please! As if Ralph Bakshi could ever create something this bad or have anything to do with the Chipmunks. If there is Christmas in Hell, that dumb song of theirs and “Grandma Got Run Over” must be playing 24/7 from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. This may have been amusing for five minutes in the early 1960s, but can’t someone put these annoying, bucktoothed roadkill out of our misery once and for all?

  • Robert Igoe

    Wait a minute, are the creators of this linked site insinuating that someone might actually want to PAY MONEY for this poster?!!?

  • Juan Alfonso

    Seeing the poster almost makes me miss good old Bakshi.How close are we to a CGI remake of “Fritz the Cat”?

  • Robert Igoe: Apparently, you’ve never seen Bakshi’s Fire and Ice.

    As for the new Chipmunks movie, I saw the trailer in front of The Simpsons Movie. It was about as awful as one might expect. And I definitely could have done WITHOUT that scatological gag — thankyewverymuch!

  • emily clark

    can it be any gayer

  • u no wat

    people sometimes make me sad….. and so do those chipmunks

  • That idea to me is terrible. [For that matter, believe it ort not, I wouldn;t let any munchkins of mine wear zoot suits or Flashdance outfits..’member THAT 80s cartoon [Snoopy, for one] fad?]

    Noiw that two movies have come out, I have two movies not to attend.:)