“Hop” teaser trailer “Hop” teaser trailer
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“Hop” teaser trailer

A nice little teaser trailer as cute as the poster:

  • No idea if the story will be any good, but the bunny is cute. It’s a start.

    Every time i start to think no one ever needs to hear that song again, my husband reminds me that it probably helped to finance Gorillaz.

    • tonma

      hehe, yeah it most likely did.. But still I secretly wish Damon gets a tummy ache everytime this one plays to sell something, because I kinda do.

  • tonma

    man, I just see Chipmunks 3 with long ears. I hope the studio made something different but I doubt it. After all it’s a holiday movie, You know they’ll play it safe.

  • Kyle Remus

    The animation here is quite charming, I’m loving that adorable face.

  • dreamworks face spotted at 1:07

  • Klyph

    Love the animation. I just wish he wasn’t dressed like he’s going to a Nirvana concert.

  • It’s definitely cute, though I have to ask how does the bunny reach for the base pedal while it’s standing on the stool?

  • Joe Jackson

    So how’s he playing the kick drum? In the last few seconds you can clearly see both of his feet on the stool and hear the drum. Man, amateurs. Joking.

    Looks all right, for a teaser.

    • MichaelDair

      Rick Allen is working the kick.

  • Cara Golden

    He is so cute!!!!

  • and Blur’s “Song 2” is overused yet again :/

  • Princesses and bunny rabbits. Man, that’s what animation is all about. The rabbit rocks.

  • This makes no sense. How is he hitting the bass drum? It should have been a little drum set that fit his size.
    I wish they chose a song I haven’t heard a million times before.
    The eyes creep me out but most CG films have those hyper-detailed eyes.
    There’s some fun animation in there though.

  • James E. Parten

    This is not an effective trailer. It does not properly tease, nor does it give you the slightest clue as to what the movie is about.

    I shall reserve judgement, but I have the feeling that, as I amble towards fogydom, I am not part of this film’s target audience!

  • How does this look any better or worse than any other film of it’s kind?

  • Karen

    Because this rabbit is, in the film, a complete terror. Think Monty Wooley in “The Man Who Came To Dinner.” Only worse (and sadly, without Wooley’s voice).

  • Hm. Unfortunately this doesn’t give me any more information than the poster did.. So I don’t have a whole lot to say.

    …Except that in that grunge get-up, I kind of hoped he’d be playing some grunge tunes. That would make for an interesting contrast: this cute little bunny playing depressive, dirty-sounding music.

    • Steve Gattuso

      Maybe some Green Day or that level. It would be a bit of a downer in the teaser to hit folks with “Rape Me” by Nirvana. ^_^

      • Ha ha ha! Yes, I can imagine going “too far” with that concept. Heck, even some Pearl Jam would be nice.

  • Steven M.

    I fail to see the cuteness here.

  • Mark Sonntag

    How’s he playing the kick drum? . . . how can Bugs Bunny walk of a cliff without falling? who cares, it’s a cartoon. Looks like it’ll be fun . . . cute too.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Okay, so far I’m sold. Even if they did end up using a Dreamworks smirk once.

  • Tee

    Anyone worrying how he’s playing that kick drum is on the wrong website. It’s like asking where Bugs Bunny got that hammer, or where that anvil came from. It’s a cartoon. It’s bunny license or something. Geez, people!

    Bunny cute. +1. Would buy again.

  • Katella Gate

    I loved this, even if it is just a character demo. Girls will love the rabbit, young guys will love rock attitude. Very good pantomime carrying the drums, and the cymbal grab/ear flip to reveal tired eyes was a great way to end.

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I love it!

  • Uli Meyer

    Love it!

  • How is he playing the kick drum? How the fuck does Animal from the muppets play the kick drum. Of all the things to get hung up on, holy shit.
    Lots of great stuff happening there. The design is appealing, the animation is well timed, the posing clear, and his face is very expressive. yeah, the song is overused, that that’s a minor issue. Besides, none of you has EVER been in a meeting where you are trying to get a bunch of marketing type execs to agree on a song. The choice you land on will ALWAYS be the most obvious one. Me? I’d have picked “Moby Dick” by Led Zepplin, or “Walk this Way” by Aerosmith, but then, what the fuck do I know?
    Great job whoever you are!!!!

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Well, we can at least hope there won’t be any poop jokes in this film, then I won’t have to question a character’s biological functions either!

  • Jeff Haynes

    Shades of Happy Days, would be nice if the drumming of the character matched the drums in the music.

    • Jason R.

      Yeah, thats what I noticed, too. It’s quite a realistic drum set so at least the snares and toms should match the sound. Sweet animation though

  • Was my face red

    How can Daffy has a detachable beak when it’s not standard duck issue? Why do Ren and Stimpy look different in every single shot? Why doesn’t Betty Boop’s massive head break her neck? If all Toys are alive why do they all just accept being slaves to children? Why did the dwarves live so far from their place or work in a small cottage when they’re ming so much wealth? How come Animal plays the drums with ease when there’s weird metal rods sticking out of his arms? Oh God, once you start asking these questions you just can’t stop!!!

  • dr. truth

    i hate teasers like this. At least give us some sort
    of idea what the story is about.

  • Bob

    Fine … until the music started. It’s the rock forays that kill this pictures — they nearly sand the otherwise excellent Megamind.

  • Alissa

    This wasn’t really a trailer, I think. It was really more of an eyecatch. “Look at this bunny!” kind of thing. Anyway, definitely cuter moving than as a still on a poster.

  • Adorable Nirvana bunny!

    • Jason R.

      It’s Blur – Song 2…

  • AJ

    wow it doesn’t make me want to roll my eyes at the sight of it. It seems a bit average, but hey at the moment average is a good step (or i suppose hop ) forward.

  • I don’t see anything new or special…and why do they use the same type of music all the time? To make it appear more “cool”?

  • Anthrocoon

    Hey, is that Cheap Trick’s drummer…Bun E. Carlos? :)

    • Should have been the life story of famed jazz drummer Bunny Rich.

  • Corey

    I’m not understanding what gets passed for cute or ugly around here anymore.

    • I guess cute is in the eye of the beholder. *shrug*

  • Wes

    As soon as the music started I was disappointed he wasn’t playing grindcore blast-beats or something crazier than a goofy pop song (probably also owned by Universal). I can almost hear the executives now counting the soundtrack sales. One other nitpick… I never felt like the drum hits were connecting with the beats. Too weightless or something.

  • Eric Drobile

    There feels like there is some unmotivated squash and stretch going on in the head in places but otherwise kickass animation!

  • Crappy song, adorable bunny. (I didn’t find the CG chipmunks cute at all)

    I don’t even care if this movie will stink or do well, the pure girl in me wants a toy of that rabbit already.


  • Daniel J. Drazen

    Aside from the look, this is some actual personality animation happening here. Note how the main thing that’s teased out is the rabbit’s face, which we don’t see in full until the drum kit is set up. Then there are the small touches — point-and-wink, ear/hair flip — that go a ways toward establishing the character’s personality. It may be CGI but some of the tricks here are Old School Disney. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Let’s not forget the cute nose wiggles. This rabbit reminds me of my own, so I find subtle things like that quite endearing. :)

  • Keith

    Kick drum answer: The chick from the poster is down there, giving it his (her?) all!

    Cute teaser.

    • David Cuny

      That’s exactly what I thought – I kept hoping that they’d cut to a shot of the pedal with the chick jumping up and down on it. That would have been cool.

  • Ricardo

    Cool animation, but… The smirk… Oh, the smirk!!
    The teaser didn’t give me a good impression, also. If any.

  • ShouldBeWorkin’

    He is adorabley appealing (character designed well) and cute. Not a Disney or pixar clone, he looks like a classic Golden Book Richard Scarry guache illustration come to life. That said, CG characters bustin’ a move or playing drums in a trailer tell me nothing about the story.
    But I am sure that visual appeal may translate to Box Office for the kiddies.
    I wish it all the best.

  • purin

    I just keep being bothered by how textured the bunny looks. It’s very distracting.

  • OK, I usually roll my eyes at most of the animated movie trailers I see these days, but this really made me smile, and made my 1-year-old son start dancing.

  • Considering who is the director (Tim Hill, the director of horrible films as “Alvin and the Chimpunks” and the sequel of that live action Garfield film) I don´t expect anything good from this. This seems stupid.

  • Sherrie

    Nice animation, I like the design except for his clothing. It got me interested enough to check out the website! It looks like the standard man-child learns to grow up through adversity.

  • Italo

    Hi guys…my first comment here after lurking for about 3 years. <=)

    Now THIS is how the guys at Anima Studio should have animated the rabbits in Cat Shit One instead of cheating with crappy mo-cap. =P Anyways..looks promissing. =)

  • PeterL

    This teaser really appealed to me and especially the voice actors chose to play the characters, though the fact that it’s getting so close to the movie coming out and they haven’t released a real trailer or even any press stills makes me think it’s being rushed to market. Only time will tell.