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Igor and Space Chimps


Interesting year at the box office. Horton Hears A Who was a huge box office success. Kung Fu Panda and Wall•E are going to be gigantic hits.

Fox (Space Chimps), Warners (Clone Wars) and MGM (Igor) will join in with several “B-pictures” later this year. They look intriguing from their newly released trailers, but you be the judge: Igor has possibilities. Space Chimps features the ubiquitous voice work of Patrick Warburton.

Whaddya think?

  • Igor started out promising, but halfway through the trailer my interest waned. When I saw the big pile (literally) of an all-star non-voice actor cast I lost the rest of it.

    Space Chimps simply looks terrible. (So does Kung-Fu Panda, for that matter.)

  • Christopher

    Maybe it’s just me, but haven’t we seen all these jokes before? Thumbs down.

  • Everything’s funnier with monkeys! Actually, Space Chimps may be the exception to that rule.

    And why does Patrick Warburton have to be in every animated movie?

  • Igor looks to be a Tim Burton rip-off, which at least makes it stand out from the rest.

  • I like to draw

    The one thing that gets me any kind of excited about either of these is the fact that IGOR is playing with new design styles, Not like that’s never been seen before but at least it’s a little more out there.. Im so tired of the same old stuff.. SOMEBODY take a chance!

  • Igor is fine to me.
    At least it´s appealing.

    Spacechimps= baaaaaaad idea

  • dan

    OMG, they both look like they suck.

  • Blatherpuss

    Wow I actually really wanna see Igor, I like the designs and the premise a whole bunch. It could still disappoint but at least it looks like something a little different from the usual fair!

    Don’t even wanna click on Space Chimps link….

  • Igor seems to have potential… It has interesting design quality, and a pretty unique storyline behind it.
    Space Chimps is ringing in all it can to try and save it… Patrick Warbutron, a guy from Shrek connected to it, no design (safe design)… I rather see Igor if I had to chose from the two.

  • Bob T

    I find it interesting that even the “b-grade”animated films look decent these days.

    Which is also kinda sad, you don’t seem to need any skill anymore these days to make a cgi flick (I know that’s not entirely true, ’cause I’m trying my hand at 3d animation, and I suck at it).

    But Brad Bird once said something about how it’s a lot easier to make a cg film look decent and how that’s not possible with hand drawn animation. There have been a couple of recent animation films that really prove that statement.

    In the end it’s mostly in the ideas though, how entertaining these films end up being.

  • I just had a thought. If there was no Pixar, would I have any interest in seeing animated movies in theaters this year?

  • Silas

    Kung-Fu Panda is going to ROCK! It’s such a step up for PDI! Is no one here excited about this film?

    I think Igor looks interesting but I’m not too sure about the story. I’m not even going to comment on the Chimp flick.

    1) Wall-E 2) Panda 3) Horton 4) Igor 5) Clones 6) Chimps

  • Paul N

    I think Igor looks promising – love the design, and the “underdog misfit who strives for more” story is in an interesting setting.

  • I think Topher Grace is also voicing one of the Space Chimps. I’m not too excited to see either of those flicks.

    Oh, for your reading enjoyment, if you haven’t read this before, Kareem Abdul Jabbar finds Horton Hears a Who to be sexist.


    Tee Hee!

  • IKR

    Star Wars – The Clone Wars: Huge fanbase, so it’ll win in the August month for sure.
    Space Chimps: It might have possibilities to be a mild sucess.
    Igor: Not quite sure, I mean it’s from the Weinsteins.

  • Horrible on both counts.

  • Dk

    what’s with the hating?
    does no one want to see people work in animation that isn’t pixar.
    Or should we all wait for the next movie featuring the robot from short circuit.
    can you say kids movies?

  • David: It’s not Topher, it’s Andy Samberg, who does a pretty good job.

    I got to work on Space Chimps and we had a staff screening a few weeks ago. It’s a very mediocre movie. And that’s being nice.

  • Graham

    I saw the Igor trailer earlier today; it might be decent.

    I saw the Space Chimps trailer a month ago; it looks bland.

  • Skipper Dani

    Igor looks like it has potential… but does its premise remind anyone else of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld? The idea of a world with tons of Igors (one for every mad scientist) who live in a morbidly humorous land of Transylvanian cliches…

    It would be original, if it wasn’t straight out of any number of Pratchett’s books (Carpe Jugulum springs to mind, for one).

    The movie could still be fun, though.

  • Igor kinda has a look to it like its from Filmax (nocturna, little prince), but its humor style is more like modern contemporary films.
    It looks loads better than Space Chimps. LOADS.

  • mat

    How could we have run out of chimp charactures or designs? The main ‘Igor’s’ design/voice compleately told me what the story was going to be about…I may even be able to accurately guess the ending as well!

  • Jon Garaizar

    igor looks bad. i don;t think they planed any of that shit out. the voices don;t fit the characters. and the desgins are horrible and un-animateble. To me, it look like a bad jhonen vasquez/ tim buron rip off. i’d rather watch the cut sceans from Pyscho-nuaghts. (also, that was by no means a “teaser”.

    and space chiimps just looks awful.

    by the way, whats was with that Spike Lee clip in front of the space chimps trailer? something about cell phones?

    and Dk, i wouldn’t let my kids see this shit if they paid me.

  • igor looks like its the winner in this match, even though they dont really compete with each other. i dont really see the story in space chimps. in igor the story is clear, the characters are instantly lovable and we get a real feel for the world that its going to take place in. space chimps doesnt give hints to anything really. the character designs are bland, the environment is bland, the characters themselves are bland, the humor is bland….

    i guess the word im looking for is BLAND.

  • Jon Garaizar

    god, i didn’t even notice that Eddie Izzard was in it.

  • MJ

    Igor looks like it has some great shapes, but does look a bit Tim Burton-esque. Space Chimps just looks retarded.

  • Badjoojoo

    Here my a top ten list of animated movie cliches (that must be banned for 25 years.) It can be used as a drinking game. I noticed that approximately 80% appear in the Space Chimps trailer alone.

    1, THE SLO-MO NO – This is a scene played for laughs which usually involves some kind of (usually mid-air) slow-motion action. Extra points for scenes that involve slow-motion speech. Extra-extra points if that speech is the word “Nooooooo!”

    2. YESSSS! – This involves a character (it’s usually a kid) pumping his fist and saying “Yesssss!” aloud or simply mouthing the word.

    3. GREETING THA ‘HOOD – This usually occurs at the opening of a movie where a character (typically the protagonist) is stolling through his “neighborhood” greeting everybody he passes (typically with a big wave and/or a high-five). Extra points if the character does the “wink and point.” Extra-extra points if he uses both hands to do the “wink and point”.

    4. AAAAAAAAAAAAGH! (a.k.a. Whoooooaaaaa!) – This is a scene that includes a reaction shot in which one or more characters engage in a prolonged scream in a frightening situation. Extra points if one character continues screaming long after all the other characters have stopped.

    5. THE CRASH AND SLIDE – This is where a character crashes into some sort of obstacle (typically a window, but sometimes a wall or ceiling) then sticks there for a moment (usually to make some offbeat remark) before sliding off.

    6. THAT’S GOTTA HURT – Right after some slapstick calamity, some other character fliply remarks, “That’s gotta hurt.” or something similar.

    7. THE MILITARY MANEUVER – Typically happening right before the final showdown, The Military Maneuver involves civilian protagonists in non-military situations springing into action and adopting military mannerisms. These include call and response chants, training montages, lots of inspections and saluting and are usually accompanied by lots of snare drums and horns on the music track.

    8. THE ANIMATED BOOGALOO – When a character in a non-musical suddenly busts out into a fit of spontaneous dancing (usually breakdancing).

    9. THE RIGHT STUFF REVISITED – Scene which parodies the slow-motion walking scene from “The Right Stuff.”

    10. ANNOYING A.D.D. SIDEKICK – Blabbermouthed sidekick or secondary character with Attention Deficit Disorder. Males are usually cowards, females are usually loud and sassy. Bonus points awarded when the character is portrayed by an African American actor.

  • DanO

    when i saw the trailer for Pixar’s ‘Wall-E’ i was captivated. I even went back and watched it again a few days later. when a friend told me he hadn’t seen it, i shuffled him over to my computer and put it on. its a tantalizing premise, an original story and a HUGE risk(a non speaking lead role).

    i felt nothing close to that when i saw any of the trailers for the movies posted above. thats the difference folks.

    there is nothing there i haven’t seen before and nothing there i want to see again.

  • Julian Carter
  • Dave

    Good list of Annoying Animated Film Cliches , Badjoojoo !

    Omigosh ! That “Space Chimps” thing is from Vanguard Animation, the people who brought us “Valiant” and “Happily Never After” . How do they keep getting these stinkeroos greenlit and funded ?

  • Dave

    And one of the other major Annoying Cliches that Badjoojoo left off his list:


  • Igor looks like it could be worth the admission. The premise has potential. I’m curious to see it. MGM is into feature animation?

    If you guys are waiting for the perfect animated feature before you give a stamp of approval you might as well get out of the watching aniamted features thing because they are never perfect.

  • Ian

    Nobody comments on clone wars? And many work in the animation field? This looks to be by far the most interesting of the upcoming movies. Just saw the trailer for the first time before speed racer and it looks to be the best realization of star wars since the original. Very original looking rendering on the characters / environments.

  • erzy

    I’ve seen much of Space Chimps. It’s awful. And Igor looks fun and adorable, with character designs and a story that will stand out from the rest. I don’t understand these posts that say “horrible…” Igor is an independent film made by former Disney animators, does every animated movie need to made for $180M in Glendale in order for you to like it? Seems a trifle closed minded and ignorant to me. I advise staying away from Space Chimps for your own health, but I’m defiintely taking the kids to see Igor.

  • Badjoojoo – perfect. I hope you are working on something.

  • Chuck R.

    Great list, Badjoojoo. I agree!

  • oh, you people! You’re making such a metier-talk out of animation, it nearly steals the fun out of it!

    Just imagine you’re watching things from a child’s perspective. Or with a child! They always laugh even if they’ve seen the film 10 times before, they always find it fresh when it’s the same joke in some other film… Of course we can always talk business or technique details. But how about it if you do it after seeing the film? ;)

    No offense, I really like reading you all, but sometimes it’s better to lower down a key so you see better. And animation in basically for kids to enjoy. Let out the kid in you and wait for the film first of all!

  • Wow…..I’m going to go see them all like 4 or 5 times in the theater…and then I’m going to go buy them all on HD-DVD when they come out….

    …..hehe……just wanted to show some love in the vast sea of haterade.

    Really and truly though….my kid will probably laugh at them…so they do what they were intended to do, nuff said.

    meh…enough typing……back to doing my own project.

  • I love to come here in the comments and read what the Cartoon Elite have to say about films they haven’t even seen yet!

  • Brad

    “there is nothing there i haven’t seen before”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing.

    I mean, at least semi-seriously, the non-critical mass of moviegoers wants the familiar, the safe, the cliche. We’re talking young kids and tired parents.

    Who wants to bet that A) Igor beats Chimps critically and B) Chimps beats Igor at the box office?

  • Crash

    Igor hooked me right away – and I loved the production design. Space Chimps looks like everything I expect and loathe from “one of the primates who brought me Shrek.” Trailers are trailers, however, so who knows?

    Igor was done independently? Wonderful! More independent artists making mainstream movies, please!

  • Can we all be thankful an industry like ours exists.

  • big bad balloon

    kpriss said “And animation is basically for kids to enjoy.”

    Oh you couldn’t be more wrong.

    I’m pumped to see a few of these movies but it’s not really about watching a good animated movie, it’s about watching a good movie.

    Blindly defending a movie because it’s animated is just as bad as criticizing it having not seen it.

  • Jon Pernisek

    The trailer for ‘Clone Wars’ left me feeling absolutely cold. I agree that the stylized character designs are fun, but in action they come off as incredibly stiff, especially in their range of facial expression.

    As for ‘Space Chimps’, if it weren’t for the fact that the various chimps have slightly different body types I wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

    I will vouch for ‘Igor’ mainly because it features Cusack and, as it has been said before, the animation is quirky and stands out from the rest of the pack (even if it is highly derivative of Burton/Vasquez).

    Ultimately a lot of these are gonna be skipped over in lieu of their DVD releases, with Wall-E and Kung-Fu Panda easily dominating the box-office. I’ve actually heard a lot of great buzz about Panda, and I love the fluid animation featured in that film’s trailer.

    Another animation cliche: The Faux-Gangsta Attempt — I last saw this in the trailer for Happily Never After, wherein Andy Dick’s wacky cat character tried to be all “word to your mother yo-yo diggy-dog” and was met by the standard Dull Stare/Cricket Noise reaction from his fellow characters. Man I hate that joke.

  • SteveO

    i dunno thought Igor looked pretty cool. I just read on IGN it was written by the American Dad guys and made by Ex Disney/Dreamworks folks in Paris. Sounds like it has potential! Beats another talking furry animal movie to me any day.

  • o.k., badjoojoo, I’m officially stealing your list for the TAIS blog. Want do to a color commentary breakdown of your points, but you’ve hit all the good ones. Nicely done. As for the ‘b’ trailers, I’m really digging on the design and overall visual execution of ‘Igor’, writing seems fairly cool, just a lil’ tired of the animated family comedy. Don’t tell me there’s no North American market for an animated drama, adventure or sci-fi piece, I just don’t buy it. But then again, I’m a flippin’ dork.

  • FritztheCat

    Death to indy animation! Long live 1960’s Fruit Loops commercials and the Smurfs! Those are good! Riiiiiight.

    Hey Kurt, nice way to support indy animation. Slam a movie you worked on weeks before it opens. Niiiiice.

  • Corey (I think I know you from Drawing Board, yeah?).
    I don’t think it’s got anything to do with the cartoon elite.
    Despite the negative feedback everyone here recognises that there are good, hard working animation types slogging away at these films.
    It’s the opposite of elite.
    I think it’s got everything to do with seeing the same repeat images over and over again.
    It’s got everything to do with being bored by what is presented here.
    Films with potential that seem to be the same set of rules and characters over and over again.
    I’m not sure how wanting to see something new and wanting to be excited about something is being elitist.

  • red pill junkie

    Badjoojoo, thumbs up!

    Yep, my money is on Igor. And as for Space Chimps, the best joke was that “From one of the Primates that brought you Shrek”, because we all know chimps love to throw poop at people ;-)

  • Charles

    I can’t wait to watch Wall-e! Wasn’t too impressed with Kung-Fu panda. Space Chimps just looks poorly written (and badly designed). Igor was kind of interesting until I heard John Cusack as the leading role.

  • I love all these B movies coming out. Very inspiring.

    By the way, why the hell would you call them B movies Jerry? Explain that logic, how does a 35 to 60 million dollar movie get deemed a B movie?

    Shit, I’ll settle for getting the chance to do my C movies for a piece of that change.

  • Igor looks good.
    Did anyone else notice how both the trailers use theme songs from other films in them?

  • boxmyth

    Igor looks promising.
    Space Chimps looks awful.

  • Killroy McFate

    Badjoojoo is my new hero. There’s a VP’s office at Sony or D’works with your name on it, my friend.

  • Talamanca

    I agree with Elliot Cowan. I don’t think these postings are elitist at all. If anything the brew is the voice of the below the line, working class animation stiff who loves animation but isn’t able to speak their mind in the closed door meetings that shape projects like these. The real animation elitists are those who don’t read forums like this and simply see animation, not as art or craft, but as a commodity. The true elitists believe the general public is full of ignorant consumers who will pay to see anything thats bright, shinny and in 3D.

  • Gobo

    I’m digging Igor. It’s got some really fun character designs — hell, the main character’s pushed about as far as you can go while still being appealing — and a really clever idea. Yeah, it’s very Jhonen Vasquez, but that’s not a bad thing, really.

    Space Chimps…. yeah.

  • Steve Gattuso

    1. Dear god, Yahoo movies are even worse than You Tube.

    2. “Igor” looks appealing. There’s some “we’ve seen it before” to the film, but it has a potential to be good.

    3. Vanguard hasn’t produced anything I’d want to watch since they got started. I’d rather see Bobcat Goldthwaite as “Hamlet” than watch anything from those clots.

  • Of the three, it’s Igor for me – although the Tim Burton ripoff doesn’t appear to be well done – some of the designs are too exteme and hard to watch.

    and thanks for that list, Badjoojoo,

    It’s important to remember that entertainment has very little to do with regurgitation.

    There’s a few more I could add to that list, like the matrix circular action shot etc.

  • Bobby D.

    DanO… and any one else who subscribes to his methods of critique.

    You do realize Igor’s budget was 15 million…which probably wouldn’t cover Pixar’s electric bill. It’s like eating at a Four Star restaraunt, then getting McNuggets the next day at Mc D’s, and complaining about the dipping sauce.

    Not all animation companies have an extra 100 mil to toss around…not that there’s any thing wrong with that! But, have some perspective, here.

  • En Ming Hee

    Does anyone here remember Captain Simian and the Space Monkeys? Man, they shoulda made a movie outta that…complete with the voice work of Michael Dorn, Malcolm McDowell and Jerry Doyle…

  • Igor has some really nice design work, I predict it’ll use all of those cartoon cliches listed above though. Same as Space Chumps…. F**KIN YUCK!!!

    kpriss- yeah kids will enjoy things, 10 times over, but it’s up to us, the creators and artists to make sure that what they watch is the coolest thing we can make. It’s called “quality control”! If it’s all just rubbish, our kids are gonna turn into brainless zombies!!

  • Asymetrical

    Dude, watch what you say in public my friend or you’ll wind up having trouble getting work next time…

    It’s happened to me and a number of people I know. The execs do read this stuff if only to point fingers and distract from their own stupidity.

    05/8/08 8:40pm

    Kurtis Findlay says:

    David: It’s not Topher, it’s Andy Samberg, who does a pretty good job.
    I got to work on Space Chimps and we had a staff screening a few weeks ago. It’s a very mediocre movie. And that’s being nice.

  • Joyce R.

    Wow. igor looks awful. And CHEAP. It’s like a lame idea for a short film extended to a feature about 2 hours too long. Who’s producing this crap? Good thing their name is “exodus.” That’s what the audiences will be doing if this mess is released.

  • Jamie B

    Bobby D – In most cases it’s the decisions made with the money spent that people are tired of. A thoughtful script with integrity costs relatively nothing, yet we keep seeing these hackeneyed, paranoid attempts at capturing a family audience. The gags in these trailers are so caluculated it’s beyond belief. Elliot is right; there is nothing elitist in wanting a movie to trust in some original instincts as opposed to apeing every other cynical family film of the last ten years in an attempt to make money. Low budget or not, these films shouldn’t have had to grasp at straws in order get noticed, yet they appear to do so at the expense of all else. (I’d love to be proven wrong upon viewing, btw, but the trailers already appear to show sabotage too deep to recover from!)

  • rhinotonight

    igor has no potential to be good. and space chimps looks bad, plus 2 people who’ve seen it/ worked out it said it was bad.

    what more proof do you need?

    (i can’t understand why so many people try to spoil the fun, bad movies are great conversation.)

  • Badjoojoo

    TOY STORY: The mandate during the development of this film was something like this:
    1. No villain.
    2. No happy village.
    3. No “I wish” moment.
    4. No love story.
    5. No singing characters.

    SEINFELD: The mandate during the run of this successful TV series was:
    1. No hugging.
    2. No life lessons.

    STAR WARS: People told George he was crazy for making this film, and that nobody would “get” what his film is about.

    History has shown that real success has comes from BREAKING AWAY from the established, tried and true conventions, NOT doing more of the same.

    I don’t know how many Happily N’ever Afters they’ll have to do before they figure that out.

    Doing something different or original isn’t just good art, it’s good business.

  • erik

    when will the cgi fad go away

  • Joe


    10 years is a heck of a long time for a “fad.”

  • big bad balloon – I’m not blindly defending animation! Au contraire! I’m most eager to see animations myself, not just my kids (who are running “Cars” right now over and over, and over….) and have been all my life! But judging a film on its trailer only it’s really not a good idea. And since I’m argumentative – I have just three categories of animations in my head – well done and poorly written, poorly done and well written, just poor.

    And that kinda answers Mukpuddy too – “quality control” couldn’t be more important unless targeting kids and assisting them when watching. You can’t really control what a kid’s mind is spawning when a chimp is blown up into a helicopter belly par exemple. If animation is well done and colorful, with bright effects and loud music, a kid will surely enjoy it. His judgment is colorful and loud too. We’re the ones needing exigent quality control after all.
    But hey, what do I know? I’m just a mother enjoying animation movies ;) otherwise said – a mere consumer…

  • Luke

    I am a drooling Patrick Warburton fan, but I don’t think I’ll even be able to muster up the courage to netflix Spacechimps. Things are NOT always funnier with monkeys. I don’t know when Hollywood got that damn idea.

    Plus, if we’re going by voice talent, Igor (as well as looking watchable) has




    Admittedly, the last animated film he was in (The Wild) looked abysmal, and I still have no plans to see it. But he has been great in other places. I believe in you, Eddie.

  • Roberto

    The “monster” Igor creates seems kind of a nice character, I like the way she talks and her half-ugly half-cute girl aspect. Some designs look kinda cool and the premise has some interesting things. But there are some boring jokes there, like that one with the slaps or the side characters pulling the switch.

    Space Chimps, as everybody said, looks terribly bland.



  • Andrew Kieswetter

    I’m looking forward to Kung Fu Panda,Wall-E,and Bolt. I really think all 3 are going to be great.

  • Chris R.

    That clone wars trailer looks as bad as the cartoon network cartoon. Dreadful and UGLY. What ever happened to APPEAL in animation? Kung poo panda looks OK, but the trailer makes it look like another sassy talking animal movie.

  • Paul N

    “when will the cgi fad go away”

    Yeah, hate those fads; like the horseless carriage and that picture box in my living room…

  • PorkyMills

    Igor has an interesting setting. It gets credit for not featuring an all-animal cast – but the story seems to be a little too close to Ratatouille. An unproven, ignored and shunned character of greatness and talent who has big ambitions to succeed? They could have gone with something more original. But, the art style just falls flat for me, as does the humour. And the characters seem forgettable.

    Now Space Chimps is a tad more promising. As far as humour goes, I’d bet that the Simpsons episode where Homer goes to space is far more hilarious than the entirety of this movie, but at least it’s trying to be original.

  • Justin

    I think igor is produced by max howard, who drove Warners Feature Animation into the ground.

  • Bobby D.

    Badjoojoo says:

    >TOY STORY: The mandate during the development of this film was something like this:
    1. No villain.
    2. No happy village.
    3. No “I wish” moment.
    4. No love story.
    5. No singing characters.

  • Bobby D.

    Answers To Questions:

    1. Sid
    2. Andy’s room.
    3. Woody – “I wish Andy would love me again”.
    4. Buzz and Woody become best friends…perhaps in “love”, who’s to say…?
    5. Okay, fine you had to wait for the sequel for that one.

    BTW – ‘Toy Story’ is at the top of my all time best any kind of film, film…but, nobody’s reinventing story telling here, just doing it very well.
    This is fun, right…? ’cause I know the Pixar thing tends to get a tad touchy. :)

  • Badjoojoo

    Bobby D.:

    I don’t want to appear to be advocating that good filmmaking necessitates “reinventing storytelling” or tearing the whole house down and starting from scratch. The basic elements of good storytelling are a constant, you get no argument from me there. But it’s certain PARTICULARS that seem to get repeated over and over ad nauseum. The story crew at Pixar were film geeks enough to recognize this and went forward with the attitude of avoiding those particulars–not embracing them in a big cinematic gumbo of “greatest hits”. I’m convinced that just the fact that they were aware of those things had an impact on the final product whether they were 100% successful in eliminating them or not.

  • Badjoojoo

    BTW: I first heard about these Pixar “rules” at Andrew Stanton’s presentation at the Screenwriters Expo a couple of years back. Jim Hill Media recounted the presentation here:


    It seems to be as good a recipe as any for a good film…recommended to anyone interested in telling good stories.

  • doug holverson

    Igor looks fun in a “Younger Frankenstein” way.

    So how come the two little chimp flights that were the missing link between the boilerplate and manned Mercury flights capture so the public imagination so much?

  • TJR

    I am very late on this thread (which means no one is reading by now LOL), but I hadn’t yet seen the trailers for any of these films yet till now. So here goes my 2 cents.

    Saw the trailer for Igor and it does not look very good.

    Space Chimps looks absolutely awful! I cannot say enough bad things about this trailer. The look of it is terrible. The jokes are old and stale. This is paint by numbers. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    the Star Wars trailer gives us very few clues about the plot (except that it obviously fits in between episode 2 and 3). I don’t like the character designs and wished they’d done this in 2D animation. but that being said, I still think that this is going to be an enjoyable addition to the Star Wars series. Of course, how much you are looking forward to this, depends on how much you liked the latest Star Wars trilogy (which is a topic that many folks are very divided on).

    Saw a behind the scenes featurette on Wall-E in the theater and it looks pretty good.

  • Olive L.

    too bad I am french. Igor looks like a bad crossover between Pixar “One man band” and Tim Burton. “Dragon hunters” look way better.

  • Lynda A.

    TJR, I would never go on your music site (linked above) and slam your music based on the samples. I love indie music. I support it.

    In the same way I support animation. Space Chimps looks funny. Igor looks fun.

    If you are so high minded and your standards are so high, that you can enjoy of the Summer’s cartoons only Wall-E and KFP… well… I feel sorry for you.

    I love and support cartoons. I’ll see ’em all and I urge everyone who wants to see more indie animation to do the same.