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Juno opening titles


The current film Juno is one of the smartest, sweetest and funniest films now playing. The icing on the cake is the hand made cut-out style animated opening titles (thankfully at the beginning of the film, where they belong) that really set the tone.

They were created by L.A.’s Shadowplay Studios. Studio founders Gareth Smith and Michael Horowitz specialize in mixed media — check out their short film This Guy Is Falling (2000). And check out Juno when you get a chance.

  • Julian Carter

    I just watched “This Guy Is Falling”, Mr. Beck. I’ve got to say it is creative and insanely twisted. I thought it looked rather amateurish at times … I think the acting could have been much better – but I was entertained. It’s cool to see what they did with the special effects too, seeing as they probably had limited resources. ;)

  • Corrado (Anthony)

    Juno was the best movie of last year and I’m glad its a commercial and critical success. I hope it cleans up at the Oscars this year. It deserves it.

  • Yes, Juno was brilliant!

  • Matt Sullivan

    juno is the most entertaining movie i’ve seen in ten years