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In the US, “Hop” on Top, Abroad a Flop


Hop, Illumination Entertainment’s second animated feature following last year’s Despicable Me, debuted in first place in North America with $37.5 million last weekend, making it the second strongest domestic opening of 2011. The solid US debut for the live-action/CG combo was tempered by the film’s tepid foreign premiere where it grossed under $7 million from 2,362 locations in 26 markets. Universal, which distributed the film, offered a perfectly rational reason for the poor overseas performance, blaming it on the “first warm and sunny weekend of the year.”

ILM’s Rango scored $4.5 million in its fifth frame for a total of $113.7 million in the US. Extraterrestrial live-action/CG combo Paul followed behind with $4.2 million and a three-week total of $31.8 million.

Some other US and worldwide tallies for recent animated pics:
Tangled ($199.1M, $576M worldwide)
Yogi Bear ($100.2M, $200.4M worldwide)
Gnomeo and Juliet ($96.9M, $167.1M worldwide)
Mars Needs Moms ($20.4M, $34.4M worldwide)
The Illusionist ($2.2M, $5.5M worldwide)
My Dog Tulip ($232,975)

  • I will say, and this is coming from a real Irishman, that the whole idea of the “Easter Bunny” is a wholly American concept.

    While said bunny does exist in Europe, he has neither the burgling abilities or the same level of popularity that he has here. I’m referring of course, to the “Michaels Crowd” as I call them. You know the type, who put out a different flag for each and every holiday/season of the year, who spend thousands on crap for the house that no-one but them cares about and who think its “cute” to wear a sweater “tastefully” sown for the occasion.

    That kind of nonsense does not go on in Europe to the near the same extent as the States and as a result, the whole concept/marketing plan for film like this disappears down the toilet.

    That, I am willing to guess, is why the movie didn’t doe so well abroad.

    • Chris

      How do you explain the Cadbury Egg then?

    • Dutchie

      Not totally true, the Easter Bunny is a huge thing in Europe and originates from Germany

      • Sorry lads, you’re right, although I was referring more to the hype and characterization of the Easter Bunny, which is completely different here in the States than it is in Europe. That, I think, is the key difference when it comes to the Easter culture and perhaps the main reason why the film did not do so well abroad.

  • Toonio

    Hop is just a blatant waste of Illumination Entertainment talent. Seriously, after the high with Despicable Me they miserably crashed and burned with HOP.

    And most important, who said Russel Brand was funny? Really, who is the person behind him? I’m only hoping for the international court in the Hague to put the punk behind bars after pushing atrocities against the humanity.

    The only plus in the movie is the Hoff and no one else.

    • Steve Gattuso

      You can’t hassle the Hoff.

  • I don’t understand why there is so much anger towards this movie, I saw it this weekend, and while it probably won’t go down in history books, I also didn’t leave the theater begging for my hour and a half of life back. I found it to be a cute and enjoyable little flick with nice animation and a pleasant, simple, sweet story. Not overly complicated for the kids it’s aiming at, but not so dull that I was itching to leave my seat.

  • 2011 Adult

    Oh no. Now cinemas will have the WEATHER as a sworn enemy of the box office. But don’t worry. It’s not like it’s UNPREDICTABLE, like THE ECONOMY.

  • The Gee


    There is a bit of anger towards it, ain’t there?
    While I have zero desire to see it, I won’t begrudge those who think it might be something to take the kids to see.

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Rankin-Bass specials again to see if they hold up.

    But, a feature length cartoon about the easter bunny…regardless of who voices what or what studio made it…doesn’t appeal much to me. It would have to be downright amazing for me to be curious. But, I don’t matter. There’s other crap that I’m expected to enjoy, dontcha know? Then next month there’ll be even more crap I’m expected to enjoy….and so it goes.

  • I thought it was all right; needed to be more quirky though. (Like having The Hoff and a visit to the Playboy mansion, or rather the external gate)

  • I think the only reason why people are so very vulgar about this movie is because its a live-action/CG hybrid. With everything that makes it bad. Generated characters that look so real they look like they came out of a Xbox 360 video game, toilet humor, bad cast of acting, and outdated music trying to make it “hip”(no pun intended on that one).

    I have no interest in seeing this, but I was hoping that this would bomb. I was wrong, and it looks like we are getting more live-action/CG hybrids. The people who are paying to see this garbage are people who don’t even know good animation, and are brainless over good quality animation and see the bad stuff like this. Even though I have not seen Despicable Me but I have to get around to seeing it. A few friends of mine are believing that the creators of Despicable Me are sellouts because of this mess.

    • Don’t worry, I’m sure Smurfs will bomb instead.

  • Carina

    Yeah, my guess for one major reason it does not seem to be doing so well abroad is that the American version of Easter -upon which the mythology of this film seems to be based – is not as well known internationally when compared to other American versions of hoilday celebrations, such as has happened with Christmas and Valentine’s Day. When I lived in Spain, the Easter Bunny didn’t seem to be a really big deal, but at least most people would recognize him. On the other hand, I have lived in Japan now for almost three years, and I would count myself lucky if I met someone who had even HEARD of Easter itself, not to mention the “Easter Bunny”.

  • Over here in Europe we have several problems with the film. First the American version of Easter has about as much relevance on this continent as Thanksgiving. Second, Russell Brand, he’s not funny and is best known over here for being banned from the BBC for a time for being very rude to one of our more popular TV actors in an extreme and unfunny way. He’s South Park with the jokes taken out. Finally, it’s a kid’s movie, like Yogi Bear, with absolutely no redeeming qualities that adults can enjoy. Open it outside school holidays and it’s going to sink like a rock.

    • AJ

      not to mention there have been so many cgi films like this they have become completly unoticeable like hedges.

  • I think that David Sedaris might be able to explain why a film about the Easter Bunny didn’t do well overseas…


    I understand the rest of the world isn’t interested in our films about Thanksgiving or the 4th of July either.

  • Justin Delbert

    Well, I’m not paying my money to see it because it just looks horrible, and the number one reason why this is doing great probably is because of “poop jokes”. How else did Alvin and the Chipmunks do well?

  • Grayson Ponti

    I refuse to acknowledge yogi bear as an animated film

  • Lily

    You know, the above picture with just that Chick, he looks nothing like a real chick at all. In fact I am glad they went with this design because realistic eyes are what made them scary and fall right into the Uncanny Valley.

    I am not here to defend the movie, but I think people are really hating this because it’s a CG/live action hybrid thing without really realizing what they are bashing up is something similar to what they might love too, that’s animation.

    I wish they left out the Jellybean poo joke though. That was just tasteless, but aside from that I like what I saw. The Candy Factory looks awesome, just like what they would do in a cartoon. I liked E.B, he reminded me of Brer Rabbit a little and has appealing look. I am glad Hop is doing well, I consider the designs an improvement from Alvin and Yogi!

  • Kyle

    I’ll probably rent it some day, if that. There are other movies coming out soon that I’d rather save my spare cash for.