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How to see Mary and Max

In case you were wondering what happened to a U.S. release of Adam Elliot’s clay animated feature Mary And Max… The film was finally picked up for US distribution by Sundance Selects, a video-on-demand service that’s an adjunct to the Sundance Channel and the Sundance Film Festival. The film will be available to purchase and view on cable and satellite systems beginning October 14th.

If you have a hankering to see the film on the big screen, the way it was designed to be seen, it starts tomorrow at the Laemmle Town Center 5 in Encino for an Oscar qualifying one week run. It will screen everyday at 10am Friday and Saturday at 10pm, Sunday through Thursday at 1pm. Asifa-Hollywood members have been invited to a private screening in Glendale next Wednesday, which will feature a Q&A with director Eliiot.

Mary and Max will also screen Wednesday October 14th, 7pm, as the opening selection at the Ottawa ’09 International Film Festival.

(Thanks, Eric Graf)

  • Mac

    Just saw the trailer for this and it looks great! I searched around for a UK release, but couldn’t find it so I guess I’ll have to wait for a DVD. It pains me to see a film that looks so good be doomed to obscurity. I know a lot of “art films” don’t see a general release because general audiences would be bored by them, but this looks to be a film that would entertain an awful lot of people. The trailer would certainly appeal to pretty much all of my friends, none of whom will have heard of it.

  • as much as i would love to see it in theaters, i’ll take what i can get.. I’ve been super excited to see this and i just got a fancy new hd cable box. oct 14th can’t come soon enough.

  • Corey K.

    “It will screen everyday at 10 AM.”

    Not quite. It will screen this Friday and Saturday at 10 PM (not AM), and from Sunday through Thursday at 1 PM.

  • Nice to see this getting some coverage on Cartoon Brew. Having seen this on its release here in Australia, I can confirm its a very strong film (I’ve reviewed it here – – for anyone who’s interested in more detailed comments). It really deserves a wider US release, particularly given Elliot has gone to the trouble of coming up what a plot that includes some trans-Pacific appeal.

  • The movie will also show twice at the Chicago International Film Festival next month: October 18th at 6:15pm and October 20th at 6:00pm. The festival seems to be showing fewer and fewer animated titles each year, which is a bit unfortunate (even though there’s usually at least one real gem in the mix).

  • I live in France and the movie will be released here next week but I just saw it this afternoon (adam elliot did a few Q&A at the end of the screening, it was really interesting). It’s a great movie! I was a bit disappointed by harvey Krumpett (that is compared to his previous short films) and didn’t know what to expect as a long length feature but Adam Elliot succeeded on so many levels. I’m hoping it’s released soon in the US so we can discuss it here.

  • Netflix let me put it on the queue for things that will be available eventually… I wonder if they’ll have it on Oct. 14th.

  • This is a really fun and worthwhile movie. See it any way you can.

  • It was shown on the last night on the Spark Festival alongside “9.99”. I wish I could have checked both out, hopefully they’ll be on DVD or online soon.

  • Tim Schuit

    I saw this here in NZ at this year’s film festival.

    I would HIGHLY recommend it. It’s a lovely film with a very emotional ending.

  • I got to introduce and view “Mary & Max” at Spark Animation in Vancouver this past week. If you get the chance to see it in a theater, it’s totally worth it. I found myself totally involved emotionally with the two main characters, and all the way thru it is funny, sad, dark and beautiful all at the same time. It definitely has one of the most mature and interesting screenplays to come along in an animated film. Adam Elliot deserves any awards or praise that come his way.

  • This was the best film I saw at Berlinale (where it came runner up in the youth section for which the film I animated won the grand prize), and have been wanting to take people to see it ever since. And now it’s in Encino?? Come on, so close to LA yet so far away!

  • Dave Chua

    If you’re in Singapore you can view it at the animation fest here in October.

  • L.A. residents, please go. I drove out to see it last night. This film grabs the rubber hammer next to the fire extinguisher of your heart, and gently smashes that baby to bits. Everyone loves Production Babies, but this is the first film I’ve ever seen that thanked its Production Widows. Ah, love that Adam Elliot.

  • For those of you in Chicago, it is playing at the Chicago International Film Festival October 18 at 6:15 pm and October 20 at 6:00 pm. I’m sure you can find out which theater it will be at on the Chicago International Film Festival website.

    I can’t wait to see it!

  • This is a great film!!

    We’ll be showing “Mary and Max” as an ASIFA-Atlanta event on November 16th at Plaza, at 8pm, on 35mm, woo! Please come!