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Kung Fu Panda credit sequence


The awesome 2-D end credit sequence from Kung Fu Panda has been posted by Shine Studios in high quality Quicktime. Shine produced this section in collaboration with James Baxter Animation.

“Michael Riley, Shine’s creative director, composed images of traditional Chinese landscapes, calligraphy and 2D character animation set in a 3D landscape all choreographed to the classic Carl Douglas song “Kung Fu Fighting”; remixed by Cee-Lo Green, accompanied by Jack Black. Riley’s concept included reprising the film’s main characters in original cell animations by finding them hidden in a gigantic Chinese calligraphy character.

(Thanks, David Netherly)

  • Brandon Cordy

    It’s not a remix, it’s a cover!

  • Zep

    Dreamworks’ own animators (people who work neither “for” Shine or for James Baxter per se) did characters’ scenes in the end credits as well. It’s certainly gorgeous. Everyone did an ace job.

  • I thought you and your readers might be interested to know who animated the end credits.

    Here they are:

    Panda: Gabriele Pennacchioli
    Shifu: William Salazar
    Tigress: Rodolphe Guenoden
    Tai Lung: Philippe Le Brun
    Mantis: Ken Morrissey
    Viper: Rodolphe Guenoden
    Crane: Simon Otto
    Oogway: Ken Morrissey
    Dad (Duck): Alessandro Carloni
    Messenger Goose and Rhino: Pierre Perifel
    Monkey: Gabe Hordos

  • I was sad that my wife and I were the only ones (of a packed theater) to sit through these beautiful end credits, made me want to see MORE beautiful, elegant and fun 2-D! James Baxter is definitely the Second Coming, God Bless him!

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Ah the end credit sequence that has became the epitome of modern film. You know it’s all an excuse to get people to say in their seats for a couple of minutes before the usual scrolling credits show up. I’m not sure why I’m annoyed by it, I guess I more miss the days when they used to put them at the beginning until they realized all they needed was just the title and move on (and I wouldn’t blame them with the way they cram in advertisements before the previews and usual policy trailers).

  • Adam

    The character animation was actually done at DWA. Definitely some cool stuff!

  • Nice. Very nice. Very simple and clean.

  • Angry Anim

    Is it just me, or does their site make it seem like they’re trying to take credit for the entire thing… animation, design, and all?

  • It is something to see on the big screen both this and the bookend dream sequence. Mr. Baxter’s animation is a sight for sore eyes in the wash of cg releases we have had since the reported death of 2D. Even if it is as brief as it was in KFP. Nothing against the rest of the movie, loved the whole thing. Great job all.

  • One can hope that they will do a short using the same style as as the end credits or even better, the opening credits. :)

    I hope this movie does really well, it deserves it. Too bad Katzenberg spoiled the success by claiming that they “envisioned” the story spanning 6(!) chapters. 5 more sequels?


  • Gabriele,

    Thanks for the complete listing of who animated what on the end-credit sequence. I’m going to update my blog to give the complete listing.

    At first I thought that the Shine Studio page had it that the end-credit character animation was also done at James Baxter Studio , although now that I read it again more carefully it does clearly say ” collaboration between Shine, James Baxter Animation and the DreamWorks Animation team of animators, production designers and directors.”

    Thanks for clarifying. ALL of you did amazing work !

    -David Nethery

  • The opening and closing sections were by far my favorite parts of the film…

  • Cranky McCoot

    Standard Disney-cum-SamuraiJack-style animation with orange lens flares. Very ‘by the numbers’ credit sequence not dissimilar to any number of such sequences of recent years. Very professional but cold and, frankly, dull. Also why do we keep jamming ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ down kid’s throats? Do we get to hear ‘Brick House’ in the film too?

  • And now imagine a whole movie in this superb 2D stylized look.

    By the way: I love the idea of static text in front of a scrolling background.

    And the way the text is presented looks definitely better than this standard vertical two row setup as it gives way more opportunities to add some design to it.

  • Oh god! I’m framing through that stuff and its beautiful work. Agreed w/ Jean-Denis that a KFP short in this style would be perfect.

    Viva La 2D Animation!

  • I’d love to see the dream sequence posted as well.

  • Waldizu

    “Kung Fu Fighting” was made safe and ‘edgy’ to use in a 2008 feature by the Simpsons, in about 1991.

  • These end credits were really great – a visual feast. The entire film was terrific!

    It should be noted though, that the sequence on Shine’s web site contains a spoiler of the nice little gem of animation that wraps up the end of the film. That was a nice note they put in there, and if people haven’t seen the film yet, it could take something away seeing it first…

  • MattSullivan

    Not sure if you guys experienced the same thing, but people were yammering as the film started. Once that 2D animation appeared on the screen, everyone immediately clammed up, and I actually heard a few small gasps. ( As if this was something no one had ever seen, or forgot existed. Feature quality animation that was more lifelike than the actual 3D stuff. ( Though, i liked that too :} )

    I have already saved this video and will watch it over and over many times.

  • MattSullivan

    Oh! One more thing! Was it just me, or were those stills in the credits done by Jasen Strong? It certainly reminds me of his style.


  • Andrew

    The traditional sequences SOLD my interest right from the start. The opening and ending animation was excellent, and made me want to see more of that in the rest of the film (did they skew and deform shapes in the character animation, as well as redrawing?).

  • What eye candy! I think the 2D beginning and end sequences really sandwiched this film together well.

  • shiyoon

    looks amazing!

    really love Rod Guen’s animation~ so fluid and awesome poses!!!

  • I loved the end credits. Does this mean that DreamWorks could be returning to 2D animation soon? Hmm. . .

  • simon

    Is this clip watchable online somewhere? The link does not work anymore. I’d love to see the sequence but the film is not showing in Europe yet…

  • The clip is available through Shine’s website, in the portfolio section. The link provided in the post here didn’t work for me either.

  • A reader

    “Oh! One more thing! Was it just me, or were those stills in the credits done by Jasen Strong? It certainly reminds me of his style.”

    I believe it was the designs by Nicolas Marlet that were in the static scroll at the end.
    He’s been working in that “style” for at least 14 years(as long as I’ve known him). See the “Art Of Kung Fu Panda” book for reference. : )

  • 2D is the new 3D!

  • the link ought to work now, the bandwidth demands are less.

    I was personally enthralled throughout the entire film, and the end credits were absolutely the perfect end to an excellent animated movie. I can’t wait to go see it again!

  • Iain Robbins

    The Kung Fu Panda credits are still up, but the link is dead. Instead the Shine site has been updated to make it look like other flash studio sites like Picture Mill and stuff. Look under portfolio, then look in either “film titles” or “features projects”.

  • The opening dream sequence animated by James Baxter Studios is now posted at MSN Movies :

    Kung Fu Panda Opening Sequence

  • Chuck R.

    Thanks for that latest link, David!

    Wow, I guess there really is no charge for awesomeness.
    (or attractiveness.)

  • Andrew

    “We should hang out.”



  • A D double Ds

    i dunno…is it just me or did the opening sequence looked 3d?… like it was animated in 3d and rendered with a toon effect. if you analyze it frame by frame…it seemed to be 3d. or maybe james baxter is that “good.”

  • Andrew

    A D double D,

    I don’t know if you saw it on a big screen instead of this compressed file, but it is definitely 2D. They do a combination of redrawing the characters and some cut-out style animation.

  • A D double Ds

    I was talking about the dream sequence…which the animation looked much more smoother than the title animation. it looked 3d to me, but a friend of mine said that it was 2d…but me being stubborn…i am still believing there is some 3d involved. theres gotta be!!!…..

  • Bob Elms

    All 2D, but heavily composited/layered with Animo which tends to give 2D that 3D smoothness…

  • A D double Ds

    oh…Animo… no wonder