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Ivete Stellar

Calling George Lucas!

Forget the fight between Avatar and Delgo – this Brazilian feature, currently in production at Cacomotion, looks like knock-off of The Clone Wars.

  • Jay Sabicer

    This actually looks BETTER than Clone Wars, with less of a Machinima look to it. It could make a decent direct-to-video release here in the states if they find some good english-speaking voiceover talent.

  • leticia

    This movie stars a pop singer from brazil (it seems that she is the producer as well). I would not expect much at all from it. It will be like the XUXAS movies (another celebrity from brazil): a perfect good looking heroin trying to save the world. PRETTY BORING!

  • Doofus

    Yeah, this is far more exciting than clone wars. Clone wars appears to have been written for babies and above. That wasn’t cool.

  • matt

    I would have thought it WAS the Clone Wars if you hadnt said something

  • Tom

    It looks like they just altered existing designs to boot! Although the girl looks much better than Padme Botox ever did on the Clone Wars show.

  • I dunno Jerry, after watching the Clone Wars, I think I’d rather see this Brazilian show instead. ;) Seriously though, here’s hoping that this ends up being a sleeper-hit at the festivals. Would be really nice to see some decent features coming out of places other than France, USA, Japan and Canada–anyone want to send the Secret of Kells over to the Midwest for those of use who can’t get out to California? 8)

    *insert shameless ego stroking here*

    Whenever I go to Ottawa, I always feel like there are hundreds of distinct cultural voices out there in the world that we just don’t get to hear. And year after year, Chris and Co. always do a fantastic job of bringing us a much larger picture of the worldwide animation scene.

    Wishing Cacomotion the best of luck as they produce their film. I hope that they produce an animation that captures a unique vision birthed in the Brazilian culture rather than playing it safe and making a Hollywood-esque clone.

  • ted

    That female design is actually nicer than the Clone wars humans.

  • some guy

    why would anyone WANT to rip off clone wars?

  • Doofus: Babies and above? so.. everyone?

    It does look a lot like clone wars, except seems a lot more boring and generic.

  • Wow, I figured you were using hyperbole when you said this looked like a knock-off of The Clone Wars. VERY MUCH SO!

  • Larissa

    “Wishing Cacomotion the best of luck as they produce their film. I hope that they produce an animation that captures a unique vision birthed in the Brazilian culture rather than playing it safe and making a Hollywood-esque clone.”
    Chuck, there’s nothing Brazilian in that movie! It’s like putting shakira as a heroin to save the world. I wish you guys could understand the titles. :/
    It’s the cheesiest thing I ever seen. I am ashamed to be brazilian.

  • Pez

    Yeah, but the knock off looks better than the original. The characters face actually moves.

  • Juca Pirama

    People who have the money to invest in films and animations in Brazil prefer to invest in egocentric projects that put themselves as the protagonists of the movies. They see films as a way to promote their career, as this movie, staring Ivete Sangalo.
    Although the technique that they use is good, in most of the cases the script is cheese and guided to fulfill the ego of the star.

  • Pepe Margolina

    That thing took a Brazilian animators to do? THAT THING??

  • Well, it would seem that there are a BRAZILIAN of these knock offs lately.

  • Has anyone noticed that the company’s logo is also a direct rip-off from Preston Blair’s standard run cycle?

  • I agree with Jay Sabicer, it does look better than “The Clone Wars”, but as for the story and character material itself, I have to agree with Jerry.

    Someone blow the lawsuit horn!

  • Isaac

    I’m chiming in on the woman’s design. Pretty good. Better than a lot of human designs in high-budget Hollywood productions.

  • Phillip

    0:12 LOL he looks like leonard nimoy on steroids! I can imagine him shouting ‘LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!(smashes a brickwall)

  • Wasn’t prepared for what an absolute, shameless ripoff of Clone Wars it was going to be. Do they honestly think nobody will realize that’s General Grievous?

    However, I still agree with the sentiments expressed that the Clone Wars animation, especially in characters’ faces, could be much improved. And I doubt it would take considerably more effort.

  • Abu

    Why would anyone want to rip off the Clone Wars? Are you kidding?!?! Its the number one show with boys aged 6 to 14, I believe. That’s a lot of money in advertising and merchandise!

    It does look like a rip off… but better? I don’t know about that, the teaser shows less than a minute of footage of what is supposed to be a feature. For a weekly series I think that CW looks pretty darn good and is geting better. CW has a funky look for the characters since they wanted to replicate a Gerry Anderson ‘Thunderbirds’ kind of style.

  • It doesn’t look ghastly. IF it has a solid story i can imagine fans enjoying it.

    But as far as it not being Brazilian enough… what would satisfy that? Clone Miranda? Rhumbots? Super Bossa Novas? The giant Christ the Redeemer statue swatting down alien space ships?

    Film and sci-fi are not purely American creations so I’d say let them draw on whatever influences they want.

  • Nice one robcat2075!
    “Super Bossa Novas”
    I nearly pissed my pants…

  • Chuck Wilson

    Larissa, 74 seconds of animation offends you so much that you’re ashamed of your cultural heritage? Wow. I don’t know what to say to that.

    Seriously folks, how much tripe did we have to sit through in the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s before we got Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, Ren & Stimpy and Spongebob? How many sub-par American animated features did we have to endure before Nina Paley created Sita Sings the Blues and Bill Plympton created The Tune? If the Brazilians are making their own animated movies, then their animators are working. And if their animators are working, then they are finding their voice as they sharpen their skills. Eventually, if we’re patient, we’ll get a movie that will speak to the rich cultural heritage of the Brazilian people. I’ll gladly fast-forward through a couple Ivete Stellar’s if it means that I eventually get to see the Brazilian animation community produce a film of the Triplets of Belleville or Idiots-and-Angels calibre.

  • Ridgecity

    Clone Wars sucks! Most people say that the story are bad, but I think its actually better better than the animation.

    Considering this doesn’t have the same type of budget a Star Wars project has, I think this deserves some respect without comparisons. I think rather than this copying Star Wars, both are copies of the aliens in “The 5th Element”.

    The Clone Wars on the other hand, don’t even compared to the cel animation shorts that came before. If it didn’t say “Star Wars” it would be some cheap Fox Kids mid-season project.

  • Looks pretty cool! Hard to tell what it’s about, but that’s OK.

  • This isn’t the only time Brazil has ripped off Star Wars.


    There’s a Turkish Star Wars, too.

    However, unlike other Brazil animation rip offs, like Ratatoing (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA70lciqbG8), this one actually looks like it has good production values.

  • Chris J.

    I work in the video game industry, and we have lots of “also-ran” projects like this to deal with as well. I would bet that the creatives behind this movie didn’t WANT to make a Clones Wars rip-off (who would?) but the fact of the matter is that when people give you money to make something for them, you kind of have to do it the way they want.

    And people with money got that way by minimizing risk. The way you minimize risk in the entertainment industry is to copy what has been successful before.

    That being said, I thought this looked kind of interesting. Instinct tells me it will be crap, but on the other hand, is NO ONE allowed to do sci-fi fantasy just because Lucas knocked it out of the park with Star Wars 30 years ago?

  • FigmentJedi

    Surprised I didn’t see the Video Brinquedo logo before this.

  • Well, it’s certainly heavily inffluenced by the clone Wars aesthetic; but the heroine looks good and I would definitely see it.

    And @ Richard: Yeah, I caught that Preston Blair “homage” too —you gotta understand though, that to many of us Latin Americans, those books were our introduction to animation.

    I only wish Mexican animation was this good. Carlos Carrera (Mexican director who won a Cannes award for his short “The Hero”) is trying to gather money for a new animation feature, so I’m still hopeful

  • I’m all for Super Bossa Nova!!!

    And as far as Brazilian animation goes, I say bring it on. Everybody’s got to start somewhere and this Ivete thing doesn’t look bad at all.

    Just put in a nice song and dance number after the hero kills the villain and voila, we got BOSSAWOOD!

  • So you all know the text goes: (not that it will make it any better)

    “a mystic stone”
    “imprisoned in darkness”
    “now the whole universe is in danger”
    “but good will never surrender”

    I would like to invite you all to keep your heads up for brazilian animation this year, we finally had a somewhat decent government support this year, and by the end of 2009 we’ll have 18 new tv series pilots ready – as a result of the AnimaTV project. 2 of these will actually become series. And they didn’t necessarily went for the cheese, boring scripts.. so i have faith that something good will come out of it.

  • Aline Lacerda

    Ok, it looks good. But the other brazilian here are right: it is going to be a really bad movie. The “moviestar” is so corny!!!! She’s got money, that’s why she’s there.
    It’s not going to be good. Really.

  • heltin

    This sh!t will be a blockbuster here (braSil)!

  • Ricardo

    Actually, the only way a 3D cartoon could receive investment down here would be if there were some celebrity behind it.
    That’s how things work, unfortunately.

  • Mario Cau

    Let’s also not forget that Carlos Saldanha, director of Ice Age 2 and 3, is brazilian too. OK, working at Dreamworks, but still a brazilian.
    We have a lot of good professionals here.
    What we lack is support to produce! Like someone there said, the only way this movie gotr investiments was because there’s a famous pop singer posing as the main heroine.
    But keep your eyes open for brazilian animations, music, art, comics…

  • Yeah, this actually looks like an improvement over Clone Wars.

    I think these Ivete Stellar guys are one or two features away from having a true presence in the global animation market. My hat goes off to even THIS level of artistry!

  • JaFaL

    I am Brazilian, and sometimes I am ashamed of my culture that unfortunate country has, Ivete Sangalo POP does not ring, she just sings a musical called shit AXÉ, which is derived from another shit music like Samba, which is not pagode, forró , sertanejo and funk that most Brazilians simply HATE! But unfortunately, our ridiculous media support! Then they can be sure that we Brazilians are not even a little happy for this movie.