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How To Train Your Dragon trailer

  • rodguen

    The movie is absolutely brilliant.
    I am bummed out i didn’t work on it.

    But apparently and not very surprisingly, it doesn’t
    deserve a few introductory words from the administrators here??


  • greg m.

    Looking mighty sweet!! Great job Chris and gang!!

  • Jeff McAndrew

    I really enjoyed this. Might be the single best looking movie with dragons as main chacters that I have ever seen. That dragon “Toothless” was it? It definitely reminded me of Stitch, both in design and personality traits. I’m really just thrilled to see a new project from Chris Sanders. I didn’t hate Bolt the way I thought I would, but I can’t help but wonder how it would be if Sanders was kept on the project.

    I’m trying to think of how many movies I’ve seen with Dragons. There was Dragonheart, Quest for Camelot, Shrek films, Pete’s Dragon, Merlin, Sleeping Beauty, Harry Potter, Eragon, Dragon Wars, Eragon, Enchanted, Sword and the Stone and probabbly many more that I’m not thinking of.

  • I can defiantly see some of Chris Sanders flair in the way that Dragon is designed and animated, and nice to see Dreamworks trying out something quite different. Call me intrigued. :)

  • Some Dragon

    Yeah, I love the heck out of Toothless’ character design. But what the hell book did these writers read?

  • While I have not been blown away by most of Dreamworks’ output (I’m one of the rare people who didn’t care much for Kung Fu Panda), I will walk through fire for a new Chris & Dean movie.

    Looking very nice indeed.
    I like how the dragon has a more lizardy, salamander look. A nice departure from the feathery-scaled stereotype.

  • I read the comments about the Dragon trailer hoping against hope that they were sacrcastic or said with irony. Apparently I was wrong.

    I had hopes after Kungfu Panda that Dreamworks was going to start producing better films.

    Once again..I was wrong.

  • Josh

    Love the animation and the concept, not completely sold on the voicing of the main character…

  • Not sure how I feel about the voice acting but the influence of Chris Sanders certainly shines through. Surprised not to see a single pop-culture reference in the trailer.

  • Ah so this is Cris Sander’s new movie? No wonder I love the design of the dragon. The humans are hard to tell, because the lead boy looks like a young Linguine (from Ratatouille). Looks great though and the plot is totally worth seeing but the lead boys voice doesn’t sound like a boy, it sounds like man. That’s the downside so far…

  • Sara H.

    Dragon designs look great, but the voice actor playing the kid is killing me!

    Why didnt they just get a kid to do the voice instead of a uh.. 45 year old, cigarette-smoking muppet??

  • ask

    Toothless certainly does look like it’s Chris’s design, so thank god for that! The humans might be good or bad.

    Not your typical voice for a hero… maybe a bit annoying at times… but I did enjoy his sarcasm. I really wish they’d reveal who the voices are.

  • EatRune

    Wow . . . a Dreamworks animated movie that’s not about animals cracking jokes? Well, Kung Fu Panda’s in kind of a similar vein.

    If this was traditionally animated (and toned down on the celebrity voices), I’d actually be really stoked for this.

  • Jorge Garrido

    I’m excited by the fact that one of my favourite young actors, Jay Baruchel, is in it, but is also doing a voice. He’s not using his regular speaking voice.

  • rextherunt

    I know nobody much like writers here but, auteurs and animators aside, these characters existed long before the director got his hands on them and the children’s books they come from are really pretty good.

  • Scott

    Thank goodness Dean DuBlois is writing and directing this. His work on Lilo and Stitch was AMAZING.

  • Fred Cline

    It looks good – especially the dragon. A unique, unexpected design for a dragon. Nice!

  • Hal

    Giant monster dragon mouth thing at the end FTW – gonna be siiiiiiick in 3d. Looks like DW finally making something fun… even if the IRON GIANT sitting next to Hogarth bit and the Meg flying and freaking out on Pegasus in HERCULES are both shot for shot remade in this trailer…

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I’m not feeling anything after watching this trailer.

    With that said, I won’t pass further judgement until I see the film in theaters.

    From an aspiring animator/ cartoonist

  • Jason

    *shrug* Doesn’t look all that interesting to me. The dragon looks really strange. Does Sanders always draw his main animal characters with saucer-shaped heads? And the kid’s voice…gah. Well, it’s just a trailer.

  • Christina S.

    Normally I don’t like Dreamworks movies (or at least their trailers – Kung-Fu Panda’s trailer was terrible!), but I’m pretty stoked about this one. Like most everybody, I’m pretty fond of the unique take on the dragon design, and the trailer made me giggle a few times. I might watch this one in theaters.

    Though I gotta say… yeah. The protagonist’s voice. Kinda grating and sounds too old for the part.

  • Ethan

    Wow, I can’t wait, I love the snappy animation and the cool character design, bring on the quirkiness !

    @rodguen: I say this tongue-in-cheek, but it feels to me, all high-profile animation news journalist are afraid talking about Chris Sanders, considering how he “had to leave” his American Dog project. Explanations for his “leaving” were “business reasons” and he was also accused of being “too quirky” by Lasseter, then nobody wanted to talk about it. In interviews with Lasseter (about Bolt), he acted as if Chris never actually worked on the project. Something’s not right, I wish more people in the know would clarify what exactly happened.

    If HTTYD makes more money than Bolt (and believe me it certainly will), Lasseter will look really bad for his “business decision” of playing it “safe” and destroying a director’s years of hard work and passion, So if anyone here have arguments to defend Lasseter, don’t hesitate and shut me up.

    I can say this without being fired because I don’t work in hollywood :)

  • I realize with this being the brew we should chastise movies for their use of celebrities as voice actors, but still…..OMG CRAIG FERGUSON!!!

    Also thats the cutest dragon design I think I’ve ever seen. I would hug the hell out of that thing.

  • This looks great! Count me in.

  • some guy

    it’s growing on me. wish the posters weren’t so awful and typical looking, but the trailer promises potential.

  • Ron

    Are people really complaining that the dragon doesn’t look enough like every other dragon? Are there rules now on how mythic creatures are supposed to look? Sheesh.

    I think that it looks like a Chris Sanders dragon. Not at all what I expected by the title. And that’s a good thing.

  • I don’t want to rush to conclusions yet. Confidently, I enjoyed the atmoshpere in the trailer, and the design of the dragon.

  • wgan

    I’m not convinced by this trailer that it’s gonna be good, funny and solid, yet again, it’s just a trailer, but you can still find something to suggest that it’s gonna be mediocre just like most of the dw’s animations, the whole character design is just ok, the guy’s appearance is not intriguing at all, i’ve heard that nicolas marlet is among the designers, but the major character design is still somewhat disappointing, at least not that fresh. the first dragon encounter scene shown in the trailer is a bit awkward i have to say, there’s no single funny stunning moment, i was expecting more interactions between that guy and dragon but did get anything from that; back to the dragon design, quite a lot of people are intrigued by the ‘unique’ design, but haven’t you noticed that the design is quite close to some pokemon monster design, and yes, as mentioned above by someone, stitch, but that’s quite reasonable since that guy’s directing the film, but i did find anything quite as ‘unique’ as someone yelled, it’s cute though; one more thing i was expecting a speaking dragon, althrough it might fall to the dw’s speaking animal stereotype, but IMO it could have been much funnier than a pet like side kick character, anyway, let’s wait and see on the big screen, not having faith in this one though (but since dw’s last AvM’s quite horrible, this one’s got a much lower level to start with).

  • Sylvain

    Wait, wait wait… You expected a “stunning funny moment” in a trailer ?

    Great jokes are based on characters, and that requires the characters to have been correctly introduced, perfect pacing is important to make the joke funny, which both are impossible in a trailer. A trailer can only make a joke funny if it’s something simple like a fart joke, for example.

    (yep, it doesn’t look like a dragon, it looks like a Chris Sanders dragon, I mean that in a good way)

  • I didn’t feel like the trailer suggested the Hiccup character was a child so the not-a-child voice didn’t bother me. It sounded like an awkward older teen voice.

    My disappointment with the trailer is that I sense it has given too much away. I still think most trailers are counter productive that way.

    But I look forward to the movie.

  • TK

    It’s quite a shame that Chris Sander’s signature style doesn’t apply to the whole film like Lilo & Stitch. Maybe it’s the limitation of 3D that Sander-esque human characters would look absolutely ridiculous in 3D so they decided to play it safe. Still, I can’t help thinking if the film would look better in 2D given that the trailer gave the impression that it’s into generic 3D adventure territory… kinda like last year’s Dragon Hunters.

    I also find Hiccup’s voice to be quite unbearable with all the hint of Stitch-like squeaks. But as long as the dragons don’t speak then I’d be fine with it.

  • I find it interesting that only the dragon has even the slightest hint of the Chris Sanders style, unlike Lilo and Stitch in which his style completely governed the character design.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought Hiccup’s voice seems REALLY off to me. If Hiccup is meant to be the underdog kid trying to prove himself, he certainly doesn’t sound like it.
    When his voiceover started talking, I honestly initially thought it was Michael Palin putting on an accent.

  • Kris

    I’m pleasantly surprised by how good this looks. Gotta love the Lilo and Stitch team. Maybe this can provide some real competition for Pixar.

  • What a horrible voice for the main character! He sounds so flat and old for his design.

  • wgan


    a trailer can certainly delivery several (one at least) best moment, but unfortunately, i didn’t get it from this trailer, this is actually a quite boring one, and it seems not to try to hind anything from the final, you can even tell what roughly the story’s gonna be. a good trailer should serve to sell the movie as best as it can, like planet 51 (e.g. the alien dog licking), or first teaser of the incredibles (the final movie is not on the same par of that one though); unfortunately, this trailer doesn’t grab me, it just simple didn’t work out for me

  • Rufus

    I’m getting genuinely excited about this movie from this trailer. Good job!

  • chipper

    Kid sound strange in the way that Chicken Little sounded weird to me. Dragon’s cute, though.

  • Sylvain

    wgan, different jokes for different tastes I guess. I read the book, and it won’t be that kind of simple jokes (an alien dog, or a guy trying to put his belt, but he’s gotten too fat), so you might want to skip it. Your impression of the trailer is probably right, I don’t think you’ll like it.

    The book transpires in the trailer, although they took a LOT of liberty with it, but the characters are spot on, Kamikazi will be awesome I think.

  • FANTASTIC! Can’t wait for this :)

  • Ashton

    The voice of Hiccup is horrible!! I am so annoyed at how old it sounds and the voice is so bad to listen too. What the hell were they thinking? Jay Baruchel’s is 27 years old what the hell are they thinking. Everything else in the trailer looks great, but man that voice for that character as young as he looks is a really bad move. What a disappointment.

  • TheGunheart

    Well, on the one hand, I know 9’s trailer gave away the whole film. On the other, I think Dreamworks is pretty good at not revealing everything in their trailers. I honestly though the robot probe was supposed to be the big showdown of Monsters Vs. Aliens, and obscures Susan’s role as the actual main character. And Kung Fu Panda may have given away the fact that Po fights Tai Lung, but that’s really all it gave away.

    So something tells me we ain’t seen nothing yet. And what I have seen already has me impressed.

  • I saw a couple of sequences from the film before I saw the trailer, and I was blown away. Then I saw the trailer, and I wondered why the voice that fit so well in the film was annoying in the trailer, and why shots that looked great within their proper context looked contrived in the trailer, and why the trailer needed to give so much story away.

    Then I said, ‘Oh, it’s a trailer, and trailers aren’t made by filmmakers or for filmmakers.” I’ve seen enough to feel confident that this is going to be a special film.

  • Sylvain

    Hiccup is the narrator as an adult, telling a story that happened when he was a teenager. I’ll reserve my judgment about the voices for the real film with the real sound mix (trailer has a weird sound mix).

  • Jorge Garrido

    I’m shocked at all the negative comments about the voice of the main character. Jay Baruchel may sound 27 but he’s sounded like that since he was 17 and he still plays 17 year olds. Actually, that’s not his real voice, he’s putting it on, but that’s a good thing as far as I’m concerned.

    He’s got a unique phrasing and tone. He doesn’t speak in the cliche rhythms of an animated movie main character.

  • We’ll see. I’m still on the fence about how Chris Sanders will fare at DreamWorks.

  • Characters look awesome! I agree with changing his voice. Good job Chris and Dream Works. Looking forward to see this movie.

  • PEZ

    Looks like the whole movie was designed and then Chris Sanders’ dragon design was slapped in the mix. I love Lilo and Stitch. I hope that Sanders came into the project in time to make this movie even Half as Good.

  • JM

    Looks really good to me. Can’t wait.

  • Ultra

    This is to Bill Stewart. Did you see the movie or are you just passing judgment based on the trailer?

    I’ve actually seen the movie and was absolutely blown away. I know DW is the easy kid to pick on, but seriously, please wait until you see the movie before tossing out snarky remarks.

  • Nonimus
  • I just pray that they don’t intend to do a franchise treatment like they always do (Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda). But apparently this is DreamWorks we’re talking about.

    Anyways, the trailer really looks like the best trailer DreamWorks ever did come out with! I hope the movie turns out to be a wonderful project, and hopefully they’re best!

  • It’s good to see a movie like this coming out soon, especially after a year with Up, it’s nice to be reminded that animation can just be fun. Whilst I daresay the film will have some heart, I can see myself getting lost in it at the cinema, no thanks to the 3-D.

  • Ad

    thats an evil looking dragon,looks more like a demon

  • Gobo

    Until the dragon appeared, my first reaction was “Chris Sanders? Really?” But yeah, Toothless is 100% Sanders. Dunno if he focused on the dragon and Dean DeBlois did everything else, or what.

  • I didn’t like the voice acting at first, but ultimately I enjoy how nerdy the character sounds. When I saw this picture:

    I was convinced the main character was going to be a goody-two-shoes, Disney-hero type of character, so I find him more likeable with the nerdy attitude. Although the underdog type of character is really overdone too, but he seems to have a nice personality anyway.

    The dragon is great.The human designs are not so bad either, I like the guy with the moustache and the girl is somewhat peculiar. Hiccup does look a bit like Linguini.

  • FP

    That’s a nice surprise. This thing looks about a million times better than I expected. The STITCH-dragon is almost-creepy alien, and very appealing. The design looks as if it was a team design by Chris Sanders and Wayne Barlow.

    Is that Norm MacDonald, sped up, as the narrator? It’s a perfect voice.

  • Love the design on that dragon.

  • Chris J.

    I love the look of this, but the trailer makes the plot look like a “Dragonheart” re-hash – which makes me think the movie may be completely predictable (boy be-friends dragon, learns dragons have been mis-understood, convinces a love interest that dragons are friendly, others find out and capture dragon, boy must save dragon using his own ingenuity and resources) If that’s the case, I’ll be groaning through the whole flick.

    In any case this movie now gets added to the short list of Dreamworks flicks whose production design hasn’t made me want to wretch. Looks gorgeous and well animated.

  • Beatrice

    To my mind, this trailer looks more like a computer game, than an animated feature film. I don’t really know why….

  • oh lord, that dragon looks like my black cat – the cutest bundle of love I’ve ever met. I’m sold!

  • JC

    I’m with Jorge Garrido: the first thing I thought when I saw it was a trailer for another CG flick was great, another cliche flick with predictable celebrity voices and predictable character animation. The voice acting is a nice break from convention; it really sells the fact that the protagonist is a bit of a dweeb. And I’ve met several people with voices deeper than that who were around 17.

  • I’m with Chris J. on this- it looks nice (I really like the dragon design) but story-wise, it seems to be a retread of old animation writing tropes.

  • Adam

    This looks like a lot of fun. Nice appealing characters.

    They look very much like they come from the same world as in Ratatouille/the Incredibles, though.

    That dragon is stunning.

  • Tragedy of P

    Everything is perfect except for the kid. Who the hell voices him, it sounds very annoying!

  • I think this looks quite good.

  • tgentry

    Eh, I don’t know. The dragon looks a LOT like Stitch. And the story just looks like another “Maybe -we’re- the bad guys” retread a la Avatar or Battle for Terra but with a dragon instead of an alien. There’s got to be more original stories out there.

  • Matthew

    Tres Swygert,
    Ya, its so annoying when Dreamworks makes movies that are “franchisey”. No other studio would EVER think of such a thing …

    Oh wait, aren’t Toy Story 3 and Cars 2 in development … not to mention Ice Age 4? Maybe I heard wrong, maybe you’re right, those DWA hacks are the only ones who do franchises.

  • How many animated films as of late have featured a nerdy central protagonist who eschews traditional and/or customary behavior (in this case, “viking” conduct) in favor of mechanical ingenuity and inventor prowess (Bug’s Life, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs, etc.)?

  • rextherunt

    For them that missed it, as posted earlier, ‘How To…’ is based on a best selling series of UK kids books, so Sanders didn’t created the characters and Hollywood didn’t churn out the story, unless they’ve altered it a lot – in which case they did! Originally they were very Terry Pratchett in style.

  • Sylvain

    It’s funny how things don’t change, after all these years, the people hating Dreamworks claim they force the poor artists to work only on sequels. None of them actually work there, they twist the truth, and they ignore contradicting facts. The famous “Big Lie” technique (if you repeat a lie often enough, the population will believe it without question). Seems to be working.

    I need coffee…

  • Sylvain

    John Powell’s doing the music… YES !!!

  • CartoonCrazy

    THAT’S a step up from the teaser. I’ll probably be seeing this now.

  • Connie Pinko

    Love the design of the dragon. The movie looks “meh,” however. I suppose I’ll wait and see.

  • Robots! I had forgotten Robots. And Igor.

    That makes Robots, Igor A Bug’s Life, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and likely How to Train Your Dragon as “nerdy-inventor-protagonist-who-isn’t-appreciated-for-his-skills-at-first-but-eventually-is-called-upon-to-save-the-day-and-by-the-end-of-the-picture-is-rightfully-heralded-as-the-special-person-that-he-is” movies. Am I forgetting any others?

    This is obviously a sub-genre of the much greater genre of computer animated films that include under-appreciated heroes that don’t necessarily have to be inventors. For example, virtually every other CG movie (Antz, Bee Movie, Happy Feet, Chicken Little, Kung Fu Panda, Astro Boy, Valiant, etc, etc.).

  • Kelly Tindall

    Looking good so far. I’m thrilled that they’re using so many Scots as voice actors, and a Montreal boy plays the lead. Score one for the home team.

    I had no idea that Sanders and DeBlois were working on this, though… Wasn’t CROOD AWAKENING or THE CROODS or somesuch supposed to be Sanders’ big coming-out party at Dreamworks?

  • Pedro Nakama

    Hey Brewsters…
    I’ve seen part of this film. It’s just like a Pixar film. You’ll see.

  • sean

    kinda of a weak trailer in so far as trailers go.

    the whole meeting of the minds scene reminds me too much of the iron giant.

    the ‘jokes’ are pretty tired and formulaic. i wonder how much sanders and crew really hated exec notes coming back ‘suggesting’ these terrible attempts at humor.

    good to hear baruchel do voice work but the hiccup design might have been better with some of baruchel’s look incorporated into it.

    i don’t mean to be a sour puss but i’m still waiting for dreamworks to break their mold and make a different movie instead of taking other stories and cramming them into the same formula.

  • optimist

    I’d be extra-careful in assuming that any ‘jokes’ are from some phantom “exec notes’ and are NOT the work of the writer-Dean DeBlois-and Chris Sanders, as well as the story crew.
    Contrary to a tired old beaten-horse belief, there is no battery of ‘execs’ writing or even AFAIK suggesting lines for any of the films at Dreamworks. You’re still free to hate what you see, of course-just be mindful that it might actually be artists who did the work you judge so harshly…from a trailer.

    On the other hand, it couldn’t possibly be that wrong assumptions about how the films are made color some of the the perceptions around here…could it?

  • Great comment, optimist.

    I don’t see the bad gags anywhere. Most of the stuff seems funny. Thing is there are not even really a lot of gags there, but I take that as a good sign, we see parts of what seems to be funny conversations, which shows that the jokes will work in context and there are not lots of random gags as in other DWKs features. In fact both KFP and MVA had more silly jokes in their trailers. I thought both movies are among the best of DWKs, especially KFP. Now, How To Train Your Dragon is already looking well in the trailer so I’m hoping the whole movie to be great.

  • That trailer got my attention. Great story concept. Love the look of the dragon too.

  • James

    The dragon and the tertiary characters are well done, imaginative caricatures that are a pleasure to look at.

    The two main characters look watered down and boring, and the voice acting is entirely underwhelming – methinks there was some ‘design by committee’ going on here involving non-artists.

  • Ethan

    Methinks the lawyers representing Chris Sanders should get involved here to counter the baseless disinformation.

  • DonB

    Geez, Some of these people are too critical! The reason for a movie like this is to entertain us and make us feel good about things. The story seems interesting, the characters are unique and likeable. I cannot wait to will spend my hard earned money to see it, and I’m sure, enjoy it. Looks like fun!

  • “I just pray that they don’t intend to do a franchise treatment like they always do (Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda). But apparently this is DreamWorks we’re talking about.”

    Well, as other are saying, this movie is based on a series of books, so the ‘franchise-ness’ is there even before the movie is made…

  • AndyM

    Having read the entire series written by Cressida Cowell, I’m really sad that the movie story line is NOTHING like the book.

    In the book, the dragon “toothless” is about 3′ in size and has a king size attitude. He’s not Hiccup’s best friend, more so there by force.

    The book itself includes tons of hand drawn pictures so you know almost exactly what each character looks like.

    From what I’ve gathered from the trailer, the story line different in many, many ways and the characters are different. There were no girls of note in the book.

    The humor isn’t your typically poor gags. It revolves more around Toothless not doing as he’s asked and the relationship developed as Hiccup learns how to really deal with Toothless.