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Amid and I are still in Ottawa immersed in animation. One film we haven’t seen is Igor, which opened all over the U.S. and Canada this weekend. Did you see it? How was it?

  • I’m leaving for Ottawa in like an hour! Have a good festival :)

    I only saw Igor’s poster yesterday, and I have to admit I found it horrible. That screen shot you posted is slightly more encouraging.

  • Christopher Cook

    Hadn’t seen it yet, but it’s at 31% at Rotten Tomatoes.

  • jdw

    It reminds me of Doogal and Hoodwinked, so in my mind there’s no need for me to see cause i already know its bad…..

  • jdw, I think it would be slightly unfair to write it off so quickly. Granted I have not seen the picture, but Doogal was never going to catch on here in the States, no matter how hard Butch Hartman could have tried. The trailer does look promising though. However, I feel that the film may suffer because of it’s independent nature. Audiences have proven time and time again, that they like brand recognition (something Don Bluth is aware of I’m sure). For instance, I use Linux on my computer, but there are plenty of people I talk to that have no interest in it because it isn’t Microsoft or Apple. It doesn’t matter that it is better, it is unknown to them and they stay away from it. It’s not a great comparison, but it proves what you are saying, Doogal and Hoodwinked were done by completely separate companies, yet you assume that because those were not successful films, Igor is also going to fall to the same fate.

    As for the 31% on Rotten Tomatoes, that’s with the critics; users (at time of writing) are at 86%.

  • I saw it yesterday, it was actually pretty good.

  • Andrew

    Wow. 31% on Rotten Tomatoes?! Come on, give a new studio a chance. I haven’t seen it yet, but I am pondering VERY HARD if I should. On thing it has that the previous independent CGI films lacked is excellent visual design.

  • FP

    >>I use Linux on my computer, but there are plenty of people I talk to that have no interest in it because it isn’t Microsoft or Apple<<

    If only the animation, video and audio software I use, and the related plugins for those programs, and drivers for all my current AND legacy hardware, and word-processing software compatible with what my clients use, existed for Linux… but they don’t.

    As for IGOR, the characters aren’t visually appealing, but the movie might be good. Can’t tell by the commercials.

  • I went and saw it with a buddy. It’s NOT as bad as Hoodwinked for sure. It was entertaining and I actually liked the characters, but they missed a lot of opportunities to improve the character depth and plot.

    The visual style was interesting, if a little bit awkward at times with their super sharp and angular people. I understand what they’re doing there, but it didn’t come off quite as well as I’m sure they would’ve liked.

    Animation suffered most I think. It looked like quick TV animation at times, and it may have been my imagination, but there were MANY times where it didn’t look like the lip-sync matched up. Vocal performance was a little “blah” too.

    So to sum up, it’s NOT CRAP, but not an Annie winner either; but do see it.

  • Jason

    Butch Hartman put a moose in Doogal that farted with every step. Golly, and somehow that didn’t catch on. Come on, the man ruined his own show, the Fairly Odd Parents, and he did the same with Doogal. It had nothing to do with culture clash – it was just a lousy script and a wrong-headed adaptation.

  • Mike Kozlowski

    …I went in thoroughly prepared to dislike Igor, but was very pleasantly surprised. The production and character design have a very nice Tim Burton vibe to them, and the story was actually pretty decent. The voice acting is great (and Sean Hayes nearly steals the movie) and the ending, while a bit on the sappy side, had a delightfully twisted moment at the very end. The writing is reasonably intelligent, though adults and teens are more likely to enjoy it than kids.

    Mike Kozlowski

  • KyleB

    I haven’t seen it yet, but my girlfriend saw it last night and she said aside from the beginning she absolutely loved it.

    Not sure if thats going to be encouraging for anyone else but me, but felt like sharing it anyways.

  • I just got back from seeing IGOR in the worst possible environment (a Saturday kiddie matinee, heavy on the kids) and got through it with some smiles but no guffaws. An alert to the credit-watchers: no end of the credits gags :-(. After a few decades of watching mainstream animated films, the studio template for the story is solidly in place. When Igor stepped out onto the balcony early in the film I half-expected what Disney folks refer to as a “Want Song” (as in summing up the character’s desires in a song). Luckily, we seem to have left that cliche back in the 1990’s. There is a lot of Tim Burton in the character design and gags (when the “monster” gets loose at first, Igor and friends fear the worst when she gets into a home for blind orphans). Steve Buscemi’s voice is easily recognizable as well as John Cleese but the rest of the celebrity cast could have been anybody. Aside from the ending getting preachy enough to put Matt Damon asleep, the film is a pleasant Saturday afternoon entertainment but see it on a Saturday night when the little nippers are in bed.

  • Tony

    Yeah, I saw it and was surprisingly pleased with it. It’s main character (Igor) is appealing and their are some genuinely funny bits to it. I do wish the style was not as dark and “Tim Burtonish” but it does fit the theme of the film. I hope more people give it a chance because we need to support the little guys out there if we are going to grow as an industry. Go see it!

  • jdw

    no really i just didnt like their styles or quality of animation, heck i dont even like the 3D films dreamworks puts out.

  • Steve Gattuso

    I saw it Thursday night. While I wouldn’t call it a classic, it was a fun little movie and I hope the people involved keep trying.

  • Lurch Poiuyt

    Hey! It’s Joel and the Bots from MST3K!

    …except Joel is a hunchback, and Crow
    is an animal now.

  • Jody Morgan

    Saturday night of opening weekend, and no Brewsters (sorry, just saw Arsenic and Old Lace) have watched Igor yet? I have to confess that, barring a spate of positive comments here, I’ll probably give this one a pass; the trailer piqued my interest, but the commercials quickly squelched it again.

    P.S.: Hoodwinked grossed $50 million domestically against a budget of $16 million, successful enough to spawn a sequel. It can be argued whether the movie was good, though. (Personally, I like it, despite the subpar animation.)

  • AdrianC

    I saw it at the ASIFA-Hollywood screening. There were some funny and interesting ideas here (e.g. an immortal rabbit who constantly tries to commit suicide) but I don’t think they were implemented successfully. The story is fairly predictable (underdog/outcast trying to pursue his/her dream) and the characters need more depth (most of them felt like little more than stock characters).

    The visuals are, for the most apart, appealing. There are some ugly spots in character design and the modeling (for example, in one scene, there are some unattractive polygons seen on the underside of Schadenfreude’s chin) but, ultimately, it looks pretty good considering the limited budget and relatively short production schedule. I think I might actually I prefer the look of this film than to something of the likes of the “Shrek” films.

    Overall, it’s looks nice but it didn’t much of an emotional impact, at least on me. It’s disappointing but there probably worse animated films you could see.

    I will point out, though, the audience I was with seemed to enjoy themselves, as they laughed quite a bit. There might be Brew readers who would probably have a similar opinion of the film, so if anyone has any desire to see it, perhaps they should. You might like it, even though I didn’t.

  • Jody Morgan

    I should’ve guessed there were a few (or 12) comments waiting moderation; now mine just looks silly. This seems to be exactly the type of movie that makes me wish there was a second-run dollar theater somewhere nearby: not good enough to spend $7-10 on, but funny enough that I’d like to see it with an audience.

  • Andrew

    Here’s my short review of it. And as such, spoilers are included.

    First, the bad things. As independent as it was, somewhere along the line, it became the victim of the “executive producer mainstream makeover”, because the characters are way too shallow, there are too many classic songs, the jokes are hit-or-miss and too mature for the wee tots, and the ending rips off both The Iron Giant AND Shrek 2. They used a VERY clear joke from WALL-E. Call me old-fashioned, but I remember the days when childrens’ entertainment was great without any of these references and snarky attitude. Or, as Scamper says, “I remember the old days when greeting cards simply just BLEW up.”

    The good things. The performances aren’t that bad,… looking at what they had to work with. The villain’s actor has delicious, improvised punches, and Steve Buscemi is great, as always. And I already stated that the design is great to look at, if not the most original or easy on the eyes. In all, I wouldn’t praise this film in the slightest despite those good qualities, and I would simply wait to rent it on DVD. I was going to say “video”, but that will probably be extinct by next month. *sigh*…

  • Juan Alfonso

    I saw “Igor” today and enjoyed it!Pretty good stuff considering the studio’s other efforts such as the “Bob,Scott and friends” shorts.Not a masterpiece,but for a $4 matinee,good value.There were some moments reminiscent of “Antz” and ” Nightmare before Xmas”,definitely the design was inspired by Tim Burton.Let’s hope for better things to come from “les copains” from SPARX.

  • NJChobitsFAN

    I thought the movie started slowly but picked up steam after Eva got brainwashed. Voice acting seemed fine for me. There were clever bits here and there with decent animation all about. I never thought the movie was going to bowl me over from the get-go, but I felt I had to support a non-Disney, Dreamworks, Sony, etc. movie and must say my daughter, her friends and their dad did enjoy it. (Girls all in the 10-12 years-old bracket)

  • Here’s my $0.02 on the $8M opening weekend:

    “I-Gad!” (Begin With The End In Mind)


  • Eric Graf

    Not bad. Not great, but not bad.

    Liked the art style, liked the Louis Prima soundtrack, liked the undead rabbit, loved the voice cast, loved the subversive ‘tude.

    It failed to generate much interest in the characters or their story, but I thought it had enough entertainment value to be worth the ticket anyway.

    (By the way, I don’t know where else to put this, but I also saw the Tinker Bell thing at the El Capitan this weekend, and it’s quite good. No, seriously!)

    (Ah well, who needs credibility anyway?)

  • Justin Walker

    Where do you get $4 matinee tickets? Matinee tickets in my neighborhood are $9.50.

  • juan alfonso

    In Davie,Florida,natch.Of course this applies only to the showings before 2 pm.

  • Ralph Warnick

    I enjoyed it. Not great but worth the money spent. Wish it had more depth in areas. Laughed several times and smiled a lot.

  • Dave

    I liked it. Some nice design and artwork in there. The last third felt overly long though.