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Imagination: In Portland and On DVD

Imagination dvd

Imagination, an experimental indie feature that combines live-action with hand-drawn animation, stop-motion puppet animation, pixilation, and time-lapse, was released onto dvd earlier this week. The dvd offers numerous special features including:

1. “Making Imagination” Documentary with cast/crew interviews
2. “Behind The Animation” Documentary with director Eric Leiser
3. Q&A with the Leiser brothers & Ed Gildersleeve at Sunset 5 Theatres
4. Isolated Film Score
5. Stills Gallery
6. Director’s Statement

Additionally, the film has two theatrical screenings scheduled for this weekend. Tonight, it plays in Portland at the Hollywood Theatre, and on Saturday evening, it screens at the Capitol Theater in Olympia, Washington. Director Eric Leiser will be present at both screenings, as will his brother Jeffrey Leiser, who co-wrote the film and composed the film’s music.

To read reviews of Imagination and find out about future theatrical screenings, visit the film’s MySpace page. The film was previously mentioned on the Brew last July.

  • Steph’

    Is it just me or is the most bizarre and disturbing thing after viewing the 10 min short of Imagination is–why is the doctor/analyst using a 0.03 Koh-I-Noor Rapidiograph for his notes?!! Dude must be really REALLY nearsighted!!

    Seriously, it bugged me throughout the entire thing, the guy was using a technical pen like a ballpoint!

  • brewfan


    That’s a funny thing to be vexed about.

    0.03 Koh-I-Noor Rapidiograph?!!?!

  • I recently did an interview with the filmmakers here: