“Kooky” trailer “Kooky” trailer
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“Kooky” trailer

I’ve been aware of this 2010 live-action/puppet film from the Czech Republic – and its new English trailer (below) intrigues me. Kooky, by Academy Award-winning (Kolya) live action filmmaker Jan Sverak, isn’t stop-frame animation per se, but since we’ve showcased The Muppets on several occasions, I think this is worthy of notice on the Brew. The story concerns a seven year old boy whose teddy bear has been 
thrown away and how he imagines the doll will find his way home.
 Hope it gets seen in the US at some point:

(Thanks, Ben Ettinger)

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  • Jay Sabicer

    Neato! An all-ages film with no fart jokes, amazing. And Jeremy Irons, to boot (at least in the trailer). Please, Jerry, keep us posted if or when this makes it to the US.

  • http://allofmyheroes.blogspot.com/ Jeaux Janovsky

    I’d love to see this, it’s quite charming!

  • http://www.rauchbrothers.com Timothy Rauch

    Looks amazing, thanks Jerry!

  • http://www.puppetaday.blogspot.com Jon from Elmwood

    There is a US screening/premiere in NY at BAM (Brooklyn Academy of Music) as part of a puppetry film festival on November 20th

  • Snagglepuss

    Achingly gorgeous. Can’t wait.

    Should be released alongside MacFarlane’s teddy bear movie. Juuuuust to see what happens.

  • http://www.jinhienlau.com jinnaboy

    i really want there to be a bluray of this film. this is absolutely beautiful in so many ways

  • http://garrisonsjunk.blogspot.com Chris Garrison

    I saw this, and it was fantastic! The design and execution were brilliant. (and yes, it’s all puppetry)

  • http://www.dancinglineproductions.com Anik

    Hope this film does arrive to the North America eventually.
    I love the authentic fresh feel with no CGI, you actually care about the character. I doubt that a sterile “magical” over-the-top world with CGI environments, characters and effects would feel as relatable (or consistent with the child’s imagination concept).

  • Mike Johnson

    This looks astonishing, to say the least. I love the look, especially the character design…no intricate, fancy-looking puppets to be found here…they all look as if they have been ripped from nature itself, which I find adds to the charm.

    I really hope this finds a theatrical release over here. Feels like a family classic in the making!

  • http://www.brianratigan.com/ ratigan

    The official DVD & Blu-Ray can be purchased through eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Kooky-Kuky-se-vraci-DVD-PAL-/320772282477?pt=US_DVD_HD_DVD_Blu_ray&hash=item4aaf84986d

    Even though it says PAL, it is in fact Region 0 and was able to play on my old, cheap-o DVD player. With subtitles!

    I cannot recommend this film enough; I encourage you spread the word and buy a copy!

  • Spencer

    Is that Jeremy Irons narrating?

    This looks awesome!

  • http://www.stevelightart.com Steve Light

    LOVE THIS would love to see it.

  • http://www.janruneblom.com jan rune blom

    i saw this half a year ago, it is really strange and very beautiful… and the look and feeling is so real, much more real than any cgi film so far..

    This will be in my bluray shelf as soon as possible…

  • Bruce
    • Cath

      thanks for sharing! probably will see this again on the big screen for the amazing visuals.

  • Patricia

    There’s a free screening at AFI Silver Spring this Saturday (Oct 22) as part of the Kids Euro Festival: http://www.kidseurofestival.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=167%3Aczechcine&catid=17&Itemid=50

  • http://lukehaddock.com Luke Haddock

    Hey ever’body. Look what silently popped up on iTunes.


    But screen it before you show it to young protestant audiences. And yes, it is super rad.