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If you haven’t seen Sita yet…

…you have no excuse. You can watch it this coming Saturday October 17th, if you have a satellitte dish, on LINK TV, DIRECTV Channel 375 and DISH Network Channel 9410 at 7:30am Eastern/4:30am Pacific.

Or you can watch Sita Sings the Blues in its entirety right now on LINK TV’s website. Or check Nina Paley’s page for downloads, festival screenings and future broadcast playdates.

(Thanks, Lee Burack)

  • Gijs Grob

    And it’s also for sale on DVD on Amazon!

  • FP

    Here’s hoping LINK TV doesn’t butcher it this time around. It was shown during a pledge drive a few weeks ago. I waited for the opening credits after the first pledge break. They didn’t come on. LINK started showing the movie from the middle. I’m not sure, because I wasn’t actively watching the whole time, but random parts of the movie seemed to be playing out of order. There were long pledge breaks every fifteen minutes or so, then 48 minutes in, the segment which was erroneously shown at the begininning was shown again. The movie never got to the end. An hour and twelve minutes into the boradcast, LINK abruptly cut to Asian music videos which played out the time slot.

  • Thad

    Why wait to watch it for free? Buy it from Nina, so she can start her next movie.

  • Inkan1969

    AFAIK, LinkTV is still using their pledge version, which has interruptions for pledge drives and some scenes cut out, most notably the closing credits and the intermission.

    BTW: If you were wondering, LinkTV is a politics themed station that generally focuses on left leaning views. They broadcast without commercials, and so that’s why they have these pledge drives.

  • Inkan1969

    Oh, I didn’t notice until now. In the broadcast that FP alluded to, they did screw up and show the movie scenes out of order. In subsequent broadcasts they corrected that screwup. But the movie is still broken up by pledge pitches, and there are a couple of scenes missing to make the space.

  • edgertor

    it’s been on the channel thirteen site since –february?…

    they also have an HD download available too.

  • Millians

    I held a screening of this at the school I teach at here in Singapore. It is a truly original film and was very well received. The interesting bit of info is that the film is classified as M18 here which mean no one under the age of 18 is allowed to see it. Apparently a government official made a big deal out of it for religious reasons. I had to post warnings on the door which only seemed to make my student MORE interested.

  • Millians

    Actually, I was wrong. It was rated R21 which means no one under the age of 21 are allowed in. I broke the law on that one.

  • In fact, not only does thirteen have the full movie on the website as edgertor pointed out, but they rebroadcast the film on October 3, uncut and uninterrupted (which is how I finally saw it); it’s very possible they’ll show it again in the future.